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  1. Sad to say – as long as people have their overpriced supersized designer coffee and their blinged-out cell phones, nobody really gives a damn if corporations have already taken over…

    • Of course – I did forget to mention that those Fake-N-Bake Christians also need their overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they love Jesus – and these folks really don’t give a damn about anything or anybody else….

  2. This Hobby Lobby case may be what it took to get more female voters attention and it does appear it has done that. Younger females may turn off ‘abortion’ chatter but they tune in when the talk is about restricting ‘birth control.’ Women know without the ability to control their reproductive decisions they also lose the ability to plan their lives, their education and employment decisions. Plus the opportunities available for the planned child are greater. We all understand that voting for republicans is against our own best interests and those of our families!

    • If ‘conservatives’ can’t figure out that birth control reduces abortions there is no hope they’ll ever figure anything out!

      • I suspect these buffoons could not figure out how to get that little stick into the correct hole. I think it’s only by the design of Mother Nature and the deep-rooted internal need for the human species to survive that some of these buffoons are even able to breed…..

        But, this is just my opinion.

        If you doubt my theory – just think of the most fertile people in our society. It seems to be those folks with the least amount of education and not enough brain cells to come in out of the rain – but the seem to be able to conceive at the drop of a hat.

      • Sorry to be so blunt in my last comment – but didn’t I just describe the most devoted Conservative Republicans located mostly in the Deep, Deep South?

      • Breeding doesn’t take much intelligence. And that’s exactly how much these neanderthal republicans have — not much.

    Elizabeth Warren knows how the big banks have rigged the system for years.

    But yet she is being told by her biggest donors to not run for president if Hillary is in the race.

    Don’t get me wrong – I will vote for Hillary in 2016 against any damn Republican in the race.

    BUT…if I could vote for Elizabeth Warren – I would vote for her…

    Warren (and like-minded people) should be running our government.

    Especially when corporate CEO’s are bankrupting their companies into the ground, then hold out their hands to the taxpayers trough to get bailed out while they continue to get their mulit-million dollar paychecks …..

    And then to add salt to injury – the stockholders are downright giddy because Citibank was only fined $7 billion and NOW they make even more money in the future doing the same damn thing…

    THIS is what is wrong in America………….the system is corrupt.

    • I wonder….what if Citibank were a Muslim Gang that got caught stealing money….so the government fined them…

      Does anyone here really think that the Muslim crooks would be high-fived because they made their stock go up 4% by only getting fined a mere $7 billion?

      But – since Citibank is full of rich white guys – it is okay in the eyes of the stockholders?

  4. My husband and I have worked in corporate health care for three decades.

    I listened and watched as these corporations would set their yearly budget.

    If the facility did not meet their projected percentage of profit – the corporate CEO would call it a ‘loss’.

    Hey – hate to break it to you – but these greedy bastards still made a very good profit – they just did not make the amount of profit that they projected for their budget.

    Not making your projected percentage of profit is NOT the same as not making any profit.

    THIS is also what is wrong with America – somewhere along the way we started using a different dictionary for the definition of profit and loss.

    What used to be a profit is now called a loss just because the big CEO did not make as much as he wanted to make?

    Hell – I wish my paycheck would have been more than it was – but I had to live in the real world and make do with what I was given…

    Corporations should do the G-D same….

    • BTW – Those same greedy corporations usually ended up paying no taxes because of their ‘creative accounting’…

      Code words for – just plain cheating, lying and stealing?

  5. These are true words strung together in the best way possible to show the hypocrisy of House republicans —

    In the up-is-down, gravity-defying, fact-free world of Republican politics, the House is set to vote today on impeaching suing President Obama for Presidenting while being black. Or infringing on our freedoms. Or enforcing Obamacare, or not enforcing Obamacare quickly enough so they could sabotage it some more, or something.

  6. The ‘republi – cants’ continue to waste taxpayer dollars. They just voted to sue the president. Idiots!

  7. (from the link): The House of Representatives just voted along party lines to sue President Obama because he delayed the employer mandate from Obamacare. Never mind that the GOP hates Obamacare and the employer mandate. So if you’re confused don’t be. Simply put, they’re suing Obama because he delayed something they hate.

    Yeah, I know. It makes no sense.

    • If they were ever to decide whether they’re most outraged over what President Obama is doing or what he isn’t doing I would pay a teeny tiny more attention. But until then I’ll follow my life long path of ignoring children who are throwing hissy fits and in no danger of physically hurting themselves while throwing their fit.


    If Republicans are so damned concerned about the rule of law (as I heard Boehner describe as the reason for the lawsuit against Obama) – then why didn’t Boehner and his fellow GOPPERS file a lawsuit against George W. Bush in 2006 for using his executive order to waive penalties for people signing up for unpaid-for Medicare Drug Part D Program?

    Let me guess….GWB is ‘one of them’ – just a good ol’ white boy from Texas..

    • Your tax dollars, your representatives in Congress ACTUALLY bringing a bill to the floor of the House and voting on it. I’ve heard this is Boehner’s attempt to keep his psychotic base from burning the entire Republican Party to the ground.

      They better get their guns out and wave them around. There ‘weaknesses’ are showing rather badly.

      • Boehner needs to step aside if he cannot fulfill the duties of Speaker of the House.

        Or – maybe Johnny needs to ask Nancy Pelosi how to get things done right – the first time….