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  1. The ‘TRICKLE’ never came DOWN.
    Ronald Reagan’s great economic hoax … and the GOPers still promote it!

    Middle class households’ wealth fell 35 percent from 2005 to 2011

    • I do hope I hear from Pompeo – if for no other reason than I dared to say I was not a Reagan worshipper. In today’s GOP – saying you don’t like Reagan is blasphemy and heresy, worthy of being burned at the stake.

  2. I admit it is real bitchy of me to say this, but I am so exhausted by this heat. I should be happy it didn’t start at the end of June and continue until now. Thank goodness it didn’t, I’m having trouble coping the way it is!

    • I am more than ready for the cooler temps to get here – and stay.

      I’ve got three grandkids to watch. Every school day I have to pack the 4yr old and 6 month old into the hot car to drive out to Augusta to pick up the 8 yr old.

      I don’t mind driving – that is not the problem. In fact, if the weather is nice, this little trip is a welcomed change to the monotony of the day and it kills an hour of the day until their mothers pick them up.

      But dang it – high 90’s to lower 100’s is not my idea of a nice little trip to Augusta.


    This is some good news coming out of Chicago. I wonder what type of coverage this has gotten from Hate Talk Radio and/or Foxxies Hen House?

    I used to watch small amounts of Foxxies just to see what they were doing. I cannot even stomach that anymore.

    Sounds too much like my old Fundy Baptist preacher – condemning all those ‘other guys over there’ who ‘don’t look like us’.



    Speaking of Hate Talk Radio and Foxxies Hen House – these people are not going to like this …..

    This should keep Rush’s mouth running for a good 2-3 days – what’s your guess?

    Can’t you just hear it now? What is up with this showing favoritism – or is he showing his true colors? I don’t remember Obama sending anybody from the White House to some white kid’s funeral.

    Let’s keep the hatred pot stirred – and make a few more millions for the pockets of these overpaid, under-talented mouthpieces.

    • The sad part in this entire tragedy is the fact it has become politicized.

      Whenever politics is involved – there is no chance for any real lesson to be learned or any chance we can resolve a long-standing issue in our country.

      For all the bragging of what the Founding Fathers did – why doesn’t anybody ever come out and say that it was these same men that allowed slavery to continue because the Southern states viewed black men and women as property and not fellow human beings and refused to join the new country unless slavery was left intact.

      How in the hell can any Conservative Christian Republican yammer on and on about Christian our Founding Fathers were and how they loved freedom when it was these same men that had slaves of their own and then set up a country where slavery was continued?

      On the other hand – the Bible does talk a lot of slavery – doesn’t it?

      I still remember my days at Fundy Baptist College. The Southern kids were always telling me that when the Bible talks about the beasts in the field – it was talking about black people.

      I swear to God – that is exactly what these kids believed. Hell, a lot of these same kids also truly believed that the South was going to rise again and win that Civil War this time.

      My years at that place were scary……..downright scary..

      • That fundy Baptist college was in Chattanooga Tennessee

        Right north of Alabama and Georgia – with a lot of kids coming from Louisiana, Mississippi, South and North Carolina, West Virginia and Virginia.

        What is a common thread throughout those states? Red states with an overabundance of mega churches and poverty rates that require federal government subsidies. Red southern states are known for taking in more federal dollars than paying in federal taxes.

        One might just see these states as – leeches .


    Rand Paul called Hillary Clinton a war hawk. Is he right?

    But then Rand Paul goes on and says that what is happening in Ferguson Missouri may not even be about race – but about drugs.

    Did I miss something here? Was the victim Michael Brown seen on the videotape from convenience store shoplifting drugs? I thought it was a package of cigars.

    So – is Rand Paul talking about perhaps the white policeman was on drugs and that is why he shot the victim at least 6 times – and this was after the report that the same policeman told Brown and his friend to get out of the street and go up to the sidewalk.

    Let’s not forget – the policeman did not know about the robbery at the convenience store and did not know the description of the suspect – so, the only reason the white policeman was dealing with Michael Brown and his friend was because they were walking in the street.

    So….exactly where does the drug problem come into play here, Rand Paul?

    Rand Paul did talk about how the prisons are full of black men and that might be perceived as a racial thing – but, again, where is the drug problem and why would prisons filled with black men be a factor on that afternoon when the victim was a recent high school graduate with plans to go to a local college in a few days?

    Rand Paul – he does know how to work a story – doesn’t he?

    I do agree with Rand Paul about how we do not need to go to war in the Middle East.

    But with that said – does anyone really expect Rand Paul to win the GOP nomination knowing that he hates war?

    There are too many people making money off the military industrial comlex and these Republicans want to throw even more money into that beast’s bottomless-mouth.

    • I won’t say this clearly because I don’t understand it, but I did hear that the type of cigars that MAY have been stolen (there are questions about whether they were or weren’t) are used with marijuana. I think as a wrap??

      There is a history in many police departments across our country of more people of color being stopped, questioned, a different standard… Plus, there are more people of color in prisons and they even get longer sentences. So it’s not a question that there are double standards and people of color get a raw deal. I wish we could get beyond it, but I don’t hold high hopes we will.

      Another subject is police abuse, police militarization. That is having a negative impact on all of us, no matter what color. Don’t we all remember the days when someone might go to jail when the police were involved in a situation. Do we now have to realize that someone might go to the morgue when the police are involved in a situation?

      • I think Rand Paul is always trying to say this country does not have a racial problem. This is not the first time he has said something like this – IIRC

        Maybe Rand Paul does not see a racial problem because he is the white son of a Congressman and wasn’t Ron Paul also a doctor? Plus, Ron Paul is from Texas and Rand Paul is from Kentucky – correct?

