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    Joe Barton – Republican from Texas (big eyeroll) also referenced the Bible story of the Great Flood as proof of climate change.


    Apparently Mr. Barton does not read the same Bible that I read because the moral story of the Great Flood is that GOD made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights and caused that flood because all the people had become so wicked they deserved to die.

    It was Noah that got the heads up from God and it was Noah that displayed his true devotion to God by building the ark and getting the pairs of all the beasts in the world onto that ark and his family.

    So – Mr. Barton – where does climate change come into effect in that story?

    The entire Great Flood story was about how one man’s devotion and unquestionable following of God’s will saved the animals and his family so the entire world could be recreated AFTER the flood waters receded.

    Geesh……..if these Bible Thumpers are going to quote their Bible Stories – let’s at least make them tell the stories correctly…

    Bobby Jindal must be running for president in 2016. Here he is in a desperate attempt to make the Far Right Wingers put him up on their pedestal as the best thing since sliced bread….

    I am not a fan of Common Core (and I think it was because the teacher that was in charge of the pilot program last year was clueless about what was going on and all she ever did when parents asked questions was to refer them to some damn website survey).

    But I can understand the reasoning behind the federal government desiring that all the states have some type of uniform educational standards.

    As we have seen throughout history, some states do not value education so their students are not anywhere near the level of other states that do value education.

    But this lawsuit is just yet another desperate attempt by Republican to look like they are putting it in Obama’s face..

    But – let’s see – the No Child Left Behind crappola was an unfunded federal program that George W. Bush pushed through……and yet not one single Republican ever sued GWB for his heavy-handed attempt to manipulate the states into paying for that unfunded federal program.

    Oh, but what am I thinking? George W. Bush is a wealthy white Republican male – he is incapable of doing anything wrong – isn’t he?

    • The Common Core standards were written by governors from several states, including our own. The federal government had nothing to do with writing these common sense benchmarks of what a child should have learned by ‘this point.’ Plus, the materials, procedures, testing used to teach isn’t even a part of the standards — all of those are still decided at whatever level they always have been. Some individual schools choose their own curriculum, sometimes it’s done by local or state school boards.

      There is much confusion — I think by a concentrated effort — surrounding the Common Core Standards. I don’t know who the big money organizing this confusion is, but would bet my last dollar it’s a republican funded agenda to obfuscate the facts and leave the sheep with negative impressions. I’ve found republicans use this strategy often and have great success at hiding the truth and convincing their sheep of exactly what they want them to believe.

      • I attended the Open House for my granddaughter’s 3rd grade room last night and this teacher informed us that last year was a pilot program for the Common Core standards and the only grade that did it was the 2nd grade.

        This teacher (a male) told us truthfully and honestly that there were problems last year and this year we will be going back to the letter grade report cards. He also told us that we were going to be seeing some new math coming home with our kids – but to bear with them because the math program is really a good one – once we can get through the initial period of getting retrained to think a different way.

        I appreciated this man’s honesty and telling us upfront that last year was a total mess with the Common Core standards.

        So – as I said before – I don’t know if I am not a fan of the Common Core standards or if my hesitancy about this is due to the teacher being clueless about what was going on?

        The 2nd grade teacher was also the one we had problems with in our discussion with her about the two bullies in her class. This teacher actually said that she had nipped that in the bud early in the school year. We found out what was going with out kid in late April and the same two bullies were in full bloom.

        That 2nd grade teacher did not nip any bud – those two nasty buds bloomed all year long and were still going strong when the school year was over for summer!

        So – you can now see why I may be letting my feelings about this teacher cloud my judgment of the Common Core standards.

      • But this lawsuit by Jindal is somewhat confusing – so because Obama Administration funded the Common Core standards, he is to be sued?

        But when George W. Bush mandated an unfunded No Child Left Behind Crappol – that is okay?

        That makes sense only in GOP Fantasyland

  3. Joe Barton from Texas – he was the same guy that actually apologized to the BP president for President Obama securing BP to fund a $20 billion fund to clean up the mess that their company made after that huge spill – remember?

    Why would anything Joe Barton say be such a shock or surprise?

    BP runs television ads all the time bragging about how much money they have spent to clean up the environment and to repay those folks hurt by that huge spill.

    So – why does Joe Barton not care about the American people – when apparently BP is bragging that they took responsibility and have tried to make things right?

    Could it be that Joe Barton gets a lot of donations from the oil and gas industry?

    Hell – a lot of elected officials get donations from BP – President Obama got $77,000 from BP (mostly from their employees)

    So – it’s not just the fact that elected officials get donations from these oil and gas companies.

    I think Joe Barton is just one of those grouchy old men who yell – stay off my lawn….

    It’s time for this old far to go home…..and start working for a living.

    Maybe BP will hire him on as a maintenance guy?