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by | September 6, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Here’s just another example of republican policies in action —

  2. Timothy Burke, a professor in the Department of History at Swarthmore College, located just outside of Philadelphia, was referring to academic leadership when he wrote these comments, but couldn’t they pertain to leadership in most all endeavors from parenting, political, business, social interactions… Maybe allowing the admission of having learned from mistakes to be a ‘positive’ would improve any endeavor.

    “It should be possible to undo a mistake without first going to war over it. It should be possible to undo a mistake without first chest-thumping over the supposedly inviolable principles you are defending, which is precisely what makes it feel less like leadership and more like defeat when you do finally reverse yourself. It should be possible to have simple humility and openness before the people that you lead and say, ‘Sorry, I really got into a bad mental space on this thing and goofed. Lesson learned.

    If that’s the leadership that we crave, we have our own part to play in securing it, which is to allow leaders who’ve made mistakes to undo them humbly and quietly without those of us who were trespassed against to demand a head on a platter or to constantly hound the erring leader about what they did wrong.”

    • We’ve all heard Republicans brag about the way George W. Bush would not change his position on anything.

      In their eyes – GWB was a strong man because he NEVER was able to say he did anything wrong.

      That is not leadership – that is head buffoon leading the other buffoons..

  3. Asher Bob White

    I, too, certainly do believe there is a lot “drastically wrong in America”, and I believe the post, today, has put its finger right on the problem. Unfortunately, it is a simple problem to solve if Americans would vote against incumbents in place of voting for incumbents, and replace them with progressive persons who want to change these problems.

  4. I believe this is true and it breaks my heart. We’re all collateral for corporate interests.

    The bigger game here is Iran

    “The people who dragged us into a war against Iraq and Libya want to drag us into a war against Syria as a run up to war against Iran.

    This is part of a long term strategy by Neo-Conservatives who I heard openly planning and promoting this madness to Congress throughout the past two decades.

    America’s decision makers must be very careful not to be suckered again (and again) into more wars.

    Our intervention in Iraq destroyed that country’s defenses and helped to create ISIS. An attack on Syria would strengthen ISIS.

    It’s time to end US interventions. It’s time to take care of things here at home.” — Dennis Kucinich

  5. Is it just me or does that guy with the goofy hat and hugging his gun give you the creeps also?

  6. I now have a running battle with the Tea party on Facebook! I keep getting crap from them on my page. I counter it and often call them the new Nazi party. You can imagine their reaction! Often they point out that the Nazis were not Conservatives that were Communists ! WTF? Seriously that is the best they can come up with? I have brain damage and that is the best they can come up with? I sure hope that they cages are strong and the lock is sound….. Because I always rattle it!