Monday, 9/1/14, Public Square

Labor Day



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  1. I hope our president gets in a relaxing game of golf today, along with high hopes that workers across our nation also get to do something relaxing — whatever that might be for each individual!

  2. One of the republican arrows in their quiver of hate —

    • I will never forget those southern kids at that Fundy Baptist college I graduated from in the mid 1970’s.

      These kids actually believed the Bible was talking about black people when it referred to the ‘beasts in the field’.

      With thinking like that – is there any doubt as to why the Deep Southern Red States are so important to the GOP.

    • Asher Bob White

      Go girls, go! The values of women are the values needed in a society among which are “common good and public service”, things we do not get from current governments; local, state, national or international. I trust women to do better. The evidence is clear, men have failed.

  3. It’s nice for Kansas to get some ink in the Washington Post and while the story does mention some Topeka based Whack Jobs/elected Nut Cases, as usual, the part about bi-partisan Kansas women being mad as hell and fix’in to clean legislative house is spot on. Every woman in Kansas had better be registered to vote and put Election Day on her calendar. I’ve had enough of this nonsense.

    Kansas women unite in bipartisan effort to defeat Brownback, Kobach, Roberts

    • (from the link above): Women for Kansas has endorsed Greg Orman, an independent, rather than Democratic challenger Chad Taylor, the Shawnee County district attorney who was criticized for his decision not to prosecute misdemeanor cases of domestic violence.


      I personally will not vote for Greg Orman. I’ve done a bunch of research, spent an undue amount of time on this decision. Just the highlights:

      Greg Orman tries hard to stay on the fencepost and if you don’t dig below his talking points he sounds reasonable. Under the talking points you find that his statements on taxes, economics and government spending come directly from The Heritage Foundation. He won’t say who he will caucus with but everything I’ve dug up indicates he is nothing more than a younger republican. I actually think Roberts won’t be as dangerous as Orman could be. I know for sure I’m not willing to replace the devil I know with the one I don’t know. Remember too that Roberts age will sooner rather than later mean he leaves his job. The power of incumbency given to a younger republican can’t be a good thing.

      As for the accusation that Chad Taylor (the Democratic candidate) didn’t prosecute domestic violence cases — it is way overblown and a smear job from somewhere well funded. He had his funding cut and explained carefully that he would have to stop prosecuting misdemeanor cases. The funding was cut, and among the misdemeanor cases were 16 for domestic violence. Whoever is conducting and funding the smear campaign against Mr. Taylor leaves out all other misdemeanor cases and emphasizes these sixteen. In fact, Mr. Taylor and his smaller budget did prosecute all those cases in a delayed manner and no one was hurt.

      I could give many more details and may before election day, but this is the gist of it.

    Who did not already know that Islamic terrorists would love to attack the US?

    But what I do want to know is – why are these folks who are now demanding Obama to do something not also asking as to why their boy George W. Bush and Gang were the folks that actually made this Islamic terrorist group so powerful?

    Let’s not forget – Bush and Gang invaded Iraq under false pretense – and the whole world saw what happened in Iraq under GWB and Gang.

    Just in the P.R. world – GWB and Gang made the USA look like the tyrant that was coming over to their country and being the big bad bully in their own sandbox.

    Another thing – why don’t these same folks who are now blaming Obama for the mess also do everything in their power to get the USA off the damn foreign oil?

    We are way behind in our developing alternative energy – we should have started back when Jimmy Carter told us to put on a sweater.

    But let’s remember who took down those solar panels off the White House – it was St. Ronald Reagan.

    Reagan did a lot of damage to our country – IMHO. But that step alone help set us on the road to self-destruction.

    We NEED to get off the foreign oil……and just drilling in the USA is not the answer. Not when that oil is being pushed through the pipelines to the coast in order for those same oil producers who are bitching about Obama are selling their domestic oil on the global market – to get a better price.


    I remember in high school – one day, my business teacher asked the entire class to name the one product that had never been mass marketed but is the #1 selling candy in America.

    Answer: the plain Hershey chocolate bar

    But – we are talking about the year 1970 and we did not have the 24/7 barrage of commercials we are subjected to today.

    We also did not have the many flavor versions of that same chocolate bar.

    So is this the reason the plain Hershey chocolate bar was forced to be mass marketed?

    Or – was it due to the corporate mandate of – SELL – SELL – SELL……

    I miss the days where Hershey was such a major player in the candy business that their plain chocolate bar (which had been around for many years) was so well known that it was not even necessary to mass market that particular product.

    When I think of the America I grew up in – I think of those major US companies with brands so strong in our thinking – there was no need to put on a television commercial to try to sell it.

    The product sold itself because of its good taste and quality of the product.

    Can that be said about our multitude of products today – well, if we’re counting just the US companies, that list has dwindled a lot since my childhood – hasn’t it?

    Have we sold our soul for 30 pieces of silver? America used to be the place where US companies produced quality products.

    Now, I fear, we are nothing more than consumers having to buy foreign made products because our US companies sold their souls for the Almighty Dollar.

    • Take notice – I never once mentioned Walmart – did I?

      BUT…. I also remember walking in to the Walmarts when Sam Walton was alive. The first thing you saw was a big banner on the wall proudly displaying the fact that their products were Made in the USA.

      I forget – when did those banners have to come down? Was it right after Sam Walton’s death – when his kids became the sole benefactors of their father’s hard work?

      Did Sam’s kids not inherit the gene that was proud to sell products Made in the USA.

