Friday, 8/22/14, Public Square

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  1. Read my last comment from yesterday’s thread.

    Then maybe we’ll know one reason why our country is so racially divided.

    Two white preachers (the younger preacher proudly claimed that he was ‘white as can be’ while he was yammering) were spreading the lies (according to Politifact) about how the NRA was founded to arm the freed blacks after the Civil War.

    Do go into the link I posted late yesterday and see for yourselves.

    When faced with such blatant lies – why do these white people on the radio – and especially those that profess to be such morally superior Godly folks – continue with their lies with NOBODY confronting them?

    Of course, this was on the JSM network – Jimmy Swaggart. I just wonder how many Tea Party folks listen to these blatant lies and eat them up like cotton candy?

  2. Sanity from Robert Reich:

    President Obama is taking a lot of heat for golf. After an emotional news briefing in which he said he was “heartbroken” by the brutal murder of American journalist, James Foley, he went to play golf on Martha’s Vineyard, where he is on vacation. Former Vice President Dick Cheney groused that Obama would “rather be on the golf course than he would be dealing with the crisis,” and even some Democrats winced at what they worried looked like callous indifference. Can we get a grip? Sane people need ways to calm down. When I heard about Foley’s beheading, I stopped work and took a walk. We’re so fixated on optics — on the way presidential behavior “looks” to the public — that we forget our presidents are human beings. Personally, I’m glad Obama is playing golf. I have no idea how he bears all the heartbreaking news right now, anyway. What do you think?


      This is what CBS News had to say this morning about the controversy over Obama’s vacation..

      Of course, Nora O’Donnell (is this last name?) had to put her 2 cents in there and say that George W. Bush was criticized for playing golf after something about the Iraq War – but Nora quickly pointed out that GWB was criticized for his playing golf and then he NEVER went golfing again after that because of the negativity ..

      Oh Please just pass the barf bag now….. GWB was forever on vacation on his damn ranch in Texas clearing that damn brush.

      Geesh….in all those 8 years of clearing that damn brush, you would think GWB would have learned a few things….

      Where was Dick Cheney grousing when his puppet president took his vacations while wars were going on???????

      Dick Cheney would grouse if Jesus himself came down from the Heavens and said that he approved of President Obama.

      Dick is living up to his name……IMHO

      • Republicans have proven it doesn’t matter what President Obama says, does, where he is or isn’t, etc. they will find fault. They will criticize. It makes absolutely no difference if they have to change the position they took on the subject before, it makes no difference who also has taken that same position. The Republicans criticize President Obama. It’s what they do.

    • I just came from my Facebook page and that was all I was getting from the Right wingers! I am not sure why they keep putting their crap on my page. I counter it and have actually accused them of following the path the Nazis took in the thirties and forties.

  3. This is an interesting read. Contains interesting charts too.

    Why congressional Democrats don’t like Obama


    I found this link to an article written back in 2012.

    Sad to say – Republicans are still believing and spewing these 5 most ridiculous myths about Obama – and then has even added more since 2012.

    Just like I posted late yesterday – there are two white preachers on Jimmy Swaggart’s radio network (these two men loudly professed they were ‘white as can be’) who actually stated – as a fact – that the NRA was founded by religious leaders in order to arm freed black slaves.

    Anybody that believes that whopper lie would believe anything -…