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plan vs reality


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  1. With each passing day, I hear more bad news on top of bad news.

    When did the entire world go completely N-U-T-S?

  2. Worth reading! Short, funny and tragic all at the same time. Some stuff is truly stranger than fiction!

    (from the link): “Now I’m paying someone to sue me,” Montezuma voter Chris Baker said. “It’s fairly disturbing that the town is using our tax money to sue us.”

    Town of Montezuma sues all of its voters over flawed election

    • Sounds like a woman with her sewing machine may need to find another line of work?

      Seriously folks……I do think the world has gone N-U-T-S

      • I can’t figure out what the city is wanting out of their lawsuit. None of the errors are the fault of the voters, and even if some were allowed to vote who shouldn’t have it was election officials who allowed them to vote. What is the object of this exercise in futility?

      • The city is, in essence, seeking advice from a Court as to how to proceed. It is clear (to me) that the election should be voided, with a new election ordered. I am neutral on the question of the legitimacy of the owners of “second homes” as voters, merely observing that if legal residency is required under applicable law to vote in a municipal election, any so situated should not be treated as a “legal voter”.

    • One of the comments to the article linked above cracked me up!

      “Please Proceed, GOP.”

      Several of the comments are worth reading.


    Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong generation because I love the old movies from the 1930’s through the 1950’s.

    Lauren Bacall was certainly one of those actresses during my preference of Hollywood movies.

    While she was not my favorite actress – I certainly enjoyed watching her and Humphrey Bogart (Bogie) act together.

    There was something different in those years than the movies we see coming out of Hollywood today or the past two decades.

    It seems like today all we get is sex and senseless violence in a lot of these movies. Since these make a lot of money – I have to assume there is a huge market for all this sex and senseless violence.

    Maybe this is why I think the world has gone N-U-T-S? Too many people have become desensitized to the overabundance of senseless violence and our overabundance of access to guns of all kinds?

    Give me an old movie where there was a story and actors/actresses who could truly act.

    Not all current actors/actresses are talent-challenged – but I think the majority of these so-called ‘celebrities’ we see today are nothing more than a marketing scam………manufactured products to make as much money as possible off the gullible and stupid people.


    Why do some people feel they have the right to send such horrible tweets to people in grief?

    I just don’t understand this type of behavior.

    Is it because our social media networks are anonymous and people feel empowered online.

    Is it because people have such pitiful real lives these folks only feel empowered if they can lash out to others – that they may or may not know in person?

    Maybe it’s time to rethink how social media affects our society?

    I can relate to how a person can harass on Facebook – it happened to me and my husband. We both cancelled our FB accounts a couple years ago.

    I just recently started back with FB – but I use my maiden name so my harasser cannot possibly find me – she does not know my maiden name.

    But – why should people have to resort to such tactics to get rid of a person who intentionally harms others?

    But – to send photoshopped pictures to Robin William’s daughter after his death by suicide is beyond any thought I ever hard go through my head.

    Where do people come up with these ideas…..and do they not have something else going on in their lives to keep them preoccupied?

    • It’s heart breaking to think what this young woman is facing in losing her parent, and I’m sure her grief needs nothing added. Have people forgotten that pushing away from the keyboard, or not entering those 140 characters, often shows wisdom, maturity, humility and the ability to self censor? We, none of us, is obligated to share our opinion. All too often what comes out are ill-formed thoughts that may be hurtful or show our lack of knowledge. And, we don’t need to attend each argument we’re invited to. Practicing some self control would improve our on-line world for everyone!

      • Sad to say – some folks see nothing wrong with hateful behavior 24/7 while they are online anonymously…

        May I suggest as evidence that old blog we all came from – what did that bunch of folks devolve into? And isn’t that way Steven started this blog for us?

        This mean-spirited and hatefulness did not just start in the last few years – it has been building up for a long, long time.


    NOW this is a group of Christians that I can possibly join. I want to know more about this group. When I find out, I will be passing along the information.