      Or were Sam’s kids forced to back off that policy because the influx of Chinese-made products was hitting the USA – and very hard.

      Was it Sam’s kids being greedy – or were the shareholders being greedy by demanding more and more profits?

      All I can say is this – I miss the days when I could count the number of US companies that actually produced quality products and my ten fingers would not be enough to use to count them.

      Nowadays – would even 5 fingers on ne hand be used up when counting the number of US companies?

      This – IMHO – is another road we were placed on that will eventually lead us to self destruction.

      Hell – who needs Islamic terrorists to bring the USA down? These folks can just sit back and wait awhile until the Americans start to turn on each other and do nothing but fight over petty little things.

      Oh yeah, that is already happening – isn’t it?

      Republicans like to yammer on and on about how exceptional America is. From where I am sitting – Americans are exceptionally S-T-U-P-I-D and proud of it (which makes it worse – iMHO)

      • Let’s not also forget which president went personally to China – it was Richard Nixon.

        Did Tricky Dick set our country on the path to self destruction?

        Did Tricky Dick know what he was doing – or was he too busy being paranoid about his perceived political enemies to care what the consequences of his actions were?

        I understand why our global market is important – because it does open our potential possibilities for US companies to market their goods across the globe.

        BUT – with these various trade agreements (unfair ones – IMHO), do US companies have that potential to market their goods. Or is this another factor why so many US companies have sold to global corporations?

        It’s a fair question – but when did it become okay for the USA to become nothing more than consumers?

      • As to your question about Crafty Richard, the answer is a resounding “yes”. Re: WalMart, the outsourcing began when the corporation went public. The U.S. becoming consumers began in the late 1950s when manufacturing jobs began decreasing. It was, imho, inevitable, for many reasons. Yes, the adversarial relationship between unions and management played a part in this. However, the key player was the more aggressive use of the Internal Revenue Code as a tool of U.S. foreign policy.

  6. Does anyone wonder if he thinks men who choose not to marry are incomplete?

    • I have an explanation for why single women do not choose to marry – there are way too many Republican Neanderthals dragging their knuckles.

      Why would women choose to legally tie themselves to a Neanderthal just to cook him his meals, clean his house, clean his dirty underwear and then the Neanderthal expects to be ‘serviced’ whenever he grunts (of course, this is AFTER he has watched the many reruns of the Viagra and/or Cialis commercials).

      Life is too short to be nothing more than a servant to some man that knows only how to grunt and drag his knuckles.

      P.S. – Not all men are Neanderthals….Not all Republicans are Neanderthals. But the Republican Party is currently being run by the group of Neanderthals…..IMHO

      • Another reason people choose not to marry is because of our tax laws. If you have kids and are not married, then only one of you have to make less than the income cap to qualify for all the tax benefits. And the woman is usually the one that makes the less income. Why get married in this case? If married, then two people working would most likely not qualify to get the special tax benefits.

        As for the morality issue – just look inside these Corporate Mega Churches – the pews are filled with men who have traded up their wives. How many times have we witnessed men who leave their first wife and kids because they met some pretty little thing in his office (or church) that caught his eye and he just has to have her.

        Hell – in the Catholic Church, the man can even get his first long-time marriage annulled (poof -it’s gone) – even when that man has kids by his first wife.

        Now call me silly – but if marriage is so damn sacred to these folks – then why do they treat it like it is nothing more than a little thing that can be gotten rid of…..with no problem at all.

  7. Martha Shane and Lana Wilson’s After Tiller is a deeply humanizing and probing portrait of the only four doctors in the United States still openly performing third-trimester abortions in the wake of the 2009 assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas—and in the face of intense protest from abortion opponents. It is also an examination of the desperate reasons women seek late abortions. Rather than offering solutions, After Tiller presents the complexities of these women’s difficult decisions and the compassion and ethical dilemmas of the doctors and staff who fear for their own lives as they treat their patients.

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  8. I fear the America I grew up in will be not be around for my grandkids to experience.

    Does that mean that America will fall from being the top leading country?

    Does that mean that America will continue to spend billions on military industrial complex if we are not the top leader?

    Does that mean that America will eventually end up having to suffer a repeat of the Civil War that President Lincoln saw under his presidency?

    My thoughts – if there is a Civil War in our not-too-distant future – it will be between the haves and the have-nots. This time it will not be about slavery.

    For when it comes to the people who are the ‘have-nots’ – that label comes in all colors.

    Another serious question – do you think the US will start another war with the Islamist terrorists before we start a Civil War on our own soil?

    Hell – I keep thinking that at some point common sense will come into play. But with every passing day – I see that particular dream go up in smoke.

    In a country where we have to place signs in our vehicles to remind us to check for our children in the backseat to help prevent deaths due to being left in hot cars – is there such a thing as common sense?

    • correction: the upcoming Civil War will be about slavery – corporate slavery.

      In my way of thinking – the original Civil War was about the black slavery.

      But look around in today’s America and just think about how many people are slaves to their low-paying jobs while these corporations all get fatter and richer – because they have learned to manipulate our laws and tax system.

      • If it is about corporate slavery which I completely agree we have, the republicans will take up arms to protect their corporate masters. Isn’t that sad? But look around. The republicans are supporting corporations who want to leave America to avoid paying taxes and fighting like hell to keep immigrants who want to pay taxes out. You can’t make this stuff up!


    Is the technology to blame – or are people who seem to think they can take nude photos and/or videos of themselves and not run the risk of them becoming public to blame?

    This would fall under the category I was talking about above – Common Sense.