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the women's vote


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  1. My mood today is one of not much hope for saving America. There are too many folks entrenched in their quest for bringing down Obama at all costs, making as much money as they possibly can off the misery of others and forever pushing that damn military industrial complex beast.

    I am not even sure if the women can save this foolish country.

    Maybe we actually need a real crisis to wake our people up from their corporate-induced coma of overpriced designer coffee, blinged-out cell phones, overpriced deep fried chicken sandwiches that prove you love Jesus and all the other nonsense.

    The media goes from one tragic event to the next – currently it is Ferguson Missouri shooting. But you know what? The next big story is just waiting around the corner and when it breaks – Ferguson will be just like the other past news stories that have been left to be forgotten.

    I can still remember when the Sandy Hook Elementary school children and their teachers being gunned down by that young white male shooter was the Big Story for weeks.

    Oh, there was a lot of crying and people demanding something be done about these guns and violence…. and what has really happened since then? Absolutely nothing in the form of any real gun laws – or even real changed minds on the NRA side of this country.

    In fact, the NRA gun nuts made even MORE profits off the Newtown shooting.

    How sick and depraved does a country have to be where certain people make more money after a tragic shooting death of school kids?

    Or when certain people make more money after the Wall Street Bankers run their companies into the bank just to be bailed out by the taxpayers and then when the government hands down huge fines in the billions of dollars – these shareholders actually MAKE more money because those banks’ stocks rise in the market??

    Unfrickin.. believable – IMHO

    Until we get this cancer of greed, selfishness and this idea that we are somehow God’s favorite and can do whatever the Hell we want to whomever we want, whenever we want and however we want – NOTHING will change.

    Reagan did a lot of damage to our country – but when he started this GREED-GREED-GREED crappola – he went too damn far.

    • fnord – your optimism is much needed for my days like today.

      I believe we all have our own unique talents and I think one of your many gifts is your eternal optimism.

      I wish I could be more like you – but my cynicism gets in the way…LOL

      • This isn’t optimistic, and even me the perpetual Pollyanna knows it, but here’s what I think could happen. The uber rich are a small minority of people and once they’ve sucked all the rest of us totally dry they’ll have no choice but to begin to attack one another. It will be terribly costly for this small minority of uber wealthy to support the masses. They’ll use those of us they’re still able to control as their soldiers in the fight. That’s nothing new since the weakest have always fought for them. But you see there won’t be anyone left to buy their goods and, in fact, they’ll need to pony up what it takes to support their ‘soldiers in their fight.’ This will eventually cut into the numbers of slaves and soldiers available for them to use and destroy. We’ll be fighting for our very existence and unable to provide for those uber wealthy and their lifestyles. It’s how aristocracies end — they run out of willing slaves and find it costly to support their lifestyles on their own. It may take another World War — how far away from that are we anyway — but eventually the survivors will work together to ensure survival.

      • One positive in all this is that the intellectuals, those who can and will ‘do’ aren’t well represented among that small minority of the uber wealthy. All they’ve ever done is use people, they have no idea how to survive without their slaves.

      • When we who do know how to survive without things and wealth and slaves actually realize we are the majority, our world can begin to heal.

      • The bible-thumpers may play a big part. All across our world, and down through the ages, there has never been anything more effective in getting people all riled up and ready to kill one another like religion has done. Do remember how the uber wealthy also use the religious and know which issues to use. Also note that when in power the republicans never do anything to endanger making those issues go away. Make abortion illegal again? No chance!

    • Indy, you’re too good and kind for all the nonsense going on. Here’s a fun thought —

  2. I do know women will not only make it through what comes their way but also help their families in every way possible. Most of us have been care givers our entire lives. So keep your head up and know you are being counted on!

  3. (from the link): Westboro Baptist Church, the hate group that masquerades as a religious organization, is known for their publicity stunts, but they may have bit off more than they can chew with this one. After a comedian offered to pay for them to fly to Iraq so they can protest real Christian persecution at the hands of Islamic militants, the group tweeted that they have accepted his offer. They want to take their picket signs and head over to a country currently occupied by a group that beheads Christian children without hesitation – this ought to go well.

    This Should Go Well: Westboro Baptist Church Says It’s Going To Iraq To Protest ISIS

    • This made me laugh…..

      BTW – is that picture of WBC standing with their signs in front of an obvious American street supposed to be proof of their claim that WBC has already gone to Iraq to protest?

      Hey – maybe when the WBC actually do go to Iraq to protest ISIS, we can also get that death match event lined up?

      Let’s put all the leaders of these groups currently fighting over religion into a death match. After the first two fight to the death – then let’s just announce ‘ who wants to be next’?

      Maybe we can put it on Pay-per-view and make some money to create some real family-wage jobs for Americans to support their own families?

      And start to rebuild our country’s infrastructure and to stop this insanity we are currently being subjected to 24/7.

  4. fnord – did you get a form letter from Mike Pompeo’s Wichita office?

    Mine stated that it was in response to my contacting him about the gun control issue.

    I have never contacted Mike Pompeo about anything – until today. I did get into the email link on his website.

    I did send an email and I covered a lot of territory.

    I’ll report back if and when I receive a response.

    • By a lot of territory – I covered everything from guns, abortion protesters, where are those jobs Republicans promised to create in midterm 2010? Here we are in 2014 and still no jobs.

      I told Pompeo that I was a Registered Republican but I am not happy or satisfied with the current GOP.

      I also pointed out that Eisenhower was the last Republican president that actually balanced the budget. Eisenhower also warned us about the military industrial complex and he also supported workers’ rights, which includes the right to unionize.

      I told him that Reagan ushered in the Decade of Greed and our country has been going downhill since that time…

      I wonder if I will get a response ??

      • lol

        I don’t know if I received that piece of mail or not. I get lots of mail from republicans — full color, heavy card stock, expensive. Ya know, ’cause they’re the party of financial responsibility and all that.

        I’m going out on a limb and say, if you do get a response it will be a form letter that doesn’t acknowledge anything you wrote. In fact, that form letter will probably tout his absolutely wonderful list of ‘accomplishments.’ 🙂

        You go girl!

      • Oh, BTW – I also told Pompeo that I am sick and tired of watching the Republicans claim to be such morally superior Christians while these Corporate Mega Churches are nothing more than exclusive country clubs that are built on prime real estate and they are all tax free.

        I also posed the question – exactly what charity do these Corporate Mega Churches do to make them such a valuable tax-free and Godly group?

        Then I got onto the issue of America’s military defense budget of $617 billion. I asked him why so much and that did he know we are ranked #1 in that category – by a large margin to the second place China?

        I even touched on how our tax dollars are being given to corporations making obscene profits while outsourcing American jobs – and the Americans are going hungry and homeless because there are no living-wage jobs to sustain one person – let alone a family.

        I am telling you – his form letter came at the wrong time on the wrong day for my mood to tolerate such nonsense.

        I gave it back to him with both barrels.

        Well, the letter did tell me to contact him at anytime with any concerns that I have….

        And I have a bunch of concerns…

  5. ISIS: A Short History
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