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  1. > > > Further study required …
    This may explain the high incidence of Tea Party affiliation in the South.

    Brain-Destroying Amoeba Rattles Louisiana Parish: What You Should Know

  2. We are a country that is Stuck on Stupid. For all the bragging about how exceptional we are, why are so many folks proud to be so stupid?

    That is what I told Pompeo in my letter last week. I resent the Republican Party making me feel that I have to hate the black man in the White House.

    I don’t like everything Obama has said and done – but I certainly don’t hate him. In fact, Obama has a thankless job and I pray for him.

    I ended my letter by saying that Pompeo also has a thankless job and that I don’t like every thing he has said and done – but I don’t hate him. I also pray for him.

    I wonder if anyone in that Pompeo office has the common courtesy to actually read my letter and think about what I said.

    Or will they get defensive and label me a RINO and dismiss me as ‘not one of them’?


    Is this proof our country is Stuck on Stupid?

    When is it ever a good idea to encourage your 9-yr-old child to shoot an Uzi?

    Am I missing something here?

    • I wonder – if this had a been a black girl being taught to shoot that Uzi by a Black Panther member – would these Gun-Loving Conservative White Republicans be so quick to allow that black child to learn how to shoot an Uzi?

      • Or what about a supporter of that Nevada Rancher Bundy? Are their 9-yr-old girls deserving of how to shoot an Uzi?

        That is okay – but not a black 9-yr-old girl being taught by her Black Panther supporter family member, friend or instructor?

        Sad to say – but people who see things only in black and white – tend to defend their actions when it is their white side that is looking bad……

        And a 9-yr-old girl (of any color) has no business being encouraged to shoot an Uzi.

      • So sad. I fear with parents who would encourage her to do such dangerous things she may not get the psychological help she will need to overcome this horror. Children need adults to step in and make mature decisions. This girl needs parents who are adults.

      • I fear you’re right. I have to wonder about this girl’s parents. And according to the reports, the parent has to be with them while they are being instructed – so a parent was THERE when it happened.

        I realize human beings do stupid stuff all the time and accidents happen – but at what point did this girl’s parent decide that it was okay for the girl to shoot an Uzi?

        And why choose the Uzi? I’m sure there were other guns available – why choose the Uzi??


    Is this more evidence that our country is Stuck on Stupid?

    Seriously, President Obama was talking about serious issues during his press conference yesterday. There are several hot spots around the world and he knows we have Americans who are foaming at the mouth to declare war on several countries at this precise moment.

    But what was the only thing the American people got out of that press conference yesterday? Obama’s beige suit….


    No wonder the rest of the world looks at Americans like we are shallow, selfish, greedy, lazy and rather on the Stupid Side….

    • Republicans need fear. Republicans always fall back on criticisms. They have nothing else — no accomplishments, no solutions. Be afraid, very afraid and evidently just jump in without planning beyond the jumping in. I think the majority of Americans have had more than enough of poor planning and jumping into war. Thank goodness for President Obama and his wisdom!

      • Did you like the beige suit?

        I must admit, I did notice the beige suit immediately as being a departure from what Obama usually wears.

        But to make the color of the suit the main focus on the press conference afterwards shows just how shallow our media must be….IMHO

        But, then again, Obama was making the point that some of the media have the country already deciding to go to war with Syria – and Obama was stomping on that notion – which is a wise thing to do.

        And when Obama said that his administration does not have a strategy yet to fight ISIS – do you really think Obama does not have several options already mapped out – and he is doing as he has done in the past – waiting to see what happens and then figure out which is the best way to go?

        Like you said – Republicans have a long history of jumping in with no plans how to get out………I’m glad Obama is wise enough to know it is not all that macho to jump into a situation and then can’t figure out how to get your butts out of trouble later down that road…

      • And if Obama is not divulging his strategy to fight ISIS – do you think it might be a wise thing not to tip off the ISIS terrorists by blabbing it to the media so they can broadcast it 24/7 ??

        I remember learning about the infamous phrase – loose lips, sinks ships

        In their quest to be the first to get the story – our media forgets some important stuff – like when to keep their big mouths shut.

        For example – remember when Osama Bin Laden was killed? Obama and his entire team knew what was happening across the world during those few days – and they all kept their mouths shut.

        And then we got the S.O.B. – so it’s smart to keep your mouths shut.

        Maybe that why Republicans are so bad at governing and running a winnable war? These are folks who believe in order to appear ‘macho men’ – they have to blab everything they know in 15 seconds or less….

        Let’s not forget – Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld all said the Iraq War was going to be a cakewalk and would last months – not years.

        And then what happened? The Iraqi insurgents got the better of our US military (with all our super weapons, etc) and what did they do it with?

        I.E.D. – improvised explosive device

        These were handmade bombs………. our very expensive military was outsmarted by homemade bombs?

      • I too noticed his suit color because I hadn’t ever seen him in a suit that wasn’t dark colored. I’m not big on the personal appearance talk. Usually it’s a woman’s physical attributes that are the topic of discussion and I get irritated at the shallowness of people who need to talk about pant suits, big thighs… Men’s physical attributes aren’t as often the topic of conversation, but in cases like Chris Christie I have heard his weight talked of too often. Even then the talk is usually slanted from a health perspective, unlike when women’s physical attributes are phrased from a lack of beauty perspective.

        Yes, I’m absolutely positive President Obama has several options and has taken each far out into the what’s next stage of planning. I’m very glad he is a smart man who weighs carefully. I feel safer because he isn’t rushing very serious and consequential decisions.

      • I’ve grown to expect republicans to complain and criticize. Do I think it would be really great if they just ever so often voiced a proposed idea or solution? Yes! But they evidently don’t have any. If they did and they kept them secret when they could have been helpful, what’s that tell you? It tells me they would rather America go down then chance President Obama getting credit.

      • Mitt Romney did put forr the only proposal Republicans ever have – spend more trillions on building warships so they can start a few more wars..

        Remember this bright idea during the 2012 presidential campaign?

        I am sick and tired of paying the high price for useless wars.

        Let the Saudis bankroll this next Holy War – since apparently something is up with the Saudis because all but one of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia.

        Hmmm….do you think the Saudis wanted Saddam Hussein out of the picture so they could keep the other Muslims busy with all their civil wars while the Saudis silently come in and take over?

        It’s been reported the Saudis have funded these terrorists …… why are still such damn good friends with them?

  5. LOL I have either been looking for the sound track from “Highlander” or a certain Queen CD. Man it has became like I am looking for the Dead sea scrolls! If anyone does have a suggestion it generally come as “go look here it is a place for old timey music!”. Granted the movie did come out the same year as one of my kids were born…. And they are getting older! It is so odd, I keep finding the same CD I already have on the shelves but it is older then the one I am looking for!

  6. Talk about getting confusing! My mother is in the hospital after falling and fracturing her hip. It is painful and in particular when she will not stop trying to walk on it. But at first they were going to send her home, then they said they were going to send her to the same place she had been awhile ago. Then it was back to sending her home? It turns out it is all about money, she still owes the rehab place some money so they would not take her until it was paid. After the hospital threaten to not let anymore of their patients go to their place! They agreed to accept her if she made a payment, How it the flying fook is she suppose to make a payment when she is laid up in the Hospital? My wife said she will run a check from mom up after work so they have agreed for now!

    • If this is a Medicare covered incident – and if she fell and broker her hip, then any hospitalization is considered a qualifying event – I don’t think they can refuse to accept her.

      Is the social worker involved – or a patient advocate person?