Monday, 8/4/14, Public Square

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  1. Those same folks with vague moral objections to certain birth control apparently have no problem having their 401(K) funds buying stock in the same pharmaceutical companies that manufacture those same certain birth control to make an obscene profit.

    But……we are talking about Fake-N-Bake Christians – and money is apparently their God

      There is a way for companies to make their 401(K) investment money not go to certain companies. But it comes at a higher cost (per this article).

      So, bottom line – these Fake-N-Bake Christians are so offended by their employees using certain birth control but yet if it costs them more money to prohibit those pharmaceutical companies that make that birth control ‘off limits’ to their 401(K) offerings – then these baby killers are okay to make money with?

      Ahh….such is the logic when one worships The God of M-O-N-E-Y

      • Let’s not ever forget – these same Fake-N-Bake Christians are those folks willing to stand in line for the privilege to buy an overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they love Jesus.

  2. fnord – I am curious – have you been bombarded by Republicans calling or dropping off their numerous political ad flyers at your front door?

    We left to do errands on Saturday and when we returned, my front door was stuffed – and one even taped their ad to my front window (I guess they wanted theirs to stick out from the rest of the crappola).

    Now – we live on a very busy street but we are further north where the lots are 2-3 acres big and there is no sidewalk on our portion of this busy main road.

    Which means – people do not usually just walk past our house. And, our house is set back from the road with a long driveway – which means, these folks were purposely coming to my house.

    Just to drop off my political S-H-I-T……

    What’s funny is – they were all telling me why the other one is so terrible.

    Hey – in my book – all these S.O.B’s are the same – rotten to the core

    • Yes! My mailbox is full of ads, they’re left at my door, the phone rings like crazy. I’m using ALL OF THE ABOVE as a guide of who NOT to vote for!

      Our friend and cartoonist Richard Crowson posted on his Facebook page recently: “Why am I a registered Republican? Two reasons: Winn vs Brownback and Morgan vs Kobach. It’s worth the lying robocalls and lying mailers that I get from being in the Republican database.”

      What a spirited and fun conversation happened at that point — 57 friends commented and way over 100 ‘liked’! The part I appreciated as much as anything else is ALL of these people are voters who plan to put their vote to work. Indy, we are two on MANY! 🙂

      When you live in a red state, don’t let your blue vote go to waste.

      • I agree – it is worth it just to have the privilege (and right) to vote in the Republican primary to try to keep the most craziest of the klowns from driving the GOP klown kar off the cliff – and taking our country with them.

    So, now we hear that a secret serum likely saved the doctor’s life that was infected with Ebola virus in Liberia.

    Here is my cynicism running rampant again. I heard this morning there is a vaccine for Ebola that is ready to be tested.

    So – is some pharmaceutical conglomerate involved in this doctor’s case – so they can make an obscene profit off the misery of Ebola virus?

    I wonder how many billions of dollars will be thrown at the countries in Africa and whose taxpayer dollars will be thrown?

    Like I said last week – I do not know how I feel about this issue of Americans willingly and knowingly making the choice to go into a foreign country and then they end up being infected with a deadly virus.

    Why is it that we feel Americans should be rushed home for better treatment – while the patients these aid workers went to help have to stay back in Africa and take their chances with less-than-the-best USA health care?

    But…..if a pharmaceutical company can potentially make billions from a new vaccine – then no wonder there was a private jet waiting for this American doctor to rush him back to the good ol’ USA where our health care is the finest money can buy…

    • I would like to know who paid for that private jet – that would explain a lot – IMHO

      I did hear last week that this same private jet could only hold the doctor and the same jet refueled right after bringing him to Atlanta, Georgia. After refueling, this same jet was being flown back to get the American female nurse and to bring her back to the USA for treatment.

      Hmmm……..two trips – back to back? How much did that cost?


        While I shudder to think my cynicism of these two Ebola victims and their flight to the USA for treatment being anything like Donald Trump’s tweets.

        Trump seems to think we should ban everyone with Ebola virus and somehow he drew the border crisis in the Southwest into the mix..

        My cynicism is strictly based on who is paying for these two Christian aid workers’ health care?

        Especially when it is well-known that these Fundy Christin groups run by the likes of Franklin Graham are the same Conservative Republicans that want to take away the Obamacare program that helps a lot of Americans the ability to BUY health care insurance. This is just insurance – not even Health care.

