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  1. Until the day Peace makes as much profit as War – I am afraid the world will still be making wars the # priority.

    I have never seen so many people hellbent on destroying the entire planet.


    I found this while surfing the Internet. Does this person have a valid point about the Tea Partiers being ‘above throwing rocks’ like the Ferguson protesters?

    Oh- and what about this man’s assertion that Tea Partiers leave their space cleaner than before the protest?

    As I recall – the Tea Partiers here in Wichita all parked ILLEGALLY and then when they all received tickets – they threw a big hissy fit. And the GOVERNMENT backed down and dismissed all their tickets.

    If that was me or you that parked illegally – would our tickets had been dismissed?

    So – let’s see – Tea Partiers are better and morally superior people but yet they are also the first ones to scream they are being persecuted if someone dares to call them out for their hypocrisy?

    Hmmmm….and when have the Tea Partiers been out protesting when the police shot and killed one of their own?

    If and when that day happens – we’ll never really know how these Tea Partiers would act during their protests.

    But one thing we can count on – at least one of these Tea Partiers will have a misspelled protest sign…

    • You should really hear them scream and cusses when I tell them I compare them to the rise of the third reign ! Yet them keep sending me post on face book and the like?

      • I had a conversation with a Tea Party woman at the hair salon a couple years ago.

        This woman was furious because ‘that man in the White House’ called the Tea Party a group of domestic terrorists.

        She looked at me and said – we are God-fearing folks, we are not like those Muslim terrorists.

        With thinking like that coming from the Tea Party – is there any way to reason with them – or even to discuss rationally and with actual facts?

        These are the folks who are simply mad because ‘that man (black?) is in the White House. I believe this is truly what twists their panties the most – the fact that Obama beat their white guys – not just once, but twice.

      • BTW – when I told this woman that those Muslim terrorists also referred to themselves as God fearing folks…… she actually looked at me with the coldest and most hate-filled eyes.

        I still think a lot of this hatred comes right out of these Conservative Christian Fundamental Corporate Churches.

        What a golden goose since Obama made it into the White House. Can’t you just imagine how much these churches have raked in as tax-free money just because ‘that man is in the White House’.

    More fuel to the fire of the drumbeat towards declaring war with Syria?

    All those Republicans who are drooling with such desire to go fight every damn war do have the same opportunity as this young man had – don’t they?

    These Republicans could make the choice to take their own lily-white butts over to Syria and join the actual fight. But that would take something that these Republicans do not possess – the ability to put their own butts where their mouths are…

    Americans have a reputation of being arrogant, ignorant lazy, selfish, shallow and greedy. Maybe there is a good reason for that reputation?


    I did not realize there were all these MRAPs being given to local police departments until this Ferguson shooting and protest started.

    I heard on the news that Kansas has five MRAP’s.

    I found this article about Lyon County being given one. Hmmmm…….where are the Tea Party Patriots and their alarm for our government being ‘armed to the teeth’?

    And why the hell does Lyon County need an MRAP?????



    Rick Perry had his mug shot taken and then went out for vanilla ice cream.

    Isn’t that what all good Republican politicians do – take note it was ‘vanilla’ ice cream..

    Just one thought about this indictment:

    From all that I’ve read and heard, Rick Perry got mad at the woman attorney in this State Department that is to root out corruption because she got caught as a drunk driver – (which I do not condone drunk driving).

    So – the veto of funding for this department was solely based on his determination to get this Democratic woman out of office?

    I also heard that Rick Perry allegedly offered this woman another state position before he actually went through his veto.

    So…..if this woman is so terrible that the entire Dept. to root out Public Corruption could not possibly function if she was still in her job – then couldn’t the same be said about any other state department she might be assigned to?

    I agree – this does sound like politics – but isn’t that the entire point of the Dept to root out Corruption – to get rid of the bad politics?

    I have to wonder – have there been any Republican state officials that have been caught as drunk drivers and they were also threatened with losing their department funding if they did not resign their job?

    Just asking….

    • To add a bit; the party involved was the Democratic District Attorney for Travis County, Texas (where Austin is located). She was also the Chairperson for the anticorruption group dealing with governmental officials in the state of Texas. This group is the one which developed the case against Tom DeLay.

      Perry leaned on her to resign, it being believed he had a GOP buddy he wanted to appoint in her place (rumored to be for the purpose of turning down the heat on GOP officials throughout the state, many of whom were being investigated). Thus, the threatened veto if she did not resign, followed by the actual veto of the funds after her refusal, guilty plea, and serving her sentence.

    Is this stupid to say or what?

    When your side is firing rockets into Israel – do you think Israel might just retaliate and actually try to kill your military chief?

    Is the entire world just Stuck on Stupid?