Sunday, 8/3/14, Public Square

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    Should people be given a discount by the restaurant based on they prayed in public?

    Legally – the restaurant can give discounts for whatever reasons – but is it good policy?

    BTW – I wonder if a Muslim couple would get the same discount for praying to Allah?

    Just asking…….This happened in North Carolina – so, is it only the Christian God that gets the 15% discount?

  2. Why American Politics Is Broken In One Sentence

    There’s no incentive for the minority party to care about fixing problems.

  3. I’m sure the evangelinuts would have some handy dandy excuses and blabbering type make no sense at all muttering in answer to this question.

    • Hell, we give Israel $3 billion a year in foreign aid now. PLUS – that Iron Dome that Israel brags about – guess who paid for that?

      Yup…..the good ol’ pit bull dog – the USA

      When will Americans wake up and smell the coffee and just ask one question – why does America always have to be the attack dog for Israel?

      I can fully support helping our allies. BUT, when our allies are in the wrong, then a GOOD friend would tell those allies they need to straighten up their act and they are wrong.

      Hell will freeze over before that ever happens. Too many Fundy Evangelical Christians in America who truly believe their everlasting souls depend on how they kiss Israel’s butt.


    Remember that Nevada rancher that has not paid his grazing fees for the past two decades and then got a bunch of militia-types to come to his ranch to help him fight the gubermint?

    Now this old geezer is saying that was a spiritual battle because nobody got hurt.

    Hmmm…two of those militia-types that Bundy allowed to come help him with his ‘spiritual battle’ later went on a killing spree in Las Vegas about a month or two later – and killed two cops and a man at Walmart.

    Yeah – Bundy – nobody got hurt…. big eyeroll

    But the sad fact is – there are a lot of Evangelical/Tea Pot Christian Republicans who are nodding their heads in agreement with this old geezer.

    BTW – Bundy – if this is the Lord telling you to stand up to the gubermint – why don’t you show the legal paperwork that states that land you have been using to graze your cattle on for years is YOURS…

    Oh, but wait, don’t I remember correctly that this same old geezer rancher did pay those grazing fees during the Reagan years?

    Why didn’t this old geezer stand up to Reagan and want to fight him??