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  1. To make this picture even more to the point – change the black man to an atheist Hispanic homosexual woman with a couple of kids on welfare.

    NOW – those are the categories that know how this ‘equal justice’ in America really works…

    • You hit the nail squarely on its head! I read a study that reported atheist gays faced more discriminatory reactions to admitting they were atheist than when they came out as gay. The ‘christians’ are mighty quick to judge those who don’t share whatever it is they believe in. Add female, minority, poor… Yep, all republicans I hear would be sure that person was below them and getting something they don’t deserve to top it all off. Many days it would be refreshing to hear from Christian republicans who actually heed the words their religion is based around. How those selfish people who think it’s fine not to help all people who are hungry and in need perplex me — take all of my tax dollars and help that woman and her kids before anyone with loads of money and advantages gets a penny and I’m happy.

      Something about the least among us… love your neighbor… feed the poor… when you did it for the lowliest of my brothers…

      I think too many of today’s so-called ‘christians’ have the meanest spirits in town!

      • Jus the other day I was driving to pick up my granddaughter from school. I usually listen the NPR radio station – but sometimes I want a change so that is when I hit for my Oldies station.

        As I was driving, John Lennon’s song “Imagine” came on…..

        I remember when that song came out and the line that got the most condemnation was when he talked about imagine no religion.

        God – the Hell gates opened up on that one…..

        But, let’s not forget it was also John Lennon that infamously said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. ….. That was another time those Hell gates opened with some vile venom from these so-called Christians.

        And then these same Christians demonize the Islamists when they get angry because someone mocked Mohammed…..

        Religion – what is good for?

        Too many people do not know the difference between religion and faith.

        Religion is just an bunch of people in an organized group that has set up their own particular parameters in what they believe…

        Which is why there are so many different religions – but they are all still categorized as religions – aren’t they?

        Faith is something entirely different. Faith is what a person puts into their version of God and/or Mother Nature (for lack of a better word).

        When I got my belly full of these Evangelical Baptists back in the late 1970’s – I lost my faith in the church (organized religion).

        I did not lose my faith in God.

        BUT my perception of God has changed. He is no longer some supreme being sitting on a golden throne somewhere surrounded by golden streets just waiting for people to step over that forbidden line so he can throw down that fire and brimstone..

        Rather – my perception of God is now that there is a supreme energy force that flows through our world and beyond. I do believe there is something in this world that has some type of control and it is a balancing act.

        Which is why I believe in climate change. Man has been crapping on this planet without regard to conserving our natural resources for too many years. There has to be a consequence to that in someway.

        After all – life is a balancing act – isn’t it?

        Man has upset the balance of the universe due to their own greed, selfish, arrogance and ignorance.

        These words also bring me to my assessment of organized religions – greed, selfish, arrogance and ignorance.

        That about sums it up for me…..

        I told my mother a few months back when my cousin died that I have evolved into being a Deist. She mistakenly thought I said Atheist – and I thought we were going to come to blows…..

        What is it about organized religion zealots that will not even allow them to think that possibly – just possibly – that their version of God is not correct?

        Maybe there is no God???

      • I think the energy you speak of is love.

        When the ‘christians’ begin judging others I wonder if they ever remember the Great Commandment and I always wonder how anyone can profess to believe without also heeding those words. There are a few truths that are part of every religion and this is one of them. It’s even a part of morality which can be attained without any religion. If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of divine reward, that person isn’t moral in my books.

      • fnord – why would these judgmental Christians remember the Great Commandment to Love one another ?

        It is blatantly obvious these same Fake-N-Bake Christians do not remember the other commandments about telling lies, adultery and coveting their neighbor’s property.

  2. My two grandsons in Massachusetts went to the polls with their parents yesterday to learn about voting. I was told the “I VOTED” stickers were a hit!

    • Sounds good..

      BTW – did you notice Scott Brown won his primary in New Hampshire?

      I liked what Rachel Maddow said last week. If Scott Brown loses the general election (which is likely) – he will have the distinction of losing two elections to a woman.

      Scottie is so deserving of this distinction….don’t you think?

  3. I still don’t trust his economic policies and I’m very unsure about who he will be if he is elected, but he has my vote. The reactions of people like Kobach and organizations like The National Republican Party, Americans for Prosperity… have totally convinced me if keeping Roberts in office is so damned important to them I will do my part in seeing they don’t win. It’s gone way past the two men running for the office to an ideology and BIG bucks from nasty erroneous factions that must be handed defeat.

    • Without knowing for sure who Greg Orman will be if elected here is what I do know — republicans are against everything I hold dear and since I’ve been a female for a long time it would be stupid to not be on my own side! If there is any chance republicans won’t be in the majority in the Senate I’ll grab on to that chance.

  4. LOL coming here I am reminded of both history and logic. Most of it is my own so it does not change me much. But I also think of how a lot do not relate to people that were not alive at the time. Kind of like if you were trying to truly understand what it was like before telephones and autos. Even if you did not have either during growing up, you still knew of them and other people that had them. But in these days, I am encountering more people that can not seem to understand the whys of me speaking out and even the explaining of why I am.

