Thursday, 8/28/14, Public Square



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  1. When I hear these Evangelinuts yammer on and on about how they are so persecuted for being Christians – I just want to scream.

    Take a drive going east on 21st street North. From 96 on out to Andover, just count the number of huge mega churches.

    These are all built on prime real estate and they are all tax-free corporations.

    Yes, I said corporations. IMHO – this is a major factor in why our society seems to have no common decency or even a morality compass.

    We have way too many churches who are nothing more than Corporations that have a found the easiest way to make tax-free millions – just profess you’re a lover of Jesus and then prove it by standing in line to buy an overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich.

    • LOL you and I think so much alike! I have the same thought when ever I go down that way! You can imagine how popular I get at church, when ever someone including the pastor says something like that! We have been have a revival at church and the guest were from Oklahoma and after each night I would talk to them often about something that had said. Last night they all said they were going to be so glad to get back to Oklahoma.

  2. “Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it!”. A trendy high fashion department store has pull a new line of tee-shirts There are striped with a six pointed star on the chest. Pale in color white and pale gray. A spokes person for the company state that they were not aware that they look exactly like the same clothes that the Nazis had the Jews wear in the concentration camp!

    NOW this is how Americans should support businesses.

    What is significant here is the fact this grocery chain of stores are not unionized but the workers went out on protest not for higher wages or benefits for themselves – but they put their own jobs on the line for the return of their beloved CEO.

    That CEO had always treated them with respect and fairness. And that is what is missing in today’s corporatized world – just being shown respect is something that is far and few between nowadays.



    I heard about this on the Rachel Maddow show last night.

    I just have to ask – if this man has plead guilty to being bribed and that was wrong – then isn’t the person that gave him the bribe money also guilty of wrong doing?

    According to Rachel Maddow – the guy in charge of Ron Paul’s campaign at that time is now the campaign manager of Mitch McConnell.

    Hmmmm…..I wonder if old habits are hard to break?

    That is a valid question…….don’t you think?



    Mitch McConnell – the GOP gift to Democrats that keeps on giving whenever he opens his big mouth…

    • If Kentucky voters reelect this doofus it proves he really does represent them — voting for a doofus only proves that there are two.