Monday, 8/11/14, Public Square

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  1. Freedom.


    Yes, they go together. It’s important that freedom be available equally.

    I was reading at an interesting blog very recently on the subject of feminism. We who are feminists, or their allies, realize that each person who fights for equality is with all people who are still having to fight to get it. Poor people. Disabled people. Women. Men. LGBT people. People of minority races and ethnicity. People. Because one person isn’t worth more or less than another person.

    Anyway, back to that blog I mentioned. Here are some rules the administrator of the blog set down. I know you will appreciate them as much as I did.

    * I am not feminism. I am a feminist ally. I do not speak for all of feminism or every feminist. If you call on me or all of feminism to answer for that one time a feminist hurt your feelings because they were so hostile, congratulations! You are generalizing about an entire group based on an individual. They have a word for people like you

    * Feminism is about equality. It simply starts from the knowledge that things between genders are not currently equal. If you suggest that feminism isn’t about equality (“It’s all about women!”), congratulations! You have failed in anyway to understand the context or history of the subject you are currently discussing. You will spend three hours on Wikipedia to argue about the physics of a fight in a Spiderman comic, but you don’t even know the 101 basics of what you’re talking about when it comes to feminism. Do you feel ignorant? You look ignorant.

    * If you are letting someone other than a feminist define what feminism is, congratulations! You are displaying one of the most emblematic issues within inequality: not allowing people to speak for themselves. Way to be part of the problem!

    * If you say that you might listen to feminist if they would just word things more nicely/ academically/ dispassionately. Congratulations! You have just advanced the tone argument which has been going on since civil rights and before. Don’t worry though; if you don’t care about injustice unless you hear about it in the “right way,” you’re probably not going to make a very good ally anyway. Carry on.

    * If you are pointing out how men have it tough too as a counterpoint to feminism, congratulations! You have failed to pay attention to the actual aims of feminism. Feminism cares about your man-feels too.

    * If you feel you are a victim of reverse sexism, congratulations! You have confused your hurt widdle feewings with systematic global oppression. It’s an easy mistake to make when you’ve only ever experienced one of them.

    * “Make me a sandwich” “You’re probably ugly” “Must be that time of the month.” Congratulations! You have mistaken genuine, bigotry and sexism for unoriginal, uninspired “ironic” sexist humor. We’re not NOT laughing because we’re humorless. We’re not laughing because you’re not funny. Try again.

    The blog is an interesting one with a good writer. Check it out.

  2. Wisdom and facts from Robert Reich:

    Republicans know their best chance on November 4th is to divide and conquer – making struggling working and middle class voters think their problems are coming from the poor, especially poor Latinos and African-Americans, and that Democrats are responsible. Here are the 5 big lies Republicans are telling – and the truth:

    (1) Democrats have allowed the poor not to work, while receiving handouts paid by middle-class taxpayers. Baloney. Almost all welfare programs now require recipients to be working. We now have the highest percentage of working poor since data have been collected.

    (2) Democrats have exempted the poor from paying taxes. Wrong. Poor Americans pay sales taxes (comprising 30% of all government revenues), which take a bigger bite out of their incomes than anyone else’s, and if they work they pay Social Security taxes.

    (3) Democrats support government welfare for illegal immigrants. Wrong. Undocumented workers aren’t eligible; in fact, most have to pay into Social Security although they won’t be collecting it on retirement.

    (4) The recent surge of illegal immigration is due to Democratic support for “amnesty.” False. It’s due to the drug war (which Republicans have long championed) moving into Central America.

    (5) Obamacare is a huge handout from the middle class to the poor. Wrong again. It saves money by reducing costs of emergency room care, and its only tax (2.8% on capital gains) falls almost entirely on the wealthy.
    We can’t allow Republicans to divide and conquer. On November 4th, we have to unite and win.

  3. This is an interesting read!

    (from the link): This is the ideological undercurrent that feeds the Glenn Beck cult and the gun proliferation zealots. It’s what makes Cliven Bundy a hero, however briefly. It too has been around for a long time, but until recently it was confined to the fever swamps around fringy characters like the Christian Reconstructionist Howard Philips and the Constitution Party. Any guess whose famous daddy has been consorting with those fine fellows going way back? That’s right, the great transpartisan hope, Rand Paul. Kilgore is right to be concerned about this strain. As he says, the sad little club of dupes known as the Tea Party isn’t really the problem. But this might be.

