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  1. I was thinking about persistent, persuasive and unrealistic myths. Here are a few. Can you think of some?

    — Hero worship of the myth of Sir Ronnie — that giant fairy tale that republicans continue to embellish.

    — Saddam Hussein was responsible for nine eleven.

    — Republicans are the Party of God (ya know, God supports republicans over others).

    — Republicans are fiscally responsible.

    — Trickle-down economics work.

    — Making abortions illegal reduces the number of abortions performed.

    — A Christian Theocracy would be a superior form of government.

    — The Earth is somewhere around 10,000 years old.

    — Creationism is science.

    — Women’s reproductive systems are the business of politicians.

    — Cutting taxes always stimulates the economy.

    — Some people are more or less deserving than other people.

    — Corporations and businesses are job creators.

    — Regulations aren’t needed.

    — Giving tax breaks and supplements to businesses isn’t Socialism or dividing the wealth. “The problem with Socialism is you eventually run out of other peoples money,” doesn’t apply if the money is being given to the wealthy.

    — Wages should be set by the free market because business owners will always do what’s right, good, moral…

    — America needs to increase military spending.

    — The rights of gun owners trump every other right.

    — Private companies can do everything better than governments, and no one needs to worry they may be greedy or corrupt or…

    — It’s better to discard the blastocyst out back in the incinerator and save it from embryonic stem cell research.

    — Marriage should be between a man and a woman — and it’s fine and dandy if there are some men and/or women on the side for dalliances as long as you say you’re sorry later. Oh, and divorces and all that are fine too. These republican beliefs aren’t hypocritical.

    — Churches and individuals do a fine — actually superior — job of providing for the needy. Government should not be involved.

    — White, male, landowners should have more rights and protections than any other segment of society.

    — Women should be subservient to their husbands and men in general.

    — States do a better job of providing for their citizens than the federal government and should have a much greater say in every subject. All that “one nation under God” nonsense should be ignored.

    — There is in-person voter fraud. The Republican Party is not trying to disenfranchise black, Hispanic, poor or female voters.

    • You’ve nailed it…..

      • I have thought of a few more:

        1) Homosexuals wanting to get married are making God punish us by sending deadly hurricanes and tornados.

        2) There is no such thing as ‘War on Women’

        3) There is a Democrat Party push for a ‘War on Whites’ because Democrats want illegal immigrants to further strengthen the Democratic Party

        4) Mitt Romney stated in the 2012 presidential campaign that everybody wants to be a millionaire.

        5) Christians are victims of persecution.

        My responses to these five things:

        1) I guess Rush Limbaugh being on his 4th wife and Newt Gingrich being on his 3rd wife are okay with God? And all those other Republican males who have been found with their pants down and their wife is nowhere in the room – but their mistress is – is also okay with God?

        2) How many GOP-sponsored legislation bills have been about restricting men’s reproductive health care?

        3) Check out the median income comparison between the races. Whites still come out on top of that list.

        4) I have never wanted to be a millionaire. I don’t worship money that much. What I do want is a fair and equal wage from my employer.

        5) Take a drive east on N. 21st Street out towards Andover. There are numerous mega Christian churches built on prime real estate and paying no taxes. If that is persecution – then where do I sign up?

        The last thing I feel about the Republican Party is this: I do not like to be associated with a group of people who display stupidity on a consistent basis.

        I don’t like being told that if I do not hate President Obama 24/7 and I don’t attend the ‘right’ church – that I am somehow not a worthy person. I call B.S. on that….

      • Forgot one :

        All unions are evil – teachers, public employees, etc – because these folks are lazy and greedy people.

        BUT all these professional organizations (ie unions) for lawyers, doctors, hedge fund managers, bankers, etc are acceptable and welcomed. As long as they are run by white males with the desire to make millions in obscene the taxpayers’ expense.

  2. We’ve talked often about the republican memory problems. We could make a very long list of what they seem to conveniently forget or magically change / rewrite to fit what they want to remember.

    Here’s one: Republicans “forget” that long before Todd Akin stepped in it by trying to describe his thoughts on ‘legitimate rape,’ the term was used in legislation introduced by PAUL RYAN. It isn’t just a flawed message, it is part of the Republican Platform!

    • Todd Akin did say that a woman’s body is capable of shutting that whole thing down….

      Let’s show Todd Akin and his fellow Republican Neanderthals just what the power of women can do – we all need to get out and V-O-T-E


    I found this quite by accident. Here is a listing of nations who are broke.

    Hmm…..Belize is the first one mentioned. Has anyone else been seeing this television advertisement showing how beautiful Belize is with it’s white sandy beaches? The narrator of this ad goes into quite descriptive words as to how wonderful living would be in Belize – if Americans would only come and buy property in this beautiful little country.

    Hmmmm…..the picture in this list of broke nations does not look like that beautiful white sandy beach on that television advertisement.

    I wonder which one is the true Belize?

    • As far as the other nations on this listing – Pakistan and Egypt are two nations that are in the news quite often. They make the news not for good things but for continued violence.

      But – correct me if I am wrong – don’t we American taxpayers give a lot of foreign aid over many years to these two countries?

      What the hell happened to all that money????

    • Speaking of people who think their religion should rule the world…..I just heard the breaking news that Israelis and Palestinians have agreed to yet another 72-hour cease-fire.

      Refresh my memory – what number is this cease fire? There have been so many that I have lost count.

      Bottom line – all the cease fires in the world will never change the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians – because it is about R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N

  4. John F. Kennedy – remember when he ran for president and the big question back then was – was JFK going to let the Pope run the USA?

    John F Kennedy was a devout Catholic – and that shook up a lot of Americans who did not want the chance of the Pope being able to dictate the moral lives of Americans.

    Wow – times have changed – especially in the Republican Party where if you simply spew the correct ‘religious words and wrap yourself in the correct God’ – then you are one of the good Republicans that God has destined to be our next president.

  5. This is interesting. It lists cities of over 250,000 people and shows them in order of how conservative / liberal they are. Wichita, KS comes in as the 17th most conservative out of the nearly 70 cities listed. Kansas City (Missouri that is) is more liberal than Wichita.

  6. I just read this sad news about our dear wicked. I will try to confirm and find out anything more I can.

    Has been in the hospital since Sunday afternoon. (She might be home by now.) She was given the results of her biopsy this afternoon. It shows Small Cell Cancer of the Mandible/Jaw Bone. She is waiting right now to have C-Scans this evening to see if they can determine the primary cancer site, if I understand it right.

    • What sad news – please keep us posted. I’ve already sent my good wishes, prayers, and positive energy out into the world for our dear blog friend.

  7. Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Ginsburg was appointed by President Bill Clinton and took the oath of office on August 10, 1993.

    Thank you Justice Ginsburg for your service to your country!