Thursday, 7/31/14, Public Square

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by | July 31, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. The U.S. House may get out of town and start their vacation from not working before they take down the entire country and the republicans in the Senate are filibustering a bill that would have cut corporate tax breaks for moving jobs overseas. That’s right, Republicans are fighting to keep giving companies money to move jobs out of the United States.

    I’m not often speechless.

    • But…but…fnord…Mitt Romney said in that presidential debate in 2012 that he did not know what Obama was talking about when he brought that issue up.


      Bain Capital Boys reportedly used that very lucrative part of our corporate-love system – and would take taxpayer money to move an entire factory overseas……

      I was upset with Obama because I felt he did not respond in that debate and tell Romney exactly how these corporations are given special tax breaks and get subsidies that regular working Americans don’t get.

      But – Hey – who the hell even cares anymore? The average American is content with their overpriced supersized designer coffee and the latest blinged-out cell phones.

      Until corporations come after these people specifically – these fools don’t know and don’t care to know..



        Here is an article about that debate between Romney and Obama in 2012.

        There is no specific tax break for offshoring jobs…..but companies do get special tax breaks for moving American companies to overseas.

        Excuse me – but if taxpayers are paying corporations to physically move American companies overseas – then isn’t basically a tax break for taking jobs away from Americans – and then expecting those same Americans to pay the Corporations to do it?

        This smells as morally rotten as Citibank being fined $7 billion for their part in the mortgage scam but yet their stocks rise 4% on the same day the fine is announced.

        I realize 6176’s explanation is true – but my problem with this entire thing is this:

        If there was wrong doing done by these banks – then why isn’t anyone in jail and why are these banks still in business – and bigger than before?

        Stockholders were delighted with the 4% rise in stock values – but IMHO – the country has just gone down another notch in the morally superior department…..

        America – where we preach down to others while doing things that make the Devil himself blush…..

    • You can only pretend to be helping someone up so long before the notice your hand in their pocket.

  2. This is why liberals must vote. The republicans are insane.

    Congress has constitutional means by which it can check the president’s power on its own — by passing a new law, using the power of the purse to cut off funding, or through impeachment. This set of idiots who seem incapable of accomplishing anything have voted to pass the buck to the Courts.

    The republicans have no policies, or even ideas, that might improve the ACA. They’ve wasted billions of dollars in multiple failed votes to appeal the law that allows millions of Americans to secure affordable health-care insurance so now they file a lawsuit without ‘standing’ because President Obama delayed implementing exactly what they want killed.

    They are children throwing a hissy fit. Or, they are insane. Either way, they must be voted out!

    • Now Bangor is saying there has not been any talk of the Republicans side of impeachment it is the Liberals that are doing all the impeachment talking!

      • Boehner also says that orange glow on his skin is natural and not a bad time at the sun tanning salon.

        Seriously….. watch Boehner try to scrunch up his face when he is talking. The man appears like he is trying so hard to muster up some sort of sympathy or disdain (whichever is called for by what he is saying at the moment).

        IMHO – Boehner is the worst Speaker of the House – and that is saying a lot considering some of the former Republican Speakers of the House.

  3. Having a busy day but thought I would take the time to say this.
    Every time I see the ad for Pompao and it said it was brought to you by “Americans for Prosperity”. You know damn well it is the Koch Brothers, So I hear, “Brought to you by the same industrialists whom brought you Adolf Hitler!”

    • Maybe the Senate going Republican is just what this country needs to wake some people up?

      Republicans are so giddy about forcing Obama to veto their passed bills…..but don’t these buffoons realize that if their precious bills do nothing but give even more taxpayer money to the wealthiest 1% – then when Obama vetoes those bills – Obama becomes the hero – wouldn’t he?

      Let’s see these Republicans do some really brazen – let them pass a bill to reinstate the Draft. WE the People should demand that if Republicans continue to beat the war drums – then THEY reinstate the draft. Let them put their necks on that chopping block.

      THEN we’ll see how much these Republicans are truly loved…..