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Business is booming for the military-industrial-complex

mil ind complex


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    • When the Republicans stop worshipping St. Ronnie and start to follow the footsteps of Eisenhower, that will be the day I may start to listen to what any of these CONS say.

      • They march to the tune their corporate masters whistle. I know you’ve noticed their memories are faulty. That’s a lucky thing for those corporate masters. No need to excuse away or change details of what isn’t remembered, just give them today’s talking points.

      • What really chaps my hide is when these CONS actually try to make me believe they are true Christians.

        When did Jesus ever walk around with military-style assault weapons strapped to his chest?

        I don’t even remember Jesus carrying any type of stick or anything – did he?

        The only time he showed his temper was when he ran the money vendors out of the Temple.

        IMHO – those money vendors are the same folks today who use the name of Jesus to make those tax-free millions to line their own damn pockets..

  1. Dealing with consequences of your actions and personal responsibility — character traits ALL ‘conservatives’ preach. I’m betting Rick Perry thinks these consequences only pertain to others, not to himself. That too is the ‘conservative’ way!

    (from the link): One of Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry’s charges comes with a possible prison sentence of 99 years behind bars, but that might not be his biggest hardship. According to Texas and federal law, NRA dreamboat Perry has probably lost the right to buy guns or have a concealed carry permit during the period of his indictment. Should he get convicted, he’ll lose his right to own guns altogether for at least five years after he gets out of prison. The Perry family asks for your prayers during this troubling time.

    According to an article published in the Austin American-Statesman, federal law prohibits a person under indictment from carrying a concealed weapon or from acquiring new weaponry (whether by purchase or as a gift) if their charges call for more than a year in prison.

    I just caught a few minutes of the press conference where this Dr. Brantly is released from the hospital today.

    The doctor was speaking and he was assuring the public is safe from the Ebola virus with the discharge of this doctor and the woman patient (she was discharged on Tuesday).

    A thought hit me at that moment and my mind went back to when the AIDS epidemic first hit the news. How different would things have been if President Ronald Reagan – along with the doctors – been out there and assuring the public that the AIDS virus could only be spread through direct contact with bodily fluids and not through the air – or sitting on a toilet seat or drinking at a water faucet after an infected person used it (provided you are not licking the toilet seat or licking the faucet – which, in that case, you have bigger problems than a potential threat of the AIDS virus attacking you – IMHO)

    But – the thought that hit me was this – we are now being told that these white Christian missionaries are supposed to be treated with compassion, empathy, respect and dignity when they are released into the general public after having the Ebola virus.

    Where was the same cry for compassion, empathy, respect and dignity when it was the homosexuals population that the AIDS virus first was seen?

    What’s the difference? Just the fact these two are white and Christian? I fully confess – this is my cynicism showing at its worst…..

  3. Wisdom from Robert Reich:

    The late Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington predicted in a 1993 article in the journal “Foreign Affairs” that the fundamental source of conflict in the post-Cold War world would be a “clash of civilizations” between different cultures, especially between Muslims and non-Muslims. He was profoundly wrong. Muslims around the world are overwhelmingly peace loving, moderate, and responsible. As the beheading of James Foley demonstrates, the radical Islamists who are wreaking havoc in Syria and Iraq, northern Nigeria, and elsewhere are barbarians. What we are witnessing is a clash of the civilized world with an uncivilized brutality that masks itself as a religious movement. In fact, its major victims so far have been Muslims. Do not be misled by hatemongers who would have you believe otherwise. Our most effective response is to help strengthen moderate Islam against the forces of global barbarism.

    • What is the difference between beheading done by radical Islamists and the numerous lynching of blacks done by the Southern Whites in our own country?

      Oh, I know, we will hear the argument that the KKK were not a religious group.

      If they were not a religious group, then why did they burn crosses as their calling card?

      • These people give religion a bad name — the kind of religion that centers around love and kindness. They’re nothing but murderers and it seems worse to me when they invoke gawd for their atrocities.

  4. Here’s another example of a ‘conservative’ being concerned some of the time.

    (from the link): Rick Perry was outraged at the spectacle of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg’s drunken-driving arrest last year. But he didn’t feel that strongly when two other district attorneys faced the same charges under similar circumstances.

    In those cases, he said and did nothing.

