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  1. The above nonsense displayed in the graphic today is exactly why our country is in a downward spiral.

    It’s not the fact that our country is broke – it is the fact we have an overabundance of S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y running rampant.

    Just watch the next few days and see what happens with this Iraq situation. Obama approved the airstrikes – for today – but let’s watch and listen as to how many Republicans will continue to pressure Obama to do even more militarily…. with total disregard for their concern for overspending the federal budget.

    Isn’t it sad there are folks in seats of power that want to snatch away tax dollars to help fellow Americans but are willing to spend MORE trillions on these Muslim countries….

    BTW – George W. Bush’s war in Iraq spent how many trillions? What happened to all that money and why weren’t the Iraqi people ready for this ISIS group to threaten them?’

    • There’s always enough money for bombs! Now, when you talk about foolishness like feeding children or making America’s infrastructure safe … you better remember that America is broke! [eye roll]

      You all know me and war. I am the world’s biggest pacifist. I don’t know of any time that war made anything better. Those 40,000 people trapped in the mountains need food and water. I do wonder how 8,000 meals will help over the short or long haul. I do not think getting even more people killed in order to save them makes any sense.

      Mostly, I don’t think anything I will ever say about war will ever make any sense because nothing about it makes any sense to me!

      • After my company left yesterday, I sat down to watch MSNBC news and listened to the breaking news that Obama ordered airstrikes in Iraq.

        My heart sank – AGAIN – because I thought – the damn NeoCons are at it again….

        I would like to know why 40,000 Iraqi people trapped in the mountains is more important than 40,000 plus Americans who are trapped in low-wage jobs and trying to feed their kids?

        Then I got to wondering….who the Hell is selling all these war machines to these folks?

        The next time you watch the videos coming out of Iraq or Israel/Gaza – for that matter – just look at all the war machines these fighters have.

        This is not something you go down to your local market to buy – who the HELL is making their blood money off the sale of these war machines?

        FIND those bloody bastards and then throw them into the middle of all this shooting – I wonder how long it would take for the bloody bastards to cry like little babies?

        But – then I got to thinking – that trail of blood money bastards selling war machines would probably wind up back here in the good ol’ USA.

        And if that is true – then we all know Americans worship the Almighty Dollar God – so profit before people…

      • There was one pundit on television this morning stating the obvious……while the rest of the panel was blaming Obama for not having a strategy to fight ISIS – this guy was the ONLY one that said: –

        1) where is all the rest of the world in this fight?

        2) What happened to all those millions and billions that were used to train Iraqi people to fight for themselves?

        Two very good questions…..don’t you think?

        Where does it say in our Constitution that America has to be the world’s policeman?

        Where does it say in our Constitution that America has to be the one to drop all the bombs?

        And then – just like clockwork – the next news story this morning was about the damn Jews and Palestinians. Not to be outdone – I guess they had to step up their fighting and killing so they can be the #1 news story of the day.

        I am SICK and TIRED of all this nonsense killing and all in the name of somebody’s version of GOD.

        I still think my idea of putting these leaders into a death match is a good idea.

        Then after the first two leaders are both dead – we can turn to the crowd and say ‘who wants to be next’?

        We could at least get rid of the ringleaders who seem to enjoy all this killing.

    • You can’t fix stupid.

  2. Boehner’s lawsuit makes no sense, except to those people who hate Obama more than they care about anything. Of course to those haters it makes sense to spend taxpayer money on this lawsuit. And it will make even more sense to them to start impeachment proceedings — no matter what happens in the fall elections. Republicans are hoping to take the Senate majority and even if they do it takes a two-thirds vote to convict on impeachment charges. That won’t stop them. They have nothing else!

    So, let’s spend all our taxpayer money on bombs, lawsuits and impeachment. That sounds like a republican agenda!

    What republican legislative achievement helped the American people most?

    • The American people who think it is okay for them to manipulate the US tax system to make obscene profits and then to stash all that money in foreign bank accounts……

      Those are the ONLY Americans Republicans seem to be interested in helping…

    • Asher Bob White

      Off the top of my head, I can think of a couple “republican legislative achievements that helped the American people the most”: Lincoln emancipated the slaves and Eisenhower built the interstate highway system. Both contributed to the public interest and the common good. The problem is we’re talking ‘ancient history’, almost. Nothing constructive can be said about today’s Republican Party; certainly not since Reagan.

      • Yes! Those achievements did benefit Americans. And, yes, that was quite a long time ago.

        I had this conversation on another forum recently:

        I asked: What republican legislative achievement benefited Americans most?