    • Also in these days – those same folks who cannot seem to understand why you are speaking out are the exact same folks who truly believe that their Constitution gave THEM the right to speak out – and hell be damned.

      That is what I do not understand about these Tea Party CONservative Christian Republicans.

      These folks are whining and complaining that their right to freedom of speech and religion is being stomped on – but yet these are the same folks who fight like a rabid dog when a perceived ‘political enemy’ exercises their same Constitutional right to freedom of speech and religion.

  5. McConnell pissed … forced to admit he represents the filthy rich. And think about that … he’s a senator from Kentucky … Yes, K.E.N.T.U.C.K.Y. In what can only be described as a masterpiece of Orwellian doublespeak, McConnell rants and rages at Harry Reid and the Democrats for threatening free speech and stifling critics but never quite explains what, precisely, their nefarious plan is.

    Mitch McConnell Desperately Defends Citizens United In Unhinged Op-Ed

    • See my reply above. McConnell is just a prime example of what I was talking about.

      These folks are so hellbent on THEIR rights that they truly believe they can stomp on their ‘perceived political enemy’s’ rights.



    Let’s just play a game of What If -shall we?

    What if Ray Rice was just another black man in the Ferguson Missiouri protest crowd that had knocked out a woman police officer.

    What do you think would happen to that Ray Rice?

    Would he get a suspension – a pre-trial aversion program that included a way for all charges to be dropped once program was completed?

    The ONLY difference between Ray Rice the pro football player and the Ray Rice in Ferguson is that the Ray Rice pro football players MAKES a lot of money for a lot of the ‘right’ people.

    You betcha…. Wink-wink

    When M-O-N-E-Y is involved (especially corporate money) – all morality and logic goes down the toilet.

    • Right here at election time this has brought up the Violence Against Women Act that then-Senator Joe Biden introduced and passed Congress 20 years ago. It passed WITHOUT republican support. There has been a lot of publicity surrounding the Ray Price stories about who did and who didn’t support that act. And, once again, the republicans prove not to respect women. Do they not realize that women are the majority voters in this country and that women vote overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates?

      Republicans step on their dicks and prove they are the puppets of rich people every time they turn around!



    I agree with this guy – but I am still waiting for the Catholic Church leaders that knowingly made the choice to look the other way when their fellow priests molested children for years to demand accountability AND prosecution of all those priests and those men who made that choice to let the molesters continue to destroy childrens’ lives.

    A knock-out punch to a woman is devastation – but so is a child’s life ruined by being molested by a pervert – and more so when that molester is a church leader…

    But – as I spoke to earlier about the money – the Catholic Church was out to protect their M-O-N-E-Y and their future ability to get more M-O-N-E-Y …IMHO

    I’ve often heard that God has blessed America – when I see so much evil going on and not being prosecuted (by choice) – I wonder why God has chosen to bless America?

    Does this men that God approves of this evil that men do??

    • Every time I think about how the Catholic Church handled their pervert priests – I have to shake my head because the reason they got away with it is due to people like by ex-friend.

      She is a devout, lifelong Catholic. When the scandal broke and the Catholic Church was found in Court to have looked the other way and was ordered to pay millions in settlements – my friend was not mad at the church leaders.

      My ex-friend simply said – the church is facing a ‘little’ problem.

      That is when I decided to end my friendship with that woman.

      Bad things happen in every group – but it is this type of blind loyalty devotion to your leaders that is the real problem – IMHO

      Just like these men who punch out their wives – if there were not people who sit back and allow these men to feel they can get away with it – we would not have such a ‘big’ problem with this type of behavior.

      In the Bible – does it not say that if you think it in your heart, it is the same as doing the deed?

      Wouldn’t that cover the same thing going on when these people knowingly make the choice to let evil get away with it simply because they are so devoted to their church or devoted to some damn pro football game and/or corporate money coming from that sport?

      Our true morals come out when there is money and/or blind devotion is involved.

      As I told my ex-friend – if that is the way you truly feel, then I hope and pray that your little grandson is not the next victim.

      A look of shock came over her – and then her own mouth said – that won’t happen.

      I wonder if that is what the parents of the molested children from too many years past also said???

  8. Tonight, President Obama will address the nation about his plans to fight ISIS.

    I wonder……even if he says he will not send combat troops on the ground – does anyone truly believe that eventuality will not happen?

    A better question would be – why aren’t the Saudis leading this global fight against these Islamist terrorists that think beheading is an acceptable behavior?

    An even better question would be – exactly who has the Saudis been funding in the past – and WHY???

    But…at the end of the speech….I do hope Obama will say one thing (I know he won’t, but I can hope)

    I want Obama to say – all those elected officials that want to go to war need to pass legislation that will bring back the draft – for both men and women.

