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  1. The voices of the realistic and the sensible, the pragmatic and the logical, the sane and the rational have been drowned out by the Tea Party faction of absolute insanity in this country.

    This made-up teabagger entity, empowered by a media who thrive on sensationalism and a couple of rich bastards who aren’t satisfied with just being rich, are running this country. Right. Into. The. Ground.

    Read the news this morning about the “compromise” bills that the House managed to pass on Friday to address the crisis of minor children arriving at the border seeing refuge.

    Bottom line. In order to get the crazies to the floor to vote, they created a compromise bill that fit the crazy agenda.

    They voted to “handcuff” (Michelle Bachmann’s word, not mine) and strip the President’s executive decision to stop deportation of the “Dreamer’s.” The bill will curtail an Obama administration program that provides protections to about 500,000 immigrants who were brought to the country as children. Not because they truly believe these kids should be evicted from the only life they have ever known. Nope. They don’t believe in the illegitimate, lawless President of The United States of America and nothing is as important as stopping the man in the White House.

    That was the price that was paid by the sane folks in the House in order to pass a $659 million bill to deal with the refugee crisis.

    We can’t stop them if we don’t vote.

    • Neither one of these House bills will actually become law. The House already knew before their dog and pony show the Senate won’t pass their insanity and President Obama won’t sign what the crazies have done.

      But look closely and make notes if that’s what it takes to remember exactly what and who these idiots are.

      • I heard Michelle Bachmann also say the previous GOP bill that was pulled before a vote was taken was completely ‘gutted and rewritten’.

        Hmmmm……these buffoons wrote an entirely NEW bill in one day and then made sure that their faces were seen on national television as working way into last night before they left for their too-long vacation.

        This was a dog and pony show for these buffoons. President Obama has been on the record as saying this Congress does NOTHING. And if you listen closely – Obama gets the biggest applause when he gets started on how this Congress does not do their jobs – etc.

        My question is – have you ever known a bunch of TeaPots to be able to spell their signs correctly – let alone gut a previous bill and rewrite the entire damn thing in one day?

        That is way too much for me to believe from these folks who have consistently shown me they do not know what the hell they are talking about – let alone spelling anything correctly.

        But my scenario also brings up a second question – the House voted on a bill that nobody had the chance to read the entire thing and/or debate? After all – if this was a brand new bill………then who the Hell had time to read the entire bill?

        So, once again, Republicans show their hypocrisy about it is wrong to vote on a bill that nobody has had time to read and/or debate.

      • I think it wasn’t the teabaggers who did the rewriting — it was the more sane (which isn’t saying much) republicans who did that just to get the most insane to come to the floor and actually vote. They kowtowed, once again, to the extreme faction. Remember, it was the Ted Cruz led extremeists who actually shut down the government. No one knows exactly what they’re capable of, we all just know it’s insane and will hurt our country and her citizens.


    As fnord has often said – the younger generation gives me hope.

    After reading this article how the younger American Muslims are questioning their parents’ strict Islamic religion – I had to laugh because isn’t the same thing happening to the old white Christian folks in their churches?

    Finally – we have found one thing both Muslims and Christians can agree on – their younger generation doesn’t buy into all their nonsense…..



    I don’t know how I feel about this issue. When I heard the name of the missionary group, I realized it was Franklin Graham’s group (son of Billy Graham).

    Okay – I can understand if Americans willingly and knowingly make the choice to go to foreign countries and do whatever they want to do.

    On the other hand, I am remembering all those passionate sermons from my Fundy Baptist days (in which Billy Graham was also a God-like creature).

    Those sermons were all about how God will take care of you and if you hear the call of God to go overseas and do missionary work, then it was God’s will for your life…..and blah, blah, blah.

    Okay – this is the part where my cynicism kicks in:

    Why is it God’s will for these folks to volunteer and knowingly make the choice to go work with Ebola patients in some foreign country.

    But when they themselves get the Ebola virus – these folks need to be flown to the United States for treatment?

    If God wanted these folks to be near better treatment – then why would God have told them to go overseas and knowingly work with these Ebola patients in the first place?

    I would like to know – who is paying for the US health care and who paid for the damn private jet?

    Now this is where I am going to sound downright coldhearted:

    Should the US taxpayer have to pay for anything to get these two Samaritan’s Purse workers home to receive better treatment?

