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  1. Well, well, congress critters are suddenly busy trying to figure a way to get out of town for a vacation from doing nothing. Media types are screaming about how much they haven’t done, governors are begging for the help they need at the federal level and voters of all stripes are passing the popcorn. This is the biggest bunch of dumb, lazy, greedy, selfish slackers in the history of congress critters.

    Does everyone remember that during the republican caused shutdown last fall they had to authorize money for the FAA so that they could fly home.

  2. I am so sick and tired of this Congress filled with leeches (yes, I said LEECHES).

    These folks are the ones trying to cut funding for programs to help working class Americans while increasing funding to help the wealthiest 1% and their favorite Corporate CEO.

    And then the ONLY thing that gets actually passed is the bill to give honorary American citizenship to some old dead guy?

    Yeah, folks, these LEECHES all need to be burned off – ASAP


    Republicans consistently remind me of a bunch of old gossipy church women. These folks sit and cackle while gossiping and throwing out innuendos as if they were the gospel.

    And then when these old crones get confronted for their wicked mouths – these old crones get highly offended and try to make the accuser the one who actually is stirring that hatred pot.

    There are times I wish God would just reach down from Heaven and smack some of these Fake-N-Bake Christians upside their heads…

  4. I must pause and remember that even with a dismal approval rating, much gnashing of teeth and disdain these congress critters get reelected. So who is most stupid — them or voters??? Remember, all the pollsters are still saying republicans will take the Senate this fall.

    • Let’s not lose track of the fact these congress critters can’t do a damn thing that helps America or her citizens but when it’s a vote to sue President Obama they can be counted on. Idiots!

  5. Being a republican is a disease caused by ignorance and liars. It can be cured by education and checking the facts.

    Republicans Lie More Than Democrats, Study Finds


    I remember when Walmart was nothing more than a small store proudly displaying the banner which stated – Made in America

    Those are days gone by – huh?

    But….is it possible that Walmart’s greedy and selfish ways are finally catching up with them?

  7. Just as there is HOPE that Walmart and karma may be meeting, there are other indicators that the crazies may have made enough noise they are being recognized as loonies! The evangelinuts and haters like Palin and Santorum aren’t appealing to youth!

    Here’s a couple of links that tell about our younger generation and their religion. They are not following the evangelinut idiots.

    I Want My Christianity Back – Without the Ugly Baggage

    Meet the Wheaton College feminists

  8. Here’s another subject matter republicans are losing on. The John McCain and Lindsey Graham war drums are being heard and people are fighting back on their idiocy to fight wars with everyone.

  9. Darn you all, I come here with something to say and it has already bee said! I guess I will have to think of it two days before to post it for today! I see a battle coming between the Religious Right and the Nazi-Cons. The issue of children will force the RR to take a stand or be exposed for hypocrites of faith.. They can play the hypocrite behind the scenes. But when it is so open they will have to either be exposed for their hypocrisy or stand with the Christ Jesus? (Not sure where I came up with the term, maybe it comes from the Catholic members of the family. But I seem to always refer to Jesus as “the Christ”?

    • You’ve got that right, RD! Those so-called religious folks can’t continue hating children and supporting wars and maintain even a single iota of credibility.

  10. I just couldn’t resist. I’d like to ignore this brainless half-term governor but sometimes we all need a good laugh! Clearly, she’s not an expert on Asia since she can’t see Japan or both Koreas from her backyard.

  11. (from the link): Red states hate taxes. Red state governors like Rick Perry (R) in Texas and Bobby Jindal (R) in Louisiana love to tell people in other states how low their taxes are. They love to try and lure people from states with higher tax rates to their so-called bastions of personal freedom, where that no good varmint known as “the government” keeps their damn dirty paws off your money. Or so they like to claim. However, thanks to a right-leaning (yes you read that correctly) tax policy think tank’s findings, we now have definitive proof that people like Perry and Jindal rely on nothing more than smoke and mirrors to push their “low tax” narrative, because math is once again not the ally of the Republican.

    According to a report done by the Tax Foundation in which they combined the state and local sales tax rates of all fifty states in the nation, some of the most taxed citizens of this nation actually live in the reddest of red states.

    Continue reading and see map larger —

    The Not-So-Sneaky Tax Game Red States Play With Their People – See more at:

  12. “Like high school kids scrambling to clean up the empty beer cans before their parents return … conservatives are frantically trying to whitewash any evidence of an impeachment bash.”

    How Impeachment Tied Right-Wing Media In Knots

  13. Alcee L. Hastings, D-FL on Boehner’s lawsuit — words of truth!