Wednesday, 9/3/14, Public Square

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  1. I’ve noticed something in all these police videos where there are about 10 police trying to take down 1 suspect.

    Okay – I realize that some suspects are harder to take down than others – but seriously, does it take 10 police?

    Add this factor to the mix – at least 2 of the 10 police are so fat they cannot even bend down or get back up without obvious distress showing on their red face.

    I thought police had to be physically fit at all times?

    Geesh………I’ve seen way too many JUST BIG and FAT police in the last few years.

    Maybe this is the reason it takes 10 police to take down 1 suspect – gotta take into account for all the fat chubbies that cannot run without dropping like a bunch of overweight flies?

    • Now this is funny…. I posted my comment before taking a second look at that cartoon.

      Look at the police pictured in this cartoon – can we say Chubbies R Us?

    • Not only do we see chubby police in numbers, but one or two of them are usually punching the person about the head or using a billy club to the head. Police brutality is proven to me. I am afraid and that’s probably what they want. I don’t fall for all the republican scare tactics and their warnings of WE’RE DOOMED, BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID usually make me shake my head in disbelief, but I am afraid of two things — our armed society and law enforcement I consider to be totally out of control.

  2. Maybe the fact that adults seem meaner and less likely to treat others as they want to be treated is part of the reason we see increasing brutality. Imagine the example set for children by people like those on TBTSNBN. Remember the hatred and vile that seemed to roll off their fingers when they typed? Does that same kind of vile hatred come out of their mouths when they speak in person?

    • When we were dealing with the 2nd grade bullies (two girls) last year – I still remember the principal telling me in a condescending tone – we do not like to use the word ‘bullies’.

      Excuse me lady….. what else would I call those two girls? A bully is a bully.

      I then pointed to the numerous signs of anti-bullying posted in the principal’s office and asked her – then why do they use the word ‘bully’?

      Too many times – we see children being bullies because I believe they live in an environment that is full of bullies. These kids grow up thinking that is the way to live.

      Just take a good look at these reality television shows – how many bullies have we seen be elevated as some type of hero?

      Look at our sports heroes – how many can be viewed as bullies – on and off the field?

      Rape and sexual assaults – that is not about sex – it is about power and control – ie the bully gets what he wants??

      • I agree! Children see adults being bullies and learn that behavior.

      • Unfortunately, I think some of that bullying comes from these Corporate Mega Churches.

        How many times have we heard these Fake-N-Bake Christians whine about how they are so persecuted after they are confronted when they are being obnoxious bullies towards homosexuals?

        For example – the long lines of these Churchies all waiting to buy an overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they love Jesus and hate homosexuals.

        What kind of bullying mindset does that take to actually go out and stand in line and then wave and honk their horns like it was some type of party going on..

        What if the long lines were supporting the company’s fair policy of including homosexuals in all their company benefits?

        How fast would these Fake-N-Bake Christians be out protesting that company. These folks have done it before. Think about JC Penney and Ellen DeGeneres.

        But when there was pushback when it came to Chick-fil-A – what did we hear from these Fake-N-Bake folks?> How they are so persecuted.

        These constitutional rights these folks yammer about so much applies to EVERYBODY – not just the certain few in the Fake-N-Bake Corporate Church Country Clubs

  3. I found this interesting and utterly sad and true. Even more examples of ugly, nastiness coming from adults who seem unable to control their mean spirits.


    • Canadians have too much class to ever be the average American nowadays.

      Our American society has become do demoralized, depraved, fat, lazy, selfish, greedy, obstinate, shallow, defensive, offensive and not only stupid, but proud to be stupid.

      What I find so ridiculous is to hear these Republicans talk about how when they get back into power, everything will be okay again and no problems.


      Once the bar of social behavior expectations has been lowered – it just goes lower and lower.

      It’s like a pissing contest – there is always somebody just waiting to lower that bar of social behavior expectations further into the abyss of Proud to be Stupid..

      • What is really sad – IMHO – is the fact we have so many churches on every corner but yet our accepted social behavior expectations is lower than it has ever been.

        I still remember when the Dixie Chicks were ran out of town on a rail simply because they said they were ashamed to be from Texas due to George W. Bush and his war games.

        Those same folks who dissed the Dixie Chicks have said and done far worse to President Obama and they truly believe they are justified.

        That logic – IMHO – is what comes from these Corporate Mega Churches. They are nothing more than tax-free exclusive country clubs.

      • I have a friend who is a young Canadian woman who came to the U.S. to get her PhD at Harvard. Since accomplishing that goal she has worked as a research scientist and done some great work. She and I have talked about Obamacare and the part she had the most difficulty understanding was why some Americans didn’t want others to have access to affordable health care. She said she wasn’t yet born when publicly funded health care became available to all citizens. She assured me that quickly the selfish thinking would disappear and only a very few would ever think of health care being something that shouldn’t be available to everyone. She still doesn’t understand why it isn’t just a normal part of citizenship but she has grown accustomed to America lagging Canada in human rights.

      • What frustrates me so much is how these Conservative Christian Republicans can sit there and tell me with a straight face that they should not have to pay for all those ‘other people’ who just want free healthcare through Obamacare.

