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  1. Since the second world war America’s economy has done better under Democratic presidents, who have overseen more job creation and higher stock market returns than Republican leaders.

  2. Oh anti-choice right wingers … how we all wish you made sense.

  3. This is interesting. It shows where the people in each state were born.
    (from the link): Foreign immigration is a hot topic these days, but the movement of people from one state to another can have an even bigger influence on the United States’ economy, politics and culture. Americans have already seen this with the Western expansion, the movement of Southern blacks to Northern cities and the migration from the Rust Belt.

    The following charts document domestic migration since the turn of the last century, based on census data. For every state, we’ve broken down the population by resident’s state of birth. The ribbons are color-coded by region, and foreign-born residents are included at the bottom, in gray, to complete the picture for each state.

    Where We Came From


    I will give this new pope credit for saying that the church cannot obsess over one doctrine.

    And I also give him credit for stating that we live in a throwaway culture (which, I also believe).

    BUT – isn’t child molestation another part of that throwaway culture? I am still not convinced the Catholic Church is serious about cleaning up their own backyard when it comes to getting rid of the Bishops and Cardinals that knowingly and willingly chose to look the other way as priests were taking the innocence away from so many children.

    I am still waiting to see how Pope Francis works his new ‘rock star’ magic into his attempt to bring the Catholic Church into something I could at least give respect.

    As it is now – too many Bishops and Cardinals are still sitting in their lap of luxury and away from prying eyes – for my taste.

  5. Obamacare – aka Affordable Care Act – did a few good things but the main problem of high health care costs was not addressed. I realize that cost savings are involved in Obamacare – but wouldn’t it be nice to see my family doctor’s price for an office visit go down – instead of up?

    Maybe it’s because I’ve worked in the health care field – but I’ve noticed that a lot of health care places are being built – which is supposed to lower the cost – if we had true capitalism.

    But we don’t have true capitalism – these brand new buildings are the same major health care players who already get the lions’ share of the health care dollars.

    When is too much building new places going to crack the health care bubble?

    • Healthcare is following in the footsteps of these bankers. Gobble up your competition and then YOU control the entire game in town.

      Sad to say – it is the Catholics who seem to be the best at that particular game. And their prices did not go down – my doctor was bought out by the Catholics and within 2 months – my price for a basic office visit went up dramatically.

    Oops…..Rick Perry stepped into again…

    Serious question – who thinks Rick Perry will ever be found guilty and sent to prison?

    Just the fact Rick Perry has been indicted is enough for the Far Right Wingers to believe he is being persecuted by ‘those heathens’ and that will be the golden ticket to rake in more millions of tax-free donations..

  7. Ferguson Is 60 Percent Black. Virtually All Its Cops Are White.
    And more shocking stats from a bitterly segregated city.

    • And the great majority of people residing there historically don’t vote. You get what you deserve.

      • How do you convince those who don’t vote of its importance, and how to persuade them that if the majority did vote we could improve our leadership? Most important, would our persuasive arguments be true?

      • In today’s politics – the ones with the loudest mouths and the most money seem to be rewarded – again and again and again..

      • Right now, in Ferguson, MO, I’d say “Just look at what your indifference to the political process has wrought”.

        In the final analysis, it’s up to the individual. When 11% of the voters voted in the last election (and IIRC 17% in 2012), it seems to me the message is clear.

  8. Oh, my. This makes me think! And, I think this author has nailed it! Well worth the time spent to read —

    How we’d cover Ferguson if it happened in another country

    • But…it would help if the blacks in Ferguson were viewed as persecuted Christians…. that ALWAYS helps to make Americans sit up and get their panties in a twist.

      But….think back to the presidential election in 2000 when the Supreme Court installed George W. Bush as the Supreme Ruler. Remember all those days of the vote recount in Florida – the same state where George W. Bush’s brother was governor and the woman Republican was in charge of certifying the vote?

      IF that happened in any other foreign country – or a third world country – these same CONservative Republicans would be outraged…..

      But…since it favored their boy Georgie – it was viewed as okay – God’s will, to some..


    With Robin William’s suicide in the news – I wonder if our country will come to the realization that people in all walks of life are victims of mental illness?

    And when will treatment of mental illness – or any other health care illness – be more important to our society than building more war machines for the next war?

    • Robin Williams is news for this past week – but as history as shown us, we will simply go on to the next big story and forget all about what we really don’t want to hear or care about….things that we can change but don’t have the guts to change…



      Wow – Fox News never disappoints when it comes to finding the lowest depths of the sewer they seem to take such delight in sinking to – do they?

      Why anyone would think Robin Williams was a coward for taking his own life is one thing.. But this Fox News guy actually said it out loud on their network coverage.

      DAMN….do these Right Wingers have no souls or compassion?

      I might believe this Foxxie did not mean anything by what he said and he really did just say something that slipped out of his mouth…..BUT when you compare what Shepard Smith said and what Rush Limbaugh as been saying about Robin Williams’ death this past week – I suspect this is just another one of those Far Right Winger ‘special moments’ when it really does take a village of Far Right Wingers to keep a ‘special’ network on the air.

      Can you imagine if this had been George W. Bush or Dick Cheney instead of Robin Williams? NOBODY would have said they were a coward – now would they?