Saturday, 8/9/14, Public Square

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by | August 9, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. My granddaughter leaves for college this next week. When we searched for a time we could all get together before she leaves we found lunchtime today was free from every work, etc. schedule. Granddaughter requested Italian. She wanted lasagna two ways — red sauce with hamburger and sausage plus Alfredo sauce with chicken. My newest granddaughter (mother to my great granddaughter) is a vegetarian so this morning I have completed three pans of lasagna. Ready for the oven. Salad and garlic bread need to be tackled now. Sure happy I made that special cake yesterday!

    I’m pooped!

    • Have a great time with your family.

      My two grown kids have told me numerous times that they cannot remember too many of the toys and ‘things’ we bought for them throughout their childhood – BUT they do remember all the good family times spent around the dining room table or outside doing a BBQ.

      Your granddaughter will have fond memories of what you did for her today. That makes it all worthwhile..

      There’s always time for a nap later – isn’t that what all mothers say?? LOL

      • As I age it becomes more obvious I will be nothing more than a memory. I try hard to make good ones. I have a daughter, a son, six grandchildren and a great granddaughter who live here locally so I get that many together fairly often. The food must have been good because there was very little left and we started with enough to feed an army.

    • Asher Bob White

      The food sounds really good, and the company, too; any room for guests?