        That is why I am so cynical about these two Christian foreign aid workers – what makes them so special?

  4. This is interesting. I think we need to know much more about this group that call themselves “The Gathering.”

    Remember Chik-fil-a Being Homophobic? Still True.



    James Brady has died. This man and his wife has done a lot for gun control over the paste three decades.

    Isn’t it a shame that more politicians do not feel the same way about common sense gun control?


    is the world N-U-T-S?

    Actors are paid $1 million per episode of some t.v. show? Note their previous salary was $350,000 per episode (which is way too much money – IMHO)

    Is this really the level of maturity and our obsession with such trivial stuff as a t.v. show made of make-belief with make-belief lives? I watched this show for a few times in the first few seasons – but I failed to see what the attraction was.

    In fall fairness, this old grandmother is probably NOT their targeted audience…..LOL


    Stop all the presses….this is very important news…..

    Jennifer Aniston has her hair in a fishtail braid..

    You may resume your lives……the Jews and Palestinians can resume fighting over religion. The Russians can continue invading Ukraine and shooting down commercial airflines. And Syria – well, just keep on doing what you’ve been doing from the dawn of time…

    But now that we all know Jennifer Aniston has a fishtail braid…….we can all die happy as we are being blown up or blown off this planet…

    very heavy sarcasm in above rant…

    • IIRC – Jennifer Aniston was a member of the cast of the t.v. show Friends – and didn’t that cast also get $1 million per episode?

      WOW – only in America is this seen as success???

    • The only bright spot in the next few election cycles is the WOMEN in America to wake up and say Oh Hell NO…

      fnord is my inspiration for being a very optimistic person. IIRC – fnord has stated posted more than once about how Women need to pay attention to what is going on in politics and then to get out and V-O-T-E

      That is the only thing that will shake things up…IMHO

      • The issue isn’t just that women need to band together and vote (as unlikely as it is there will be unanimity among women politically), it’s where the women are located. It really doesn’t help if a large number are concentrated in urban areas when the seats are located in rural areas.

      • I do understand all those facts based on what has happened in the past,gerrymandering, demographics, etc, honest I do. I read the whole depressing piece and I can’t disagree with what they said. I just can’t quit hoping. I hope more Americans vote. Of course the first thing I hope for is that more people will pay attention and realize the power WE THE PEOPLE could have.

      • But the WOMEN are the ones who are most affected by these CONservative Republicans policies and idealogy.

        Putting birth control issue aside – Women are, for the most part, the caregivers. Women do not like the constant banging of the GOP war drums.

        That issue – along with the birth control issue – will be a major factor as to the number of women voters.

        Sorry men, but if the country depends on the male voters – then our country is headed for more strips clubs, more guns, more erectile dysfunction pills, more pills to cure baldness and a indestructible chastity belt put on their woman – and more G-D wars…

        Do some research in the women leaders throughout history – except for Margaret Thatcher in Britain, the women have done a pretty good job.

  8. We need to know! We always need to understand!

    What I Learned After Taking a Homeless Mother Grocery Shopping

    • When we have this in our country as an ‘everyday occurrence’ – then why the hell do we think actors in some t.v. show deserve to be paid $1 million an episode?

      That was my point above – we hear news like these actors and think – why not make that much?

      Why not when the public demands that this t.v. show remains on the air – so, the real problem is not that these actors can demand $1 million an episode – the real problem is that our society thinks this is okay….

      I would borrow Prairie Pond’s quote of – Jesus wept – but I am too damn mad about the values and priorities our society has….

      WE are the problem when we tolerate this behavior. Maybe our society should ban together and just go on strike…

      Kinda like that Market Basket group of employees and customers. These folks had greedy corporate types come in and push out their beloved boss. And these people decided that they have had enough of this greed and they are fighting back.

      But……I know… will take many people around the country to come together and actually cancel their damn t.v. subscriptions and/or stop buying the latest corporate crap being shipped in from China or the latest cheap labor market…..

      AND that is the rub – isn’t it?

      Let’s face it – people nowadays just don’t give a damn……

      My husband and I are at a crossroads right now – I want to stop our Direct TV service due to their lousy customer service, they keep raising the billing amount every month without any explanation and the fact that we have 350+ channels and they are all basically the same thing – they keep selling the same damn cheap foreign-made crappola…

      I am SICK and TIRED of this corporate crap……it’s time to get off this damn merry-go-round…