Wednesday, 8/6/14, Public Square



by | August 6, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. That would work for me……Gawd, and to think Rush is on his 3rd, 4th or 5th marriage?


    I watched this video last night on MSNBC – but the focus was on how Rand Paul reacted when these two Dreamers walked up and started talking to Steve King -Republican congressman from Iowa.

    Notice the man in the green shirt to the left of Rand Paul – he said something to Rand Paul – even as Rand Paul was taking a bite out of his sandwich – and Rand Paul immediately got into runaway mode….

    Maybe Steve King had to talk to these two Dreamers – but Rand Paul chose to run away……

    Is this anyway for a 2016 presidential candidate to act – especially when the video clearly shows these two Dreamers also shook hands with Rand Paul before they started talking to Steve King.

    I expect to see this video in full swing in future political ads…..

    • Rep. Steve King showed all Latino voters just what the racist GOP stands for, and Rand Senator Paul showed them what republicans run from.

      Senator Paul managed to show everyone exactly how he acts under pressure. Presidents deal with what’s dealt. Rand Paul doesn’t.

  3. Asher Bob White

    Only one week away and I really missed reading this daily blog. Fortunately, I can catch-up.
    For the last week, I’ve been back in Brownbackistan for the marriage of a beautiful, smart grand-daughter. Wonderful wedding in Wichita and she is now part of another marvelous Kansas family, too.
    Good to visit family, still, it was a reminder of just how really bad-off Kansas has become under the rule of Gov. Sam Brownback. He’s a good reason to reject all the “religion” he reflects. Still, there is Pope Francis!

  4. All the usual suspects were put on the ballot for the fall’s general election. Kansans bitch but then they reelect the same people. They say people have to hit their bottom before they are actually willing to admit the problem and that’s the point the work to improve begins. Wonder where that bottom is?


    Can you imagine what CONservative Republicans would be saying if this was a black man in the Governor’s Mansion?

    It all depends on which side of the colored fence one is on..