Tuesday, 8/5/14, Public Square



by | August 5, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Don’t forget, republicans want to force women to have children but they don’t want to help these woman or children earn decent wages, make college loans affordable, provide decent health care or protect them from being gunned down.

  2. I just returned from the short walk to my polling place. I voted. Sadly, there was no line.

    Wouldn’t it be the best thing ever if the names Brownback and Kobach didn’t even appear on the general election ballot!?

  3. The National Journal reports that Dr. Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon and latest conservative dreamboat to cruise into Republican view, has formed a presidential exploratory committee. That takes him, in his words, “a step closer” to answering the siren call of a 2016 presidential bid, fulfilling Republicans’ aching, six-year-long desire for a credible, brown-skinned candidate: one with an inspiring back story, irresistible charisma, unimpeachable conservative credentials and the good sense not to desperately lunge for a water bottle on camera in the middle of a really big speech. An Obama of their own.


    • Republicans also thought putting Sarah Palin on the ticket for 2008 would automatically bring every woman into the voting booth – just because SP is a woman.

      Republicans grossly underestimated women back in 2008 and these same folks are underestimating the voters for 2016 if they think the only thing they have to do is to run a black man for president.

      Sarah Palin doomed the Republicans’ chance of winning in 2008 the minute she started talking. Sarah, herself, let the entire world know exactly what was between her two ears – IMHO – nothing but air which makes her the perfect airhead.

      Ben Carson seems to be the same way – he may be a neurosurgeon, but when it comes to common sense – I have not heard one thing come out of his mouth that I agree with.

      I know a neurosurgeon who wore loafer shoes because he could not remember to keep his shoes tied. This brilliant brain surgeon also did not know how to make a burrito during our monthly ‘theme lunches’.

      This man – who has saved many lives in the operating room – picked up the burrito and asked ‘how do I work this?’

      When told he put whatever he wanted inside the burrito and then roll it up – he put the burrito down and actually said ‘too complicated’ – and he reached for the taco shell instead.

      Sometimes – the highly educated is suited for operating rooms but in everyday life – these folks have difficulty in knowing what to do with a simple burrito.

      • Ben Carson has some opinions that are so far off in right field he may even scare republicans. He compared homosexuality to bestiality and child abuse, he said: Obamacare wasn’t just worse than slavery – it was worse than 9/11, and he has flip-flopped on gun control issues. Of course, the tea baggers and evangelinuts will be behind him because hating Obama is right up their alley (their only alley).

      • The smart Republicans will be scared off by Ben Carson. But there is the Far Right Wingers that eat up what Carson spews like it is cotton candy.

  4. A step back in time to July of 2006 for those people who are sane and have their memories intact (those who have rewritten history probably shouldn’t consider real facts as it could make their heads explode) —

    U.S. bar criticizes Bush for rejecting parts of laws – Americas – International Herald Tribune

  5. This should end the discussion. I do not believe it will. The Republican Party has to have issues to complain about in order to divert attention from the fact they aren’t doing anything to help the American people. We should get refunded the millions of dollars they’ve already wasted, but instead they’ll continue to waste more of our money. Eight different investigations have shown this same outcome and yet republicans scream it’s worse than Watergate? What a bunch of evil idiots.

  6. I feel confident this won’t get the republicans attention. Instead, they’ll drag out all their old worn-out lines about polls — you know the ones they use when the poll results aren’t pleasing. They have very different lines when the poll results say what they want to hear. But it should get their attention since this fall’s midterms are theirs to lose.

    Majority disapprove of their own House members

  7. http://news.msn.com/us/grocery-workers-rally-for-fired-chief-executive

    This is interesting to watch. I do hope the protesters, customers and supporters win this battle.

    But – we are talking about the other side bringing in two CEOs from other corporations – so we are talking GREED….and Greed may just win out…