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  1. Of course the republicans are twisting and squirming and denying these facts and good news six ways to Sunday. They sound pretty silly, their butts are still ugly but desperation fits them well. Be afraid, very afraid. Or, ignore the republicans. I’ll choose the latter. 🙂

    • No matter what President Obama has accomplished – there is one thing that is unforgivable in the eyes of the Republicans – Obama is still the first black president of the United States.

      Just imagine – if Republicans have been hellbent on destroying the first black president – what the hell will they do with the first female president?

      I hope to see in 2016 – ……..LOL

    • I had thoughts or reposting the picture on my Facebook. But yes it would cause several arguments between family members and draw rebuts from total strangers. My E-mail account is bulging from such to the point I need nearly two hours to go through it all.

  2. This is hilarious!

    Comedian Bucky Walters enlisted Tim Duncan, Gina Austin Fresh and cartoonist Richard Crowson as off-stage impersonators to help him roast Kansas politicians Sen. Pat Roberts, Gov. Sam Brownback, Sen. Susan Wagle, Rep. Tim Huelskamp and Rep. Mike Pompeo. They also poked fun at Lynn Stephan, co-chair of Women for Kansas at the recent ‘Taking Back Kansas’ convention.

  3. This happened —

    Pat Roberts voted to NOT repeal CITIZENS UNITED. The Koch Bros check is in the mail…to Virginia not Kansas.

  4. I feel strongly that President Obama’s caution in picking sides is the best strategy! I am thankful every day that McCain wasn’t elected back in 2008, and celebrate because most people (all sane people) now hope McCain has a happy and quiet retirement SOON.

    • McCain is living proof that some elected officials are way past their expiration date….

      With all that GOP crappola in 2008 presidential campaign, the one thing that McCain stated that has stuck in mind every day since that time is when this old coot actually sang his little diddy ….bomb, bomb, bomb Iran

      Enough said?

      Let’s review Mitt Romney in 2012 presidential campaign. Of all the stupid things MItt said during that time – the one thing I will always remember is that MItt actually stated he would spend trillions of additional dollars to build 15 warships in 3 years.

      Why would the largest and best armed military in the world need an additional 15 warships?

      Republicans claim to be such patriotic folks – but in my opinion, these folks are nothing more than war-hungry beasts foaming at the mouth for that next damn war….

      Of course, these Republicans also never do the actual fighting or dying in their much-desired wars – that is something that ‘other people’ have to do…

  5. http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/ray-rice-assault-nfl-never-asked-for-tape-baltimore-ravens-rb-punching-fiancee-090914

    Then we wonder why our country seems to have an epidemic of domestic violence?

    Too many people are content to look the other way – as long as the violent abuser is making a lot of money for certain people.

    I wish just once – before I die – to see these Evangelinuts take up the cause of domestic violence.

    Oh, wait a minute, a lot of these Evangelinut preachers actually claim that God gave man the right to be the master over the woman – and the woman is to serve and obey.

    But what twist of irony – these same Evangelinuts demonize the Islamists for the way their men treat their women.

    What a bunch of hypocrits…

    • And don’t even get me started on the way so many people look the other way when we are talking about child molesters within the churches and/or pro sports – remember Jerry Sandusky at Penn State?

      When money is involved – far too many people will turn a blind eye to everything that is revolting…….and just plain morally wrong…

      • Here, Indy, this should make you completely sick to your stomach —

        Evangelical Megachurch Pastor: God Created Man’s Penis, And Created Women To House It

      • http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/ray-rice-janay-rice-posts-response-to-husband-s-release-suspension-on-instagram-090914

        fnord – now this makes me sick to my stomach.

        Ray Rice’s wife must believe that this is the first and last time her husband will knock her out cold?

        BTW – if you’ve seen the entire video – people did come to the scene of that elevator. Some man was standing inside the elevator door while the knocked-out woman was still unconscious on the floor – with her legs and feet just inside the elevator door.

        The man guarding the elevator door did nothing to help the woman.

        Then there appears to be a woman that was comforting the wife by patting her shoulder.

