Tuesday, 8/26/14, Public Square



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  1. We still have way too many bigoted politicians.

    Secularism, Religion, and Racism
    Who is more likely to be racist, the strongly religious or the strongly secular?

    • And how is this any different than what USA has done throughout history?

      We seem to be very good at propping up our own dictators in foreign lands but then when the native people in those lands revolt, then we act all shocked and offended…

    • These Right Wingers will never give Chris Matthews a kind word – because these wingers always bring up the fact that Matthews said that watching Obama gave him a thrill up his leg (or something to that effect).

      Nevermind the fact that these Right Wingers still drool and wet themselves over the very dead St. Ronald Reagan.

      • Republicans = Complaints R Us. Complaints,fear and obstruction are all they have. What was the republican legislative achievement you think helped the most Americans? How many decades do we need to go back to find a legislative achievement that helped Americans? Yep. Complaints, fear and obstruction is all they have.

      • As I told Pompeo – Dwight Eisenhower was the last Republican president that actually balanced the budget.

        Eisenhower also warned us about allowing the military industrial complex to run wild and Eisenhower also supported workers’ rights, including the right to unionize.

        I wonder if my email with all my concerns has reached Mr. Pomeo’s desk yet?


  2. http://www.examiner.com/article/republican-lawsuit-against-obama-to-cost-taxpayers-500-an-hour-up-to-350-000
    Wow – those budget deficit hawk Republicans sure know how to save our tax dollars – don’t they?

    $350,000 to sue President Obama for his decision to delay the Obamacare employer mandate.

    Are we Stuck on Stupid?

    Here is my cynicism to show its face again – I wonder who is in this Washington lawfirm that got this lucrative deal from these Republicans?’

    Imagine making $500/hour with a goal of running that bill up to $350,000.

    Hmmm………but the Republicans have been proved to be spreading lies about the number of executive orders that Obama has actually given (see the section in this article about how Politifact rated this GOP email chain claim as being a Pants on Fire lie).

    So why would anyone with an ounce of honesty or integrity want to be associated with this group of Republicans as they waste $350,000?

    Oh, – I guess I answered my own question – how many current Republicans have an ounce of honesty or integrity?

    These folks remind too much of Fake-N-Bake Churchy Christians – if they don’t get their way, they are out for blood…and if it takes burning down the entire damn country, then so be it…..these churches will do it and with a damn smirk on their face because they think they have a Free Pass for Jesus card….

    The Bible I read does not give anyone a Free Pass for Jesus card when their hearts are filled with hate.

    • Their constituents cheer them on and some actually want much much more money and time wasted by bringing impeachment charges. Who is stupid? They might all be, but the most stupid aren’t those doing what their voters want. After all, the republicans have few chances at the national level so their only hope is the voters in their states. Did I mention how much closer we are to the next census? Their gerrymandering is in jeopardy!

  3. Happy 94th birthday to the 19th Amendment!

    August 26th commemorates the 1920 passage of the 19th amendment, giving white women the right to vote.

  4. Do any of us wonder what would happen if the White House released a silly fun video like this?

  5. http://news.msn.com/crime-justice/kentucky-leader-pleads-guilty-in-kickbacks-scheme
    This is a Republican judge that had a kickbacks scheme going with a construction company that obviously was trying to portray themselves as such morally superior religious folks.

    And then we wonder why our society is filled with people who just don’t care anymore what they do, to whom they do it and hell be damned?