    Travis DA’s drunken-driving arrest riled Perry; others’ didn’t

    • This is exactly what I was talking about yesterday – surely there have been others in the same circumstances but yet Republicans get the free pass card – simply because they are Republicans?


    Wow – $17 billion settlement from Bank of America for their part in the mortgage crisis economy crash…

    And then they have the nerve to say this is in the best interest of their shareholders so they focus on the future.

    THIS is what is wrong with America – IMHO. This is not even true capitalism – it is just corporatism at its worst.

    Never mind the millions of lives this bank ruined….just so they can tell their shareholders that they are ‘back in business’ is the ONLY thing these corporations are concerned about..

    I am so SICK and TIRED of this crappola…

    • Yes, I know how this settlement is being sold to the shareholders as a good thing – because it is for them. They get to see the bank’s stock rise and then these short-sited shareholders can once again that roller coaster to profits and once again let the taxpayers pay for the time the roller coaster goes off the track and crashes – AGAIN.

      Nobody really cares….do they?

      • I predict the next biggest economic crash bubble will be all these healthcare facilities being built.

        Just look around Wichita and count the number of brand new health care facilities being built.

        Just the long-term-care industry has more and more new buildings (and not cheap buildings either) going up every year.

        Who do they think will be able to afford to pay their high rates to move into these places?

        Assisted living is not Medicare-covered. And with the threats to Medicare – some of those long-term care nursing homes will be forced to shut down.

        My husband got into the long-term-care business in 1979. Since that time, we have watched as corporations have swooped in to this field like a bunch of vultures. These vultures take all the Medicare, Medicaid and private pay money off the top and then will not give the administrators enough money in their budgets to provide quality care.

        Just imagine how many dollars it takes to provide 24/7 nursing care. And the patients we see today are high-risk patients that require ventilators, tube feeders, dialysis and all kinds of very expensive medical care.

        Who the Hell is going to pay for all this if Paul Ryan and his GOP buddies get their way and slash Medicare?

        And this is only the long-term care side of health care. Hospitals and doctors clinics depend on Medicare for cash flow. Medicare may be slashing how much they pay for services, but Medicare does pay timely.

        Unlike a lot of insurance companies that will drag their feet and find all kinds of loopholes to not pay for their customers’ medical care.

        If Medicare were to slashed to the bone and/or abolished – Via Christi would be screaming bloody murder……….

        I would almost like to see Paul Ryan and his buddies get in there and get their heads bitten off by their own Tea Party monster when they go after Medicare..

      • BTW – a lot of those corporations who got into the health care business came from the Hotel/Motel business.

        These corporations have run their nursing homes like a motel and then when the state surveyors come in and write them up – these corporations will play the next round of chess – selling these nursing homes like some chess piece on a damn chessboard.

        These are peoples’ lives we are talking about – not a bunch of motel guests.

        So – while Medicare has brought us a longer lifespan for our seniors – the nursing home corporations are right there to swoop in like the vultures they are to lick the cream off the cash cow.

  6. Women must vote — it’s our only chance!

    Stalking: The Strategy of Anti-Choicers


    I heard about this man’s claim the NRA was founded by religious leaders to help arm the freed black slaves after the Civil War on a radio show tonight.

    My usual radio station was busy covering a ball game – so I radio-surfed to another station to listen to while driving.

    I landed on some religious channel and two preachers were talking about the Ferguson shooting and how the Democratic Party is the one that has planned and plotted (with Satan’s help) to enslave the black people.

    These two went back and forth about how evil the Democrats are for pretending to be so concerned about the black people.

    These two even went so far to say that President Lyndon Johnson made the remarks that he signed the Civil Rights Act because he wanted to assure the Democrats would have the N_____ voters for the next 200 years.


    These two used as evidence that President Dwight Eisenhower was the first president to push the Civil Rights Act and the Democratic Congress stopped that – so this is proof that the Republican Party are the folks that truly want to see the black people doing better economically and socially.

    I don’t know about that part of the Civil Rights Act – so I will need to do some research on this issue and report back.

    But….based on what these two said about the founding of the NRA being religious leaders wanting to arm the freed black slaves and Politicfact saying this is a Pants on Fire blatant lie… Can I only assume the other things these two have said are also lies?