Saturday, 8/30/14, Public Square

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  1. The song is right. Any group of people can only be oppressed so long before something like a revolution happens. The point is to address conditions before a rebellion happens. No country is immune. No system of government is immune.

  2. On this Labor Day weekend (brought to you by organized labor!) —

    Reminder for Labor Day Weekend: Rich People Don’t Create Jobs

  3. Wisdom from Robert Reich —

    In a few days, a higher portion of America’s black children will begin school in classrooms without any white children than before the Supreme Court’s historic “Brown v. Board of Education” decision. The reason isn’t official segregation by race but unofficial residential segregation by income. Since poor kids are disproportionately black and brown, and America’s poor now live in vast geographic concentrations of poverty, their schoolmates are also likely to be black and brown. And due to the concentration of poverty, the local tax bases whose revenues supply those schools with 40% of their funding are shrinking — with the result that they’ll start school in overcrowded classrooms with inexperienced teachers and inadequate materials.

    As the Warren court unanimously held in 1954, separate is not equal. It still isn’t.

    A shooting in Ferguson, Mo. triggers a national discussion about police and race. Important as that is, we’re not talking about the even more fundamental outrage of schools and race. Why?

  4. Well written and interesting —

    Actually, Obama Does Have a Strategy in the Middle East
    The president is neither a dove nor a hawk. He’s a fierce minimalist.

  5. This is pathetic! Gov. Rick Perry has taxpayers pay for his legal fees in excess of $100,000 but National Guard troops he deployed to the border to make Obama look bad are going hungry.

    National Guard Troops Dispatched By Rick Perry Forced To Seek Assistance From Local Food Banks

  6. I’m not sure why the so-called comedians are more truthful and try to make things better by being candid and real, but I’m thankful they are. Ask our youth who is telling it straight.

  7. Economist Paul Krugman explains how The United States is becoming an oligarchy — the very system our founders revolted against.

    Full Show: What the 1% Don’t Want Us to Know

  8. Asher Bob White

    I’m becoming conflicted about Hillary. I very much believe it is time, actually past-time, for the US Empire to be led by a woman. Hillary is a possibility …. but is she the right one? Is she too conservative? Is she too close to the nation’s oligarchy? In spite of the fact that Elizabeth Warren has ruled herself out, is she a much better female candidate? Finally, for me there is Senator Bernie Sanders who has both ‘all the right answers’ and ‘all the right values’. Any thoughts?

    • My biggest reservation with Hillary is her hawkish war stance.

      That said, I admire that woman more than I have words to say. She has advanced many issues that improve our lot as Americans and her commitment to our country is unwavering. If she is our nominee she will have my vote! In fact, I’ll go one step further and say if she runs I will support her!

      Elizabeth Warren is exciting and it’s tremendous that she is young and an up and coming star. She knows best for herself and I feel confident if she is prepared to take on the challenge of going through the campaign and being president she will be elected. I’ll leave the decision of when to her.

      Bernie Sanders yes on all counts! I could never come up with better words to describe him than you used!

      • I like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (sp? from New York). She is one gutsy woman who refuses to sit at the back of the bus.

        Put her with Hillary and I think that is a dream team for the US Women to make their voices heard.

      • Asher Bob White

        Thanks for the replies. I do agree that if Hillary is the nominee, I will vote for her, too.

  9. Our dear friend PrairiePond often told this, but she said even more clearly.

    (from the link): Over the past six years after every election, a relatively common question is why do so many Americans dependably vote against their own self-interests. Despite poor white people in southern red states barely surviving on slave wages, welfare, food stamps, and no adequate healthcare, they routinely vote for Republicans openly campaigning on driving their constituents deeper into poverty. It is true that opposition to Democrats as surrogates for an African American President is driven by racial animus, but even that fails to explain poor white voters electing abusive Republicans promising to eliminate programs that keep them alive and block Democratic attempts to lift them out of poverty.

    Keeping Their Voters Stupid Keeps Republicans Elected

  10. They didn’t learn a thing. I know they have no accomplishments or even any ideas thus obstruct and criticize is their ‘go to.’ Do we have any hope their constituency might have learned what they didn’t — it’s an egregious and very costly action to shut down our government.

    (from the link): Rep. Steve King, told the Washington Post that “if Obama does move forward with an executive action, many House Republicans will be unwilling to extend funding for the government that is set to expire at the end of September.”

    GOP’s crazy scapegoat: What their next shutdown will really be about


    Hey Saudi King – why don’t you use some of your wealth and start fighting ISIS yourself?

    I am still wondering why all but one of those 9/11 hijackers came from your country.

    And while I am questioning things – how come some terrorist funding has been tracked back to SAudi Arabia?

    Whose side are you really on?