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  1. The sad fact is – Mitch McConnell knows that is the only phrase he needs to spew – I blame the Democrats – and his targeted audience will believe every word he says.

    And why? Because Mitch has a radio and television network that will spew his same nonsense 24/7.

    And if that does not work – these Mega Corporate Churches with their multi-millionaire preachers and their cousins the televangelists will also help with their spewing of the same nonsense 24/7.

    This will work for their targeted audience – which is why the GOP has to rely on the Deep Southern Red States to have any influence at all in the general elections.

  2. I’ve been thinking about that survey you needed to take for a perspective employer. I’m saddened by the necessity of that. Plus, if it is necessary what in the world makes that employer think those who make it necessary would answer truthfully? Seems a bit self defeating in that those they hope it would weed out are exactly the same ones who make it necessary.

    People disappoint me more and more often.

    When leaders can distort, use, misdirect, and out and out lie does it encourage that kind of behavior? Look, that guy lies and gets that posh job with all the money and power potential. Well, I’ll follow his lead…


    • That is exactly my thinking.

      I wondered why anyone would truthfully say that they have fist fights, steal from their employers and/or take illegal drugs

      The only thing I can think of is that this survey was 100 questions and with each issue, the questions got more and more detailed and personal to answer. It was almost like they were trying to push your buttons to see if you would blow…. you know what I mean?

      But I am like you – isn’t it sad that employers feel the necessity to even use that type of questionnaire to weed out those folks they don’t want to hire.

      What really shocked me was that it was for a retirement center – which, I can understand the drug use and fist fighting (violence) questions.

      Again – have we allowed our society to become this depraved?

      I also agree with you that I think our society have witnessed a lot of powerful people get away with their lies, cheating, violence and stealing – so hey, why not?

      I heard on this morning’s news that Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball video won the award for the year’s best.

      If you remember – this wrecking ball video had Miley Cyrus riding this huge ball naked.

      Yeah – that is what our society is being shown as the ‘year’s best talent?

      With role models like that – then why wonder why we have employers needing to use these surveys.

      It’s downright sad….IMHO

      BTW – every time Miley Cyrus hits the news for her latest antics – my mind goes back to that guy on the other blog. He claimed to be a married man with three kids and a devoted Catholic Conservative Republican.

      When the pictures of Miley and her dad came out – Miley was 15 yrs old. Miley was half dressed in those pictures and the pose with her dad was – IMO – was too suggestive.

      Anyway – when those pictures hit the media – this guy on the blog posted ‘YUM” as his comment about Miley Cyrus.

      I went on the blog and called him out for being a grown married man with three kids and professed good Catholic Conservative Republican that was a part of the problem when he made that comment about a 15-yr-old girl.

      He jumped down my throat and several others on that blog (and many other Conservative Republicans) jumped down my throat saying there was nothing wrong with what ‘Dad’ said…..

      When you have logic like that……then is it any wonder our society has gone down the toilet?

      • Let’s not forget – my employer defended my supervisor that consistently threatened to ‘punch my face in’.

        I was told that this was just her personality and that I needed to deal with it.

        In fact, I was told my only option was to come back to the same desk and act like nothing ever happened.

        Which would work – if that supervisor had been reprimanded as to what she was doing wrong.

        Look around and see what happens to the whistleblowers – they are the ones that get punished – not the real crooks.

        Wall Street bankers – their banks get huge fines and yet nobody goes to prison and their stock price rises.

        Preachers and elected officials get caught with their mistresses or with their hands in the cookie jar – and what happens to them? Absolutely nothing.

        No wonder our society seems to be a dog-eat-dog world with no core values of what is right and wrong.

        Oh, but we do have some might fine and blinged out mega churches on every corner – don’t we?

  3. I remember the time when a handshake between people was an act of a contract.

    Were people just better human beings back then – or were they people that did not have so much access to instantaneous gratification?

    We have technology that allows us to do incredible things – but then we have such terrible acts of senseless violence everywhere and then the rampant lying, cheating and stealing. And our leaders seem to be the worst offenders.

    How many elected officials have been caught sending their selfie pictures out on their cell phones?

    How many elected officials, clerical and community leaders have been caught lying, cheating and stealing?

    And I still come back to this issue – the Catholic Church lost their lawsuit due to their knowing about the pedophile priests and covering up for them.

    The church did not have to pay out all those millions to victims because they had pedophile priests within their ranks.

    It was proven that the Church leaders made the choice to cover up for these pedophile priests committing crimes against children.

    But yet the Church is still going strong – still just as wealthy – and those Catholic leaders that knowingly made the choice to cover up th ecrime of child molestation are still in their powerful positions within their Church.

    Where is the responsibility and accountability in our society ?


    How did the Farmers Almanac manage to survive for 198 years without all our modern technology?

    • Here it is in a picture. Looks like we should start packing and plan a move to west of the Rockies… If there is anything I tolerate worse than extreme heat, it’s shivery and shovely.

      • I guess bitter & snowy is better than frigid & flaky or stinging & normal snowfall.

        Dang – it looks like the best place is west of the Rockies – but then we run into people like the Bundy ranchers and his supporters digging in their heels for some all out revolution war they seem to crave so much.

        What is worse – dying from the bitter cold or being shot by an NRA nutjob?

        Let’s not forget – two of Bundy’s supporters went on a shooting spree and shot a random person in the Walmart – after just shooting two policemen .

        As my life insurance renews in a few days, I am considering rewriting my will. I want to encourage my kids and grandkids to use the money and find a safe place to raise my grandkids.

        If things don’t change soon…..I am afraid they will never change and only worse will be waiting for us.

        Especially if war-hungry Republicans get their hands on the White House.

        We will be in multiple wars with no end in sight.

        Wish I liked the snow, ice and winter weather better – I would consider moving to the Netherlands. They seem to be where their citizens are happy and they have never been the pit bull for every damn war a corporation wants to wage..

      • Or Germany. My husband was born in Germany and they seem to be a better country – IMHO

        Especially when it comes to health care and giving time off for new parents. This makes Germany truly pro-family with their actions.

        Americans can only preach about being so pro-family.

        The old saying is true? Those who can, do it and those who can’t do it, preach down to others?

  5. LOL I have been getting a lot of postings on my Facebook page from Allen west. I finally called him what he would have been called a long time ago for saying what he has been saying about the President and the latest Police shooting, I can not wait to get the reply that he can not be a racist’s because he is Black!