        Texas and Kentucky are two states that are not known for their wrapping their arms around their black people and singing Kumbaya – are they?


    I think the regulars on our blog are all a part of the demographic group of life before and after the Internet.

    Hell – I remember what it was like to be lucky to have one black and white television in the living room – and the broadcasting went off the air at midnight (or sooner in some areas). My family did not get color television until I was in junior high school.

    And the phone – there was one and it was tied to the wall in the kitchen. There was NO privacy at all when talking on that phone.

  7. The ugly truth is – now that the fatal shooting of Michael Brown has been politicized – the actual facts may never come out.

    Because no matter what happens – one group of people will never believe, nor be happy, with the outcome.

    Just like the Trayvon Martin case.

    But I wonder what would have happened if a black policeman had shot and killed one of those Nevada rancher Bundy’s family members or supporters if they had confronted the policeman?

    Would these white people be saying it was a justified shooting?

    • Let’s not forget – those Bundy family members and supporters were armed when that standoff took place..

      And how many times did we hear these Far Right Wingers scream about citizens’ rights and how the government law enforcement was taking over?

      BTW – I never saw the law enforcement in the Bundy standoff bring in MRAP, military style assault weapons and tear gas – did you?

  8. I just had some fun on Yahoo news, it seems Sarah Palin is still upset with how Tina Fey did her on Saturday night live. I add in the comment section that Palin is also angry with Peanuts for it using the last four letter in its name. She believe it could be confusing for people!

  9. I have to share this bit of knowledge I learned in the past few weeks.

    I am looking for a part time job just on the weekends. There was a receptionist job at a local retirement center listed on their website, so I applied.

    They did call and scheduled an interview. But before I could interview, I had to take an online ‘honesty and integrity survey’.


    I got into the link provided to take this test. There were 100 questions and the more I got into answering these questions, the more a prevalent theme was beginning to emerge.

    1) fist fighting
    2) theft
    3) drug use


    The first question out of the gate was – are you ever angry enough to hit someone? From this point on, it only got worse.

    One question actually asked how many times have I been in a fist fight? WHOA ….. I am 61 yrs old and have NEVER been in a fist fight.

    From the theme of fist fighting – we went into the theft issue. From the basic question – do you feel you are entitled to take things from the workplace if you feel your pay is too low? The last question was – what was the value of the items you last stole from your employer? WHOA….I am 61 yrs old and have never stolen anything from my employer.

    Then the drug use questions actually listed what drugs have I taken in the last 2 years? This was a multiple choice question and then the answer NONE. How about NEVER? And we are not talking marijuana here – we are talking about the heavy duty illegal drugs.

    Again – I am 61 yrs old and have never taken an illegal drug.

    After the interview, they asked me if I had any questions and I replied – what was up with that online survey? Do you really have to ask those questions of potential employees?

    Their reply was – sad to say, yes..


    • If this survey is required to apply for a job in today’s workforce – then how sad is that?

      Has anyone else heard of this being done? Or was it just this one company?

      • Given what has been happening at my lady’s employer, I would suggest any company who doesn’t at least consider use of this kind of survey is, at best, naive.

        Two thefts of money (a/k/a embezzlement) in two weeks, suggestion of drug habit for one of terminated part-timers. BTW, hourly well in excess of Federal minimum wage and in excess of the figure popularly touted as a “living wage”. Her employer, btw, does a full background check, including a credit check, as part of the process. Still got burned.

      • Wow – even when taking precautions, employers still get burned.

        Maybe it’s a sign of the times – but I find this such a sad commentary on our society today.


    This was an article I needed to read. It is good to know I am not the only one that questioned my religious teachings and decided to leave my particular group.

    As I’ve shared before – my Fundy Baptist years were filled with preachers and evangelists telling us that we MUST go out into the world and witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I remember talking to a lot of different folks and some were hostile (like the article states the 19-yr-old kid got a lot of doors slammed In their face).

    But when I stopped talking and started listening to THEM – then their personal stories came out and I could see that they were really no different than I was. They just did not believe in God the same way.

    And I learned – eventually – that it was okay for others to believe their way and it was okay for me to question my own religious teachings and church leaders.

    The last sentence in the article sums it best – I lost my faith in the church but I did not lose my faith in God. For I know that God comes in all different forms and goes by many different names.

    There are people that believe God is some super being sitting on a Golden Throne just waiting for people to step over that imaginary line and to commit all kinds of sins so he can throw fire and brimstone down upon their heads.

    I no longer believe that. God is an energy force and I see God every time I hear my grandkids laugh or when they run up to me for a big ol’ hug around the neck.

    That is what I believe in – that unconditional love that if you’re lucky enough to have in your life – never take it for granted.


    I posted this article as a stark contrast to what we take for granted in America.

    Can you imagine the outrage from Americans if this was their only hospital to give birth?

    All Holy Hell would break loose.

    Have Americans become desensitized to what some people in the world have to go through just to survive from day to day?

    I am not proposing military action by America – God knows we’ve done that way too many times and with very short-term results. Just look at Iraq for example of that logic.

    • Speaking of senseless wars…… what do you think Obama is going to do about the Iraq and Syria conflicts.

      If he sends in American soldiers on the ground – I predict we will NEVER leave that part of the world – EVER.

      And won’t the Republicans be dancing in the streets then… All that lovely government money being thrown at the military industrial complex beast.

      I bet we will not hear one peep out of any Republican about our federal spending being too high.

      Republicans don’t mind overspending when it goes for the ‘right’ cause.