Thursday, 8/7/14, Public Square

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by | August 7, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Above is what I try to remember when I speak with a right-winger about anything even close to politics — especially when I have evidence and facts.

    We’ve discussed this many times, yet we’ve never come up with a satisfactory explanation for mean people. I can’t think of anything positive than has come from meanness.

    • It’s very hard to sit there and take the verbal abuse – especially when it is your supervisor and the management defends her as their ‘work in progress’.

      And then I was told that it was ‘up to me to make things work’.

      I believe there are toxic people in this world. And the only thing to do with toxic people is to remove yourself from their reach.

      I left my job after 10 years because I became physically sick with severe hives and chest pains. That is not fair to me to have to give up my paychecks and a job I truly loved because of a toxic person – but that is what happened.

      I do not regret my decision because I have not had a case of the hives (severe or otherwise) and no chest pains since I removed myself from that toxic supervisor.

      But, come to think of it – that supervisor was a Far Right Winger that truly believed President Obama is a secret Muslim out to destroy America. And Obama was never a ‘legitimate’ president. We’ve all heard these Far Right Wingers and their nonsense they spew….

      Oh – this supervisor also bragged about how she attended church every week and how much Jesus means to her.

      I also believe in Lady Karma – and I heard last month this former supervisor left the pharmacy. So, at some point, some sense of justice might prevail…

      • I heard this person got a job as a floor nurse in a geriatric behavior unit. I can only imagine how this person’s toxic personality handles the difficult situations inside a geriatric behavior unit.

        But, I did have to laugh when I heard about where this woman is now working.

        This woman’s favorite phrase to use at work was ‘I want to punch you in in your face’.

        I wonder how many times an agitated and delirious patient on her floor has tried to take a swing at her….

        Lady Karma – you done good, Girl…. LOL

    While this is good news – more truth in labeling – I have to ask – why wasn’t this required in the first place?

    I know I am from the old Dinosaur Days – but damn it, why are we allowed to be duped by these manufacturers?

    When a label says – Gluten free – that should mean what it says… gluten

    Even with the new labeling requirements – it is still legal to have some gluten in these products – just not as much as before.

    I have family members who have celiac disease and we are constantly being bombarded by new products in the Gluten free section of the store.

    But – I learned a long time ago (when my son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes – that one has to read the labels carefully to find all the hidden sugars….

    But…I educated myself on these two diseases and I am aware of what terminology is used on these labels.

    But – the average American consumer is not as educated – or do they just not care – or do they trust these manufacturers to be telling them the truth?

    Corporatization is not just about Walmart vs the little guy – it is about these labels on their products and how they are – or are not – truthful.

    If this police officer is only in trouble for criticizing Obama in public, then I do have questions about that.

    BUT….if his job description has any clause as to whether his job depends on following strict rules against such speech – then can’t we all just say this guy is yet another one of those folks on the far right that see no problem sucking up their taxpayer-provided pension while trying to deny fellow Americans their right to their own earned taxpayer-provided pensions.

    We all know Tea Party folks rail and rant against government-run healthcare when it comes to Obamacare – but just try and take their Medicare (government-run healthcare) away from these Tea Party folks – I suspect they would have no problem knocking you down and stomping you while claiming their Constitutional right to do so..