Thursday, 8/14/14, Public Square

homo sapiens


by | August 14, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. This logic about homosapiens is eerily similar to the CONservative Republicans’ logic regarding global warming. I still remember the many comments from CONS that because there is snow during winter, that there is no such thing as global warming.

    God, I wish these people would embrace furthering their education.

    • LOL I once heard someone at Wal-Mart talking about Augusta and its water restrictions. “There is no shortage of water…. I go to my sink and turn on the faucet and there is water!”.

  2. Yep. Seems Joey has about as much knowledge and understanding of science as too many right wingers have.

  3. I could not believe it I sent an email to Harry Reid and got one back in response: “thank you for expressing your concerns and could you send a donation for one of the below amounts to help him?” WTF?

    • Kind of what the Koch brothers think…” YOU get all the represented you are willing to pay for!”.

    • It’s on both sides – that insatiable pandering for money.

      Sad to say – once you give, then these folks harass you even more….

      • BTW – I had one Democratic group actually state in their email they know I have never donated previously – so would I consider donating at this time.

        Then they gave me several different options – one being a recurring bank withdrawal….


  4. OK time to get off the computer my blood pressure is getting high and my desire to whip someone’s ass for being a dumb ass is getting higher too!


    Why don’t these CONservative Republicans Pro Life and Pro Family supporters get behind a policy in which employees can AFFORD to take a leave and then will not be penalized for taking a leave to be with their babies?

  6. I took my mother to the post office to mail back some kind of medical equipment she had not order and was going to be charged for. While at the P.O. was informed by the clerk that we were the fourth one to come in to mail back this thing to the same address! In the last ten minutes even!!!! If you do not you have to paid 29.95 plus tax.

    • Is this something that Medicare covers – so they are getting the $29.95 plus tax AND the Medicare portion of the cost of this thing?

      Take note of that television ad for knee braces and other braces that are being touted as not costing the person one penny. Well, yeah, because Medicare is being gouged for those things.

      And what gets me is their first tag line of – do your knees hurt?

      Everybody’s knees hurt at some point in their life. And when presented with the opportunity to get knee braces (and other braces) at no cost to you – Hey, I would go get them also.

      Thing is – the prices of those braces are jacked up so high – you don’t even want to know…….it would make you scream.

      But – yet – it is all legal as long as the provider is authorized to bill Medicare.

      I don’t begrudge any person a brace if they really need it – but let’s face it, there are folks out there getting these things simply because they are told they can get one at no cost to them.

      America’s health care system – expensive but not so effective…IMHO

    Am I way too cynical OR am I just fed up with our country’s obsession with celebrity status – and even their 14-month old babies??

    I just wonder how much that mini Chanel purse costs or those diamond earrings.

    Maybe it’s just me (or my age showing) but when much of the world is in such turmoil and we have way too many kids living in poverty, excuse me if I don’t run out and buy this exact same outfit for my granddaughter – who is every bit as adorable and cute as this celebrity’s baby.

  8. I just read a news flash from the Tea Party patriots that the President is going to have the Kennedy centers name changed to the Obama center! It is so amazing the level of stupidity that some think the rest are in what to believe!
    I am not even sure why I get stuff on Facebook from them other then being a Republican I openly denounce them and counter what ever non-sense they put out.

    • You have to be completely void of knowledge of our laws to believe such blatant lies. Or, you are full of hate and looking for any and all justifications for that hate. Even people who are mentally challenged would try to confirm such nonsense. But those who hate the most want so badly to believe they just spread the lies.