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by | September 4, 2014 · 6:00 am

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    • Why are we surprised CONservatives do not remember the entire text? These are the same people who twist the Bible Scriptures into whatever they interpret.

      My MIL is a prime example of what I call a Fake-N-Bake Christian. She is at the church every time the doors open – and she quotes the Bible verses in the context that SHE deems appropriate.

      For example – this woman always told me that children were to honor their father and mother.

      Okay – I can go along with that – but did this woman bother to quote what comes before that infamous verse?

      Fathers and Mothers do not provoke your children……

      This woman was a constant nag and provoked her son and me to no end.

      This woman got visibly upset and started yelling at her son when I failed to ‘thank her for adopting him’ – when we announced our engagement.

      The kicker to the story is – I had gone to the bathroom and could hear all this yelling and screaming just outside the door. When I came out, imagine my shock and surprise to find out what the problem was.

      Hell – it never occurred to me to thank this woman for adopting a baby in 1954. I just assumed that she and my father-in-law were two people that wanted kids and wanted to give an orphan a good life.

      Imagine me thinking that…….. I guess all this time this good Christian woman (big eye roll) was raising this adopted boy only to be personally thanked for adopting him – in order for me (little ol’ unworthy me) to have a husband.

      My – I should have been burned at the stake…..what was I thinking???

      /very heavy sarcasm

      BTW – is it any wonder my relationship with this mother-in-law was never a good one?

      She was also the one that refused to come by the house to see her first grandchild when we brought her home. She was on her way to church on a Wednesday night. Our house was on the same route to her damn church. She could not take a few extra minutes to come by and see the baby.

      But then later, I heard through the town’s gossip line that this mother-in-law talked about how I would never let her see the new baby.

      Which of the Ten Commandments does it talk about lying?????

      Pure evil……that is what is sitting in too many of these damn churches. Pure evil….

    • Asher Bob White

      And the question is …….” is this that generation?”

      • I keep thinking that the pendulum of common sense will eventually swing back towards the sanity side.

        But if the 2014 midterm elections go the way of the Tea Party and Evangelinuts – then I say our country is in for a wild ride of wars, wars and more damn wars.

        The US is already the No. 1 spender on military in the world. We spend $617 billion a year – imagine all the other things we taxpayers could buy with that kind of money.

        Things like:

        1) quality education for everybody
        2) quality health care for everybody
        3) family-wage jobs for everybody – so if the mother chooses to stay at home with her kids, then she can because her family will not suffer without her paycheck.
        4) repair and newly-built infrastructure
        5) upgrade and modernize our electric grid in this country.
        6) get serious about finding alternative energy sources so we will never again be held hostage by some foreign country because we need their damn oil.
        7) There is no reason we should have this much homelessness in our country.

        8) Instead of giving lip service about how much we love our kids and family – let’s actually start living like we love our kids and family – ALL kids and ALL families.

        9) And let’s stop worrying about everybody’s sex lives . Unless there is a child molester or rapist (which both have NOTHING to do with sex) – let’s stop thinking that our God has given us the duty to be the sex police.

        10) And let’s start punishing the wrongdoing of those in high places. The white collar criminal – ie the Wall Street bankers that knew what they were doing when they crashed our economy – is just as guilty as the blue collar criminal that steals money from those same banks.

        11) Last – but not least – let’s all just stop this petty bickering about partisan politics. We are so busy making a few overpaid mouthpieces into multi-millionaires that we have lost sight of the big picture – our country is facing some very difficult problems. And we need to come together to resolve those problems.

        Or – mark my words – Abraham Lincoln said it best – a house divided cannot stand.



    I have not been following this too closely. What are your thoughts?

    Pat Roberts is one of those old farts in the Senate that is way past his expiration date.

    Hell – my 4-yr-old grandson could do a better job than Pat Roberts – IMHO

    My grandson has been known to throw some real temper tantrums – just like a good loyal Republican.

    • I’m concerned about Chad Taylor dropping out and even more concerned about Greg Orman possibly winning. I’ve heard all the ‘conservatives’ screaming about Orman being a secret democrat, but can’t for the life of me understand how a sane person could think anyone who supports a Koch-funded Heritage Foundation tax and economic policy along with republican-style austerity spending could even be a centrist republican, let alone a democrat. My suspicion is these republicans are screaming he’s a secret democrat (and I fully expect commercials and ads that call him an Obama / Pelosi / Reid supporter) is because he is a republican and Roberts supporters have nothing but fear to use in their support of Roberts. After all, Roberts is part and parcel of the do-nothing but scream NO republicans in Congress cabal.

      • I know the power of incumbency. I also know Robert’s age will, sooner rather than later, end his political career. I don’t want a young republican to be handed that power of incumbency — especially a young Kochette republican who is wishy washy about where he falls on important subjects like Medicare and Social Security. Austerity spending screams that my Medicare and Social Security are in jeopardy from a Kochette!

      • Sounds like Orman is a Tea Party darling and this is how the Tea Party plans to kick Roberts to the curb?

      • With a 3-way race, wasn’t Roberts a guaranteed winner?

        Do you think some type of deal was struck between Taylor and Orman?

        It does smell fishy………especially to withdraw with no explanation given and at this late date.