    Tea Party’s horrifying cousin: Here comes “constitutional conservatism”

    • constitutional conservatism sounds a lot like compassionate conservatism.

      Remember when George W. Bush kept regurgitating those code words?

      Republicans are not compassionate – nor are they true conservatives (not like fiscal conservative Eisenhower).


    Has anyone been following this recent shooting in Missouri?

    I can understand people being frustrated and angry – but does that justify looting and burning down vehicles and buildings?

    What was described as a peaceful protest somehow turned ugly. And with that ugliness – the people who are trying to find out exactly what happened and the reasons why are now stuck with these images of these videos where fellow black people are running of a store loaded down with their stolen items.

    If this case does result in charges and goes to court – those videos of looting and burning buildings will be on the minds of a lot of potential jurors. And that cannot be good…


      But….vandalism and looting is not only done after some horrific event like the police shooting death of an unarmed 18-yr-old man.

      I found this link to an article covering the 10 most-costly-sports-riots-in-history.

      These folks were vandalizing and looting because of a sports game?

      • This reminds me of something I always tell my Republican friends – I do not like to be associated with people who display their S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y.

        All this vandalism and looting is the same thing IMHO – showing their Stupidity.

        I would just say this is my opinion due to my older age now – but I still felt the same way when I was younger. I just NEVER even thought of vandalizing and/or looting in my life…

        Maybe I have just led a very sheltered life – if so, then thank God

    • Nothing justifies looting and vandalism!

      That said, I am more than a little concerned with policemen who seem quite dangerous to me. They actually remind me of gun nuts itching to use their weapon. There seem to be law enforcement people who are drunk on power and eager to show off. It’s getting to the point where it may safer to face danger alone because involving the police may get you killed! At least you have a chance against other forms of danger, I’m not sure you have that chance against police.

      • IMHO – the recruitment of law enforcement is too heavily shifted towards ex-military.

        I am not saying every ex-military person is bad – but think about the past 10 years and how many veterans are coming home with serious mental issues?

        Our government leaders are very good at sending our men and women to go fight some senseless and useless war in some desert in Hell – but our country is not very good at taking care of military when they come back home to the USA.

        One cannot go through the horrors of war and not have it change your perspective, mind and soul – IMHO

      • Another factor – with the constant drumbeat on the Far Right Wingers social media sites, talk radio and Foxxies Hen House about how the minorities are taking over and how there is a War on Whites – people sitting there and listening to that crappola for 24/7 will eventually explode…. won’t they?

        But ……if there was a video camera on that police car – then wouldn’t we know the true facts of this case?

        But….just like these CONservative Republicans – they don’t need facts to keep themselves all whipped up into a frenzy – do they?

        The same goes for these people in Ferguson, Missouri

        Last but not least – there is another factor in how these events like this are handled – there are people who are paid quite nicely to keep the hatred pot stirred……..

      • Yeah, I’ve noticed the hypocrisy of the right in many areas and many times. Sending poor folks off to die in a war that makes them millions but not giving a damn about them if they’re lucky enough to return from that war. Pretending to be pro-life right to the end of the birth canal. They even talk a good talk about personal responsibility while approving billions in taxpayer money given to those who need it the least. Of course there are also a bunch of real empty words with no actions about respect and equality for minorities and women…

        Yeah, I’ve noticed!

      • I’m very concerned about police brutality. Have you noticed everywhere law enforcement are required to wear cameras the incidents of violence decrease?


    What tragic news. I remember Robin Williams, from his days on the show Mork and Mindy.

    There were reports that he has battled severe depression. Just goes to show – just because somebody is always laughing on the outside does not mean that person does not have problems just like the rest of us.

    • Very young. Very sad.

      Remember when he was Mork and would do such fun things with our language. I remember when it would have been appropriate to say “baited breath” and he said, “a worm on my tongue.”

      He was an exceptional entertainer. I suspect he acted well enough to cover the dark misery he felt and few knew.

    • “Robin Williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny, a president, a professor, a bangarang Peter Pan, and everything in between. But he was one of a kind. He arrived in our lives as an alien – but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit. He made us laugh. He made us cry. He gave his immeasurable talent freely and generously to those who needed it most – from our troops stationed abroad to the marginalized on our own streets. The Obama family offers our condolences to Robin’s family, his friends, and everyone who found their voice and their verse thanks to Robin Williams.”

      — President Barack Obama