    After all – Franklin Graham has made his intolerant views known on a national level – so is my question really out of bounds?

    Franklin Graham associates himself with a bunch of Fundy Evangelicals that have displayed their views about Obamacare – which is helping Americans to be able to get health insurance – not even health care.

    And these Fundies have made it clear – they think it is wrong for Americans to be given help from government to even buy health insurance.

    Which brings me to my question above – who is paying for Graham’s workers to be treated in a hospital in the United States?

    This is what got me into trouble at my Fundy Baptist College – I asked too many damn questions….

    • Also – this is another question –

      If you truly believed that God sent you to LIberia to fight the Ebola virus and treat infected people in that country – then aren’t you kind of spitting in God’s eye when YOU are flown back to the USA where better health care is available when YOU get sick?

      Isn’t that meddling in God’s business – or maybe God spoke to the infected person and told him/her to get the hell out of that God-forsaken foreign country and get your white butt back to the USA?

      Or……maybe……God had nothing to do with it in the first place?

      I just have to wonder – is there a diamond mine or other natural resources nearby in Liberia? Is that that the real reason for these missionaries to be there and appearing like they are such saints?

      NOW here is my cynicism showing its ugly face……


    This is another case in which I draw on my past experiences with Fundy Baptists.

    This guy has admitted that he deliberately left a Bible in the restroom while traveling in North Korea

    Okay – this takes me back to my Fundy Baptist College days and my own Fundy Baptist Church days .

    Along with being taught that females should always wear a pretty hair bow to ‘keep their man happy’ – we were consistently told to pass out Bible pamphlets to anyone and everyone we met.

    We were preached to 24/7 that it was our duty to fill every bathroom stall with one of our pamphlets because that is the way God wants us to spread the gospel.

    No – seriously – we were taught to do that and to go door-to-door preaching to those ‘unsaved people’ so that they can receive Jesus Christ in their lives and be in the ranks of Heaven when Jesus comes back to Earth to reclaim what is rightfully his.

    Our college campus was nestled in a quiet residential part of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Can you just imagine being a resident in that neighborhood? Every damn school year you would be bombarded by all these Fundy Baptists who thought they were on some special mission from God to come save your sorry butt. And these folks don’t take NO for an answer.

    fnord – you shared last week how you handled a similar situation by not going to the door. But that didn’t stop them from looking in your window – did it?

    That is what we were told to do – Stop at nothing to spread the gospel because it was God’s commandment to us as Christians.

    Again – I asked too many damn questions and I did not go around the neighborhood passing out pamphlets or looking into people’s windows.

    How is running over someone in God’s name ever a good thing? Where is the love, compassion and respect that these Christians can only talk about?

    But, back to this case in North Korea. Why the Hell would even want to go visit North Korea in the first place?

    Maybe this guy attends some fundy church back home and the preacher got him all hot and bothered about those poor godless people in North Korea – and this guy was only doing what his preacher and/or televangelist (?) told him was God’s commandment?

    Besides – if the people in North Korea are godless without any hope of being saved – then why did God will it to have them be born in North Korea in the first place?

    There I go again – asking too many damn questions..

  5. I agree with you Indy that the jury is still out, but there is mounting evidence that he is a truly loving, good, kind, well-intentioned man who is head of a popular religion and does have some influence. It’s good that the influence is one worthy of respect!

    • I still have my fingers crossed that Pope Francis can light a fire under the other church leaders’ butts.

      At least Pope Francis appears to be coming from a totally different perspective than previous Popes.


    Now this is one Republican I can truthfully say I respect. I’ve seen this guy on MSNBC a few times and he seems sincere.

    At least he speaks the truth when he says whenever he brings up Medicaid expansion to his fellow Republicans, they respond with that it’s Obamacare and they refuse to discuss it.

    Read this article – this mayor says that health care is not about being Democrat or Republican.

    And isn’t that the way it should be?

    BTW – I wonder if it would make any difference to Republicans if the people doing without a nearby hospital were all wealthy CEO’s? I bet there would be no end to the budget-buster spending to provide those folks with not one, not two but as many hospitals they can shake a stick at..

    It all depends on who you are and how much money you have… Welcome to the new ‘Murica…

  7. G-stir

    If we levied a tax on political ads– would we have enough money to cover the “Brownback Hole”?