        A poster answered: Interesting question. We could start with things like Congressional Republicans passed the 13th Amendment (the abolition of slavery) unanimously, with only a few Democrat votes. How about June 13, 1866 With unanimous Republican support and against intense Democrat opposition, Congress passes the 14th Amendment (equal protection under the law,) Or, March 1, 1872 Republican-controlled 42nd Congress establishes Yellowstone as first national park. March 4, 1917 First woman in Congress, Rep. Jeannette Rankin (R-MT), sworn in. June 4, 1919 Republican-controlled 66th Congress passes the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote. September 9, 1957 President Dwight Eisenhower signs the 1957 Civil Rights Act. September 25, 1981 September 25, 1981
        Sandra Day O’Connor, appointed by President Reagan, becomes first woman on the Supreme Court.

        Does that answer your question?

        I responded: Your list includes FOUR legislative achievements which could be attributed to republican-majority legislatures between 1866 and 1919. Congress was a Democratic majority in 1957 and a republican president signing legislation doesn’t count as a republican legislative achievement. I think each of those did benefit Americans although you didn’t say which one you thought benefited Americans most. I probably didn’t word my question clearly.

        I do miss Sandra Day O’Connor as she was a moderating voice and reduced the influence of the religious right. However, neither her appointment nor the election of legislators is a legislative achievement.

        Yes, that did answer my question. It’s been a few years since a republican legislative achievement benefited Americans.

        I got no response.

      • Asher Bob White

        Of course you got “no response”. And I think the point is … “today’s Republicans” are in no-way yesterday’s and the finest Republicans — not even close!


    Interesting to note – Most of these Iraqi Christians are Roman Catholic communicants

    Okay – Pope Francis – now is your time to intervene in a real way…..

    Unleash some of those piles of golden riches within the Vatican City and start bringing those Iraqi Christians out of Iraq…..

    OR …..put your church’s money where your mouth is and YOU start putting your dogs into this fight……

    I’m sure a bunch of those cardinals and bishops could hold a damn gun and shoot straight……or at least die trying…

    Why is it always up to America to do all the fighting????

    • BTW – when I read the paragraph where ISIS was telling these Iraqi Christians to convert to Islam, pay a fine or face death by sword – my mind did go back to when I read the history books of the Crusades……

      And that time – who was it who was doing the ordering of others to convert to their religion?

      Organized religion needs to BANNED across the entire world…..

      Then – and only then – maybe people would be free to live in peace…

  4. If there wasn’t so much misinformation, brain washing and even downright lying coming from republicans and their sponsors like the Koch brothers, more people would be receiving the benefits of Obamacare. This ad by Americans For Prosperity (one of the many Koch funded political organizations) is answered clearly and factually.

  5. LOL you know once in a while I still question myself as to my thinking and logic. Then I watch the news channels and realize I am just fine and it is those people whom need help!


    President Eisenhower was the man who was impressed by the network of roads in Germany and was determined to bring a similar network of roads to America.

    I did not realize there had been a Federal Highway Act in 1946 that authorized such a network – but no funding was ever found to build it.

    Hey – what good was that to pass a damn law but to not fund it?

    But, then again, George W. Bush did push to pass the Medicare Drug Program and the No Child Left Behind Act with both programs lacking the funding to do either one.

    And – then again – George W. Bush did start two wars without any funding – because he put those two wars ‘off budget’.

    Just like a stereotypical hypocrite Republican – if they cannot see it in the budget – then it must not be there……

    Which begs the question – where did all those trillions of taxpayer dollars go?

    I heard somewhere that Eisenhower was disappointed with the final Interstate Highway System because it did cut out and/or bypass a lot of smaller towns – and the towns simply withered and died.

    Eisenhower really was a man of all the people – IMHO. I think this is why Eisenhower was also a supporter of workers rights to join a union. And why he warned us about the runaway military industrial complex.

    I agree with Bob White – not much good has been done for the average Americans since Eisenhower left office. Nixon was bad but damn – Reagan was worse – IMHO



    When we hear of the group ISIS in Iraq ordering Christians to convert to Islam or be killed – read this article about the Crusades.

    Like I said above – maybe one day if we ban organized religion across the globe – maybe, just maybe, people will have a chance to live in peace.

    I’m not holding my breath…..

    • Washington Opened The Gates Of Hell In Iraq: Now Come The Furies

      • This is basically what one pundit said yesterday on MSNBC. This guy pointed out that US war planes were dropping bombs on the millions and billions of dollars that US taxpayers spent on all those war machines and infrastructure built in Iraq.

        And in the meantime – taxpayers are begging to get our own infrastructure repaired and/or built.

        Is our government stuck on S-T-U-P-I-D??