Sunday, 8/17/14. Public Square

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    • He is sending National guard troops to keep people out then accusing Paul of being an Isolationist? He either does not understand the term or thinks the general public is just too stupid to notice the difference!


    I thought all CONservative Christian Republicans hated Muslims that follow shariah law?

    If so – then why are we still such good friends with the Saudis?

    If the CONservative Christians get their way – how soon do you think it will be until the USA has their own Department of Morality Police?

    I know, I know….. folks believe it could never happen here because we are a free country. Have we seen the reports coming out of Ferguson, Missouri lately?

    • Speaking of Ferguson – what if these protesters were Pro Life supporters? Would tear gas, MRAP and police with assault weapons be used to control that crowd?

      I am not condoning vandalism and looting – as we have seen in Ferguson but these folks are being described as the ‘fringies’ in the crowd. For the most part, the protesters have been quiet and respectful.

      Let’s examine the Pro Life supporters – they have their own bunch of ‘fringies’ who have vandalized abortion clinic buildings and vehicles in the parking lot.

      I ask again – would the Pro Life protesters be met with the same militarized police department for doing the same thing?

    • Hopefully, this will not be the last positive thing to result from this.

      BTW, I have determined that the only things I believe of the stuff coming from Ferguson are: Mr. Brown was unarmed; he was jaywalking; and was shot, causing his death. I haven’t found anything else in the babble which I feel credible of belief, regardless of which side promotes it.

      • I can’t argue those facts.

        I have also drawn an opinion, which is: Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson isn’t competent if ‘peace officer’ is part of his job description.

    • That video from the convenience store did look like Michael Brown with his friend from that same night. I’ve not heard anything from that friend in since that video was released.

      I suspect the video was released at that same time the policeman’s name was released was for a distinct purpose.

      What it did was to completely muddy the waters – again – and it set off another level of distrust between the Ferguson citizens and their police department – IMHO

      Let’s just say that Michael Brown was the one that robbed that convenience store 10 minutes before he was killed.

      If the policeman did not know about the robbery – then that should not be a factor in this case. Let’s remember – the police chief did state that the policeman did not know about this robbery when he told Michael Brown and his friend to get out of the roadway and get on the sidewalk.

      BUT – instead of all this militiarized war machines for the police department – why don’t we think about installing cameras on all police cars and maybe even cameras installed on the policeman’s uniform somehow so the camera could take a full video of what the policeman did – or did not do – while they are patrolling their beat.

      Bottom line – even if this kid did steal those cigars (which I do not condone) – does that equate to having this young man’s life taken?

      What if this kid had been white with his white friend walking in the roadway – would he have been shot that many times?

      And that – is the real issue we need to address from this tragic event.

      • I think the friend, who is also a witness to all that went down, has said he was with Michael Brown when he stole the cigars.

      • All those who want ‘due process’ for the policeman who shot Michael Brown seem not concerned at all that he killed a teenager who wasn’t afforded ‘due process.’

        They do pick and choose, don’t they? Their Bible verses, protecting a blastocyst but not a child, give to the wealthy but not the poor…

      • I do believe the policeman needs his ‘due process’ – but like you said, that ‘due process’ needs to be given to EVERYBODY involved.

        I heard today that Michael Brown’s family has yet been able to have a funeral for their son.

        Can you imagine going through that much grief over your son’s death and still not been able to have a funeral?

        IMHO – this entire situation has escalated to a point to which I do not know if there will be a chance for any reconciliation – or even a chance to be a learning issue in how our country is still so divided over race.

        I suspect this too shall end up like so many other opportunities our country has had to make some real progress.

        Politics started coming into this tragic event from Day One…and when there is politics involved, common sense and common DECENCY seem to go out the window.

  2. Seriously, do it! Register and vote! If your vote didn’t count the republicans wouldn’t be going to such great lengths to take it away from you!

    • And we certainly don’t need all this government surplus of MRAP and war machines on our streets…

      DAMN – who thought that was a good idea?

      Military Industrial Complex Beastie Boys sure do like this concept though – huh?

    • I watched this man speak at the rally this afternoon in Ferguson. MSNBC covered it live – I don’t know if any other channel was carrying it??

      Anyway – this man is clearly someone the citizens of Ferguson listen to – so let this man handle everything from now on/

      But I heard the Missouri Attorney General has already tweeted his feelings about being asked to recuse himself and he has refused. I guess, by law, this man cannot be taken off the case unless he takes himself off.

      And all this conflict and misery is for what?

      Any investigation that comes out now will be suspect. Even if US Attorney General Eric Holder does an investigation by himself – the whites in this country will not believe one word he says.

      If you doubt that – just take a listen to the Hate Talk Radio 24/7 and Foxxies Hen House cackling. They have already skewered Eric Holder more than once.