        Okay – in the first place, we are talking about Obamacare being a program where people can BUY their own health insurance. Some will get subsidies – but how are those subsidies any different than the many subsidies corporations get every year?

        The system we had before Obamacare did give free healthcare to people.

        Why do these folks think our healthcare costs so much? When uninsured people go to the Emergency Room for their basic health care needs – that is spending the big bucks on something that if these folks had health insurance, they could go to their primary care doctor for the same thing and at a savings of a lot of dollars.

        My ex-friend, the devoted Catholic pro-life Republican woman, actually told me that the Catholic Church is a charity because they use their own money to provide free health care to those who need it.

        Hey – wait a minute lady. The Catholic Church bought up a lot of these hospitals and clinics for one reason – to make money.

        I have worked with these Catholic-owned places and they bill the same insurance – Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance to line their pockets.

        And let me tell you – without Medicare – a lot of these health care places would go belly up – and very fast.

        My ex-friend was offended when I said these Catholics did not buy up these hospitals and clinics out of the goodness of their heart. These folks knew when Obamacare went into effect, their profits would go even higher.

        Do I think Obamacare solved our health care crisis? Oh Hell No. But it did help people get access to health insurance that were previously barred. And that is a good thing.

      • If Canada was not so cold……I would gladly move there and contribute my tax dollars to a societal system that actually takes care of their own people.

      • Canada’s west coast is fairly temperate. In the city of Vancouver you can lie of the beach sunning and see little dots on the snow covered mountains that are people snow skiing. I have visited there and enjoyed it very much!

        I’ll live where family and friends are and I have a paid-for house — Kansas. 🙂 I will complain about the weather relentlessly! It’s too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry… Equal opportunity complainer.



    There are some good people in law enforcement.

    I wonder – are the ones who seem to think they can use whatever force they deem necessary (even if over the top) – are they the police who are physically patrolling the streets?

    These two detectives are the police that are not on the actual streets everyday – does that make a difference when it comes to police brutality?

    Does working the streets as a police officer change your mindset? Does it shape your views as to who is worthy and who is not worthy of being protected?

    I don’t know – I am just throwing out these questions.


    Has anyone been following this issue about hacked nude photos of celebrities?

    I may be showing my age and generation here – but if you’re not taking nude photos of yourself, then wouldn’t that put a stop to some of this crappola going on?

    I thought of this when one celebrity tweeted about the photos she and her husband took in the privacy of their own home. Okay – privacy in your own home should mean – no pictures on a mobile device that could be possibly hacked – wouldn’t it?

    Hell – use an old fashioned camera if you seriously have a deep-rooted need to take photos of your sex life…

    Just saying….

    Now if celebrities photos are being photo shopped and changed – then we have a problem.

    But – when will people learn that whatever picture you take on your cell phone and then posted to some website – once that picture leaves your phone – God knows where it might end up……

    • I’m older and of the same generation as you, indy. I, however, put no fault on the subjects of the photographs for posing, etc. The only fault, if any, that should be assessed to them is not encrypting their files before saving them on the cloud, etc.

      Privacy is supreme in my book, and the celebs, etc., do not give up their right thereto by their celebrity. When they are in public, however, they (as are we) are fair game. That which occurs in private is covered by the acronym MYOFB. Any violation of the privacy should subject the violator to major consequences, criminal as well as civil, regardless of the subject of any photo, communication, video, etc., and whether the same violates any third party’s sense of decency.

  6. I heard on the morning news the family of the 9-yr-old girl shooting the uzi at the shooting range which killed her instructor is now speaking out.

    They say the girl dropped the uzi immediately after shooting it and said it was too much for her.

    The parents say they did not even realize the instructor had been shot at that moment in time.

    First of all – why would anyone take a 9-yr-old girl and let her shoot an uzi?

    Second of all – I guess the parents think it is no big deal because – as they put it – this was an excursion into their summer vacation.

    An excursion turned into a tragic death for the instructor?

    Oh – just another day of summer vacation , I guess?

    I will NEVER understand the fascination and obsession Americans have with guns – and not just any guns – the bigger and badass, the better.

    I grew up with guns but back in my childhood, we were taught to respect guns and the power they possess.

    You did not see anyone with a damn Uzi……

    • I do believe people have the right to bear arms – but that is not a free pass card to carry and shoot whatever damn war weapon you can find.

      To bear arms is to protect and defend yourself and your family.

      I have not shot a gun in many, many years. Even then, it was a target pistol in a very big field and everyone knew not to be stupid around guns.

      Maybe that’s the problem? The average American is too stupid to realize they are stupid?

      Or – as I have said several times before – there is Stupid.

      Then there is the Proud to be Stupid.

      Do we have too many folks who are Proud to be Stupid?

      • I have thought about this gun issue for a long time.

        The only time I believe I could ever shoot a person is if they are threatening me or my family.

        And God help the child molester who thinks they can help themselves to my grandkids – I truly believe I could pull the trigger and not have one regret.

        There are some things that are just unforgivable – and child molesting (and those in power who cover that crime up) is at the top of my life of things you don’t get a second chance …..

  7. (from the link): Where is the best place to be born in the world today? In a light-hearted ranking that we compiled in 1988, America came top. In 2013, the Economist Intelligence Unit more earnestly calculated where would be best to be born. It ranked America 16th.