Monday, 8/18/14, Public Square

assault weapon


by | August 18, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Stopping republicans has to be a priority!

    We have one voice and that is our vote.

  2. We must do everything we can to make sure republicans don’t appoint judges!

    America needs more common-sense like this —

  3. In what is described as “unprecedented,” Amnesty International has deployed a human rights delegation in the United States to observe police and protester activity. Think about that.


      Michael Brown was shot six times – two in the head.

      Okay – these are facts that should be the issue. But what has clouded this entire tragic event has been the ‘politicizing’ of everything involved.

      First of all – if the policeman did not know about the robbery 10 minutes before – then why all the shots being fired – and two at the head?

      If this unarmed 18-yr-old had his hands up in the air – then why keep on shooting?

      THESE are the questions that need to be answered…..and SOON.

      And why did the Ferguson Police Chief decide to release that convenience store robbery video against the advice of the Federal Government?

      That decision made things worse…IMHO

  4. Republicans should be fine with women renaming their uterus as ‘assault weapon’.

    After all – these are the same folks that truly believed George W. Bush was not spending trillions of federal tax dollars on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars because GWB put them both ‘off budget’.

    Also – a lot of these same folks are the same Churchy people who truly believe their churches do charity work – when in fact their churches are nothing more than Corporate Church Exclusive Country Clubs (all tax free, of course).


    Read down to about the end of the article to the paragraph that says this Community Health Systems group is insured against such losses and expect no adverse financial effects.

    Well isn’t that just peachy keen? I was so worried about the damn corporation’s money – to Hell with the people whose social security numbers and other financial information was stolen…

    This is one reason why I H-A-T-E corporations…

    Here is where my cynicism really comes into play – who is to say this was not done intentionally (and not by the Chinese) since the beneficiary of any insured loss would be the group that got hacked….

    But…the real damage is to the people who entrusted their information to this group.

    But – as we’ve seen all too many times – corporations don’t give a damn about people -they only care about their bottom line….and their obscene profits.