    I wonder how many oft these war-thirsty elected officials will be willing to put their political careers on the line and bring the damn draft?

    That would be political suicide – and they all know it.

    But…..isn’t that a fair thing to ask? If you’re so willing to send fellow Americans into another G-D war – then bring back the damn draft and make EVERYONE go… deferments for a butt cyst (tip of the hat to a certain Hate Talk Radio mouthpiece)

    Then we’ll see exactly how much support does getting into another war really is out there in the heart of America…

    • Just imagine – if we had followed Jimmy Carter’s lead and invested into alternative energy sources – we might be able to tell these Islamists sitting on their oil fields exactly where to stuff that damn oil…

      Why don’t CONservative Republicans understand that the US getting off the damn foreign oil could be the most valuable asset/strength we could ever imagine.

      But – alas – good ol’ St. Ronnie Raygun set us the self-destruction path when his first act in the White House was to take down the solar panels that Jimmy Carter had installed.

      Ronnie was such a loyal patriot…wasn’t he?

      He was an educated idiot – the one that also called for ketchup to be classified as a vegetable for school lunches.

      That idea right there should have branded him the village idiot…..


    Not to sound cynical (who me?) – but this is a white guy making very good money as an engineer at Intel.

    Something had to have gone terribly wrong in this situation.

    I wonder if Rush and other Hate Talk Radio overpaid mouthpieces will be blaming liberalism for this white guy’s behavior?

    Or – since he is from Alabama – the bastion of all that is Good and Holy White Male Republicanism – will this guy be given a free pass from Rush and his fellow mouthpieces demonization?



    I wonder if these armed Patriots have ever stopped to think as to why these illegal immigrants are crossing the border? There has to be someone or some company knowingly hiring these illegal immigrants.

    GO after those employers………

    But, wait, we cannot do that because that would cut a deep hole into the both political parties -wouldn’t it?

    I say BOTH political parties because when it comes to immigration reform – I don’t see much appetite on either side of the political aisle to fix things.

    I see lips moving but no action..

    • Besides – it is easier just to blame the black guy in the White House – huh?

      Never mind the fact that Obama Administration has deported for illegal immigrants than the Bush Administration.



    Well, now it is all settled…. the Boxer Mayweather (with his own history of domestic violence) says that the NFL got it wrong on the Ray Rice ban and should stick with the original punishment.

    Hmmmm… why does the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I read this article?

    Hmmm….what could possibly make Mayweather’s opinion on this Ray Rice issue just a bit biased?

    Hmmm…or maybe Mayweather is just trying to get his mug on camera during this week because he has a fight coming up – which will, no doubt, bring in a lot of M-O-N-E-Y for all the ‘right’ people


  12. I honestly have NO idea what President Obama said tonight in his prime-time speech. I sure don’t trust the media’s version and I’m in NO way interested in what their opinion of what he said is. I wanted to understand and gain some insight and understanding, He failed me miserably!

    • What I understand from his speech is that we are continuing the air strikes and will go further into Syria.

      Obama expects other Arab countries to partner with us in this fight (yeah, good luck on that one).

      Obama has requested 475 additional troops to be sent into Iraq now.

      Obama did say that the new Iraqi government is supposed to be the combat troops on the ground (again, good luck on that one)

      Overall – Obama seems to be hopeful that America will have a lot of help in fighting ISIS – but I just don’t see it that way – IMHO

      I, for one, don’t trust the Saudis as far as I could pickup their fat King and throw him….

      What I do see is…. Saudi Arabia seems to be stirring the pot again…..\

      Well – it is the anniversary of 9/11 – and we all know where the Saudis were on that day….

      Well, at least the Saudis that were all but one of those 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia.

      Saudi Arabia wanted Saddam Hussein out of the way – and they found the perfect puppet in GWB to proudly boast ‘ bring it on’…..and then, of course, Dick Cheney and his fellow NeoCons took it from there.. IMHO

      I think Obama is trying to pressure Congress to do their damn job and to make these old coots actually take a vote to go to war…\

      Did you see John McCain beat his war drum even louder tonight?

      Of course, when asked if he agreed that Congress should take the actual vote to go to war – McCain stuttered around and said that he did agree but…..the there were many others that did not feel the need to do so..

      So….Johnny is hiding behind that old excuse that he can’t do it because the other boys don’t want to?

      I call B.S. on that old coot….

      After McCain regurgitated his talking points….my first thought was – the country sure did miss a bullet that November night in 2008 when McCain and Palin lost big time…to the black man in the White House.

      Even when Obama disappoints me – I can always feel better to know that McCain and Palin were never anywhere near the nuke buttons..

      • I don’t want to ever think about what a McCain presidency would have been. And it wasn’t a bullet dodged because the Obama victory was so overwhelming it proved most people didn’t ever want to think about a McCain presidency. He is irrelevant and the news outlets who still give him an opportunity to spew should be ashamed of themselves. Listening to him does remind everyone of the good decision we made back in 2008.