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  1. The problem with WE the PEOPLE is the fact that too many of us are being divided by those folks who are paid millions to keep us divided – on partisan, petty political issues.

    I liken it to how organized religion has become – there are so many different varying degrees of the same basic faiths – that we have become segregated into believing that only ‘our’ certain church is the one and true church.

    WE the PEOPLE need to wake up and smell the overpriced designer coffee and start demanding that our government officials work for US and not throw our money at more wars and more foreign aid to countries that really do hate us….

    • Sure doesn’t help that people become enamored and trusting of a person like Sarah Palin who uses the stage given her to spread hate and discontent. It would be so good to hear that woman, and others with a stage, say something positive and encouraging. Something that builds instead of tearing down.

      • Sarah Palin – speaking of those who are paid millions to divide us….IMHO

        She is just a cheerleader for the Republicans’ agenda with nothing more to offer than her pom poms and how to shake them..

  2. If we look at health-care reform and take away all that isn’t factual, concentrate on improving it, give it a chance to work as designed by all states partnering with the federal government, then move right along to other policy decisions like infrastructure, climate change, immigration, J O B S… without the political score card or the silly games.

    I know. I’m a dreamer. But what Obamacare is was a republican idea and I can’t understand why those who oppose it aren’t instead taking credit for it. Kind of a tragic thing to need to win so badly that they resort to cutting off their nose to save their face.

    • It’s easier to keep feeding the Rabid Right Far Wingers their liberal-raw-meat in cotton candy flavor on the 24/7 media channels in GOP Fantasy Land.

      Besides – anyone who sat and cheered while George W. Bush and Gang took us to war with Iraq on false pretenses and still defend those guys – are these folks likely to know the truth even when it is clearly in front of their face?

      Think about it: George W. Bush actually ran two wars ‘off budget’ and these same CONservative Republicans believed that those war costs did not affect our national budget. That takes a certain breed of stupidity to believe that – IMHO

    • Asher Bob White

      No, fnord, I think you are a pragmatist!

  3. I’m sure everyone heard Hillary’s critique of Obama and his foreign policy moves? I have had reservations about her due to her hawkishness and her opinion of the US’s exceptionalism, and I’m once again reminded of those.

  4. Another thing I don’t understand about republicans. Why does it always take “a scare?” Why do people need to ‘be afraid very afraid?’

    Conservatives weren’t always anti-environment. After all, it was a Republican who established the EPA. A new study reveals precisely when the GOP started to hate the environment.

    (from the link): So what happened to the GOP, from the time of Nixon to the present, to turn an environmental leader into an environmental retrograde? According to a new study in the journal Social Science Research, the key change actually began around the year 1991—when the Soviet Union fell. “The conservative movement replaced the ‘Red Scare’ with a new ‘Green Scare’ and became increasingly hostile to environmental protection at that time,” argues sociologist Aaron McCright of Michigan State University and two colleagues.

    This is when republicans turned on the environment. They weren’t always this way.

    When Did Republicans Start Hating the Environment?

    • http://www.thewire.com/politics/2013/08/defying-reagan-obama-returns-solar-panels-white-house/68381/

      Ronald Reagan – the GOP God – set our country’s future in stone when he took down the solar panels on the White House.

      But…think about it…who would benefit the most by Reagan declaring war on environmentalists and their green energy – the oil companies and those who benefit the most from our country being dependent on foreign oil – dare is I say the Saudis?

      • I am still waiting for anyone with power (and the courage to find out the damn truth) to ask the Saudi King why all but one of those 9/11 hijackers came from their country.

        Did GWB ever ask that Saudi King while they were strolling together – hand in hand – in that garden?

    • Has anyone seen the television ad for Siemens and the wind farms in Iowa?

      Just imagine if our country’s leaders had chosen to follow the path of alternative energy – such as wind and solar.

      If we were energy independent – then wouldn’t the threat to our nation be substantially lower than it is today?

      Which means – a lot less tax dollars being spent on military industrial complex beast. Perhaps this also a reason why Reagan set our future in stone squarely in the laps of oil companies making obscene profits.

      Need I remind everyone as to who has been involved in the top circle of
      Washington power brokers – Dick Cheney.

      Does Halliburton ring any bells??

      The entire Bush family – Saudis and oil companies – ring any bells?

    • Asher Bob White

      Why? Greed!

  5. This is interesting and the question posed at the very end should be thought provoking to every citizen!

    On Sunday, Anonymous stated in part: “If you attack the protesters, we will attack every server and computer you have. We will dox and release the personal information on every single member of the Ferguson Police Department, as well as any other jurisdiction that participates in the abuse. We will seize all your databases and E-Mail spools and dump them on the Internet. This is your only warning.”

    Anonymous Hacks City of Ferguson Website, City Emails Not Working

    • While I support the rule of law in our nation – I do not support any police force that allows their officers to do whatever they want, to whomever they want and hell be damned if anyone dare to question their actions.

      But…..I still would like to know the facts in this case. That one article stated there was no police video of the events..

      As I heard from the guy that was with the victim, he stated the police video camera would have caught what happened at the front of the vehicle – but the first shots were fired on the drivers side of the police car.

      Then, according to this guy, they both started running away and the victim turned around when he got shot in the shoulder and then raised his arms – and, again according to this guy, the policeman shot several more times as the victim had his arms up.

      So – surely someone got a phone video of this event – in this day and age?

      I did hear the police say that their public’s phone videos were not helpful because none of them showed the entire event.

      Hmmm….now that is interesting……enough of a loophole for the entire police force to walk through?

      Whatever happened – we do need to get the true facts in the case.

      But do you seriously think any White CONservative Republican is going to trust Eric Holder – US Attorney General – to be the one to conduct an investigation?

      CONs already hate Eric Holder….. so, what are the chances that the truth will come out??

      And just in time to CONS to fundraise even more millions..