        Hmm…..it appears to me that these people who arrived at the scene after the knock-out punch was delivered, did not appear to be shocked by what they saw. In fact, it appeared these folks were familiar enough with the situation to know what to do……??

        And this is the sad part – this is the time the knock-out punch was caught on video surveillance.

        How many other times were out of a video camera’s view?

      • fnord – you know me so well…..LOL

        That megapreacher needs to be taken down a few pegs – IMHO

        This is not a recent thing – per the article. This guy has been what I was classify as a ‘sleazeball’ for quite a few years.

        Does it really matter if he used a pen name for his writings?

        Seems to me this ‘little’ man has an obsession with his penis – and the penis of other men.

        But – the sad part is – this sleazeball could not continue to be sleazy if he did no have the support and encouragement of his fellow ‘churchies’.

        And why did it take so long for these nine (count them – NINE) church pastors to sign a damn letter to make this sleazeball step down TEMPORARILY.

        Yes – make special note of that word – Temporarily…

        He’ll be back….when all the public outrage dies down and he can go back to writing and spewing his idiotic thoughts. And then try to pass them off as God’s thoughts.

  6. In an email I received this morning Pat Roberts says —


    Senator Roberts’ life long support of gun rights and the 2 nd Amendment were recognized yesterday as the National Rifle Association formally endorsed Roberts in the general election for U.S. Senate.

    The key endorsement comes mere days after Senator Roberts’ so-called “independent” opponent, Greg Orman, announced his support for more federal restrictions to our 2 nd Amendment rights, earning condemnation from Kansas gun rights groups.

    blah, blah, blah”

    Then, of course, he asked for money.

    This will appeal to the neanderthals, has absolutely NO appeal to me. In fact, this endorsement turns me off totally! We need common-sense gun regulations in exactly the same way every other industry needs common-sense regulations. People aren’t all honest, fair, or even intelligent enough to make good decisions, thus some regulations will always be necessary.

    I’m pretty certain I have come around to voting for Orman — a complete turn around from just last week. If keeping Roberts in office is important to Kobach — which he proved when he decided controlling who votes wasn’t enough control for him and now he controls whose name is on the Kansas ballot — I think it’s a good idea to do exactly opposite of what is important to Kobach. Then the hit men came from the National Republican Committee for the Roberts campaign — swift boaters and all their dirt, accompanied by Americans for Prosperity. That added a whole pile of reasons to get rid of Roberts. Now this… Yep, in a week’s time Kobach and the Roberts campaign have convinced me to vote for Orman!

  7. Excellent piece from The DesMoines Register written by a native Kansan —

    (from the link):

    ~ “The fiscal policies currently pursued by my native Kansas are dangerous. They have the potential to cause long-lasting damage to the state, especially to the educational system.”

    ~ “Two years ago, Kansas went off the fiscal track. The Legislature, under the encouragement of Gov. Sam Brownback, passed laws that contained gross violations of vertical as well as horizontal equity.”

    ~ “Individuals and businesses want to locate in states that have good educational systems, honest government, good roads and other infrastructure, and clean water and air. They also want state and local governments to have the resources to regulate and control unfair business practices.

    ~ “That all takes money. Starving government is not the answer. Neither is imposing a grossly inequitable tax.

    ~ “As Professor Dickinson noted plaintively at the end of his article, ‘Can a just society tax the poor while not taxing the rich?”

    Something is wrong in Kansas

    • And a special nod of appreciation to Professor Dickinson, who was Dean of the KU School of Law during my interrupted time there. A very bright man, who taught/teaches his students well, I did not have the pleasure of being a student in any of the classes he taught (for a multitude of reasons), but always had time to talk with me (and others similarly situated). His article was so on point, I believe I linked it here, on FB, and everywhere else I could at the time.
      Yes, there is most definitely something very wrong in Kansas.

  8. I should set the DVR since I can’t seem to be trusted to stay awake that late anymore. 🙂

    (from the link): “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” will travel to indicted Governor Rick Perry’s home state to broadcast a week of shows covering the upcoming midterm elections. “Democalypse 2014: South by South Mess” will be taped at ZACH Theatre in Austin, TX and air nightly at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT from Monday, October 27 through Thursday, October 30.