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  1. It would seem that my rep is becoming known among telemarketers. They call for mom and either openly lie to me which I confront right off or they soon realize I am listening on the other phone while talking to her and telling her that her Doctor has asked them to call. Then ask her questions they should know if it was the Doctor whom had asked them to call! Most have ascents that sound like they are from the middle east. When I unloose on them they hang up. LOL If they do not hang up right off when they realize it is me whom answered the phone!

  2. An interesting, well written piece about the Michael Brown tragedy and what’s been happening in Ferguson, MO. I especially liked the part about ‘it isn’t whether he was a good or bad kid.’ I also liked that it addresses the relationship between poverty and racial equity, but I would go further and say income inequality, the fact that only the wealthy have a chance. is important and crucial to making strides toward improving our world for everyone.

    12 things white people can do now because Ferguson

  3. Today is President Clinton’s 68th birthday. Happy birthday, Mr. President!

  4. Here are two op-ed pieces about what’s happening in Ferguson, MO. The first is written by a police person and the second is in response to the first. They’re both short and worth reading.

    I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.

    There is so much wrong with this cop’s victim-blaming screed

  5. Yes. Why? I hadn’t thought of this. Isn’t this the very reason we as citizens are supposed be arming ourselves to the teeth? The militias have run to the border shouldn’t they be running to Ferguson?

    (from the link): The National Rifle Association has been warning us about the threat of a heavily-armed and dangerous government crushing dissent for decades. Their leader, Wayne LaPierre, even referred to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as “jack-booted thugs.”

    Their dystopian nightmare sounds exactly like what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri.

    Why Isn’t the NRA Defending Ferguson’s Blacks

  6. http://t.money.msn.com/money-video?videoid=541be310-5e5b-66d1-6e37-e6790f268213

    Cameras on the body of actual law enforcement – sounds like a good idea.

    Certainly a much better idea than a bunch of those MRAPs and other assault style military weapons – by way of military surplus.

    Seriously, folks, fnord brought up a valid issue – why aren’t the NRA overpaid mouthpieces and their supporters defending the citizens of Ferguson against the police force who has MRAP and other military surplus weapons and are not afraid to use it…

    Like I said before – let’s find out the actual facts and then go from there. But it’s way too late for the truth to matter in this case….this has become too politicized….

    Far too many people still see things in Black and White….

  7. What do you think? Maybe their car broke down? Should we start to worry?

    You’d think they could at least create one of their snappy memes from the comfort of their homes as a gesture of support? How about a Tweet from the well armed militia? Maybe a postcard saying “Wish we could be there but out feeding Bundy’s cattle.”



    Hello? Where the hell are the patriots??

    Where is the NRA spokesman talking about how these citizens should be using their God given 2nd Amendment rights to protect themselves from the oppression of government?

    Are we to suspect only straight, white, Christian men and their obedient wives are protected by the Constitution. No one else has rights? We’re pretty positive Ferguson’s problem has nothing to do with the wrong color!