      • That is my fear. There’s no way in hell anybody close to a democrat could support the tax and spending policies he supports. Now, he also has — not explicitly, but kinda sorta — supported gay marriage and some women’s rights. He doesn’t say very much clearly, is a real hem-hawer, sit on the fence, use talking point answers kind of guy. But he has said he sees no reason to fight contraception, he has said Citizens United went too far, he has said the futile votes to overturn Obamacare are not helpful. He hasn’t gone to the extent of actually supporting a woman’s right to choose, or campaign finance reform or keeping and strengthening Obamacare. But even those tiny hints at sanity have resonated with asshole tea partiers who are so far right there is no wiggle room for sanity.

      • I don’t know where the money Orman has is coming from. It seems pretty well hidden. It smells fishy and if you can’t get off the fence to answer straight-forward questions, what are you hiding?

        Of course the tea partiers are saying he is hiding the fact that he is a secret democrat. I say he is hiding his Koch support.

      • I suspect you’re right – isn’t all the Koch-funded money well hidden?

  2. My ex-friend, the Catholic Pro-life Conservative Republican, has a son and a son-in-law in the military.

    Both of these men have enjoyed the benefits of their military jobs and both knowingly joined the military with the intention of what benefits they could get from the government.

    Okay – I don’t blame them for that one.

    But during the entire Iraq War – neither one of these two men ever left the safety of the US borders.

    Neither one of these men have ever been deployed outside of the US – let alone a damn battlefield.

    My friend was always spewing the GOP nonsense that the US needs to go into these foreign Muslim countries and fight for what is right.

    Okay – then why doesn’t her two men have to go in person to do the actual fighting?

    If Obama gives in and starts to send in our combat troops for on ground invasion, I have a message for my ex-friend that I want to hear that her two men have been deployed on the first wave of combat troops.

    If not – then I don’t want to hear one word from her mouth about how much she supports the troops.

    She and her political party wants the damn wars – then her two men can do the actual fighting – this time.

    • My sister always said during the time of the Iraq War that if George W. Bush had strapped his two twin girls to the first tank that was deployed into battle – we would have never gone to war.

      I hate it when our politicians have the luxury to sit back here in the comfort and safety of the United States and then these same chicken hawks vote to send other peoples’ loved ones to do the actual fighting.

      Put some skin into the game……and then perhaps those votes would be different?

      • Thought provoking. What would YOU do, how would YOU feel if another country’s well-armed military parked their war machines at the curb in front of your house?

      • If the Iraqi insurgents had been wealthy white landowners in the new land called America – they would be labeled freedom fighters for liberty.

        But – since they are sand-laden Muslims – the white Christians label them as terrorists.

        The part of the video that bears repeating is – the US has meddled in foreign countries.

        I wonder how many average Americans know the actual truth about our history?

        How many times has the US meddled in some foreign country to install our choice of their leader?

        And for what? Usually – the colonization by whites into these foreign countries meant one thing – the whites ended up with all the wealth from the resources of that particular country. And the natives usually ended up as servants – or relegated to the other side of the country that would resemble many of our Native Indian reservations from our own US history.

    • If there is a merciful God that woman should pray that I do not get a chance to discuss it with her! With my youngest son having server many tours in both contrives. It might even be better if he never got to talk to her either!.


    Obesity is becoming worse in our country.

    What a shocker – 9 out of 10 states with high obesity rates are in the South.

    Maybe these folks are the ones sitting around listening to Rush and watching the Foxxies Hen House while feeding their face and making fun of our First Lady Michelle Obama for trying o institute some healthy foods into the school lunches.

    I’ve said it before –

    There is stupid.
    Then there is Proud to be Stupid

    I hear the South is known for their pride…..

  4. Well, seems this may help ensure Roberts is reelected which is fine and dandy with me. We know who the Kansas Secretary of State is and I don’t think any of us would pretend that Kobach won’t do everything and anything to keep this a three-way race to help Roberts.

    Legal questions complicate Dem’s exit from Kansas Senate race

    Read more:

    • I admit how insane this is, but I’m thinking I will vote for Orman. If Kobach goes to this great extent to split the vote between Taylor and Orman so Roberts can retain his office that will be enough motivation for me to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  5. I’m guessing you all read about this, but just in case —

    BREAKING: Federal Appeals Court Withdraws Decision Defunding Obamacare

    • I heard this breaking news while feeding the baby.

      Pete Williams of NBC said the way it was done all but guarantees this issue will be sent back to the district court – which is good news because the Supreme Court will not hear this.

      Did I hear that correctly?

      • Less likely, but no one knows what the Roberts Court may accept or decline. My prediction is that if Roberts thinks he has the vote to set back marriage equality he will take it no matter how many or few federal appeals courts disagreed on the issue.

  6. LOL been having a kind of busy morning so finally got on to check e-mails and come here. I got responses to several e-mails I had sent to Harry Reid about the Koch Brothers and their using money to buy the Senate. I got responses back…. all of them asking me to donate money to him!

    • I’ve been getting a lot of emails from various Democratic groups.

      They are now to the point in telling me that they know I have not donated previously….so won’t I please donate now.

      WTH…… they are tracking me now?

      • I tell all my Republican family and friends –

        the big difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is the Democrats do not tell me which God to worship and who to marry.

  7. And, of course just like going to war, they have NO PLAN for what happens after they’ve broken the government.