Tuesday, 7/29/14, Public Square

Obamas fault


by | July 29, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Any Republican could be videotaped eating puppies alive and kissing Satan’s ring ringer and these current CONservative Republicans would STILL have the nerve to say their people are morally superior.

    It does not surprise me that CONservatives are capable of not seeing the faults of their own people.

    What insults my intelligence by expecting ME to believe any of their B.S.

  2. When women vote democrats win. It’s important! VOTE!

  3. A pollster called last evening when I was fixing dinner. Why do they always call around the time you’re either preparing or eating dinner?? Anyway, the very first question was “Are you a registered republican living in Kansas,” and the second was “Do you intend to vote in the Aug. 5th primary.” From there it was all about Pat Roberts – Milton Wolfe and two other names of candidates I’d not heard of who are in that race too. One of the questions asked me whether I wanted a man with experience in governing or a medical doctor to represent me in Washington. I stopped the pollster right there and explained the reason I’m registered as a republican. He laughed out loud when I said my votes at the primary level were all about sabotage if possible or statement of protest if not. I explained that I live in a state full of republicans and my vote hardly ever counts but I’m not about to quit trying. It’s my state too and quitting never accomplished a single thing so I keep trying.

    • The pollster also asked me if Pat Roberts had clear understandable positions. I told him Pat Roberts jumped off his fence post on whichever side he needed to at that moment. He said is that a no? I said no one, including Pat Roberts, had any idea what his policies du jour need to be until the Kochs have told him what he needs to think.

      I also reminded him Roberts voted against The Violence Against Women Act, against equal pay for women and voted FOR controlling women whenever he had the chance. I am registered as a republican but still have an intact memory and a functioning brain.

      • I’m curious – was that phone number 395-0005? I got a call from that number at 6:18pm last night. They did not leave a voice mail and I don’t know anyone with that number.

      • It just said PRIVATE CALLER. I don’t normally answer those calls, but I was busy in the kitchen and by the time my hands were rinsed and dried I was hurrying. Plus, hubby’s Mom is in the hospital so nowadays I answer the phone each time it rings. I hang up a lot of times immediately after but at least I know for sure I didn’t miss I call I wanted to receive. That will change soon as she is much better and will be going home.

  4. LOL I love coming here though I wish it was when I had more time. (Yeah since I am no longer working… everyone thinks I now have to time to do what they do not for them!) I get my best rebuttals and counters from here for what is said on face book. Yes the topic in the picture is hot right now on face book.

  5. http://news.msn.com/us/with-israel-at-war-us-lawmakers-give-full-support


    How much longer do we have before an all-out war is started?

    And., excuse me, but don’t we already given Israel $3 billion a year in foreign aid?

    Why, pray tell, do we need to give them another $223 million for their iron dome system – which, IIRC, the United States already paid for the installation of the iron dome in the first place.

    WHY – is there always taxpayer money for Israel to go to war – but no taxpayer money for Americans to feed, house or see the damn doctor?

    • http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/OTUS/netanyahu-obama-backing-romney/story?id=17289324
      Let’s not forget what Mitt Romney said in the 2012 presidential campaign about his desire to spend $2 trillion additional money for warships.

      Read this background on Romney and Netanyahu’s friendship. I did not know Netanyahu lived in the United States and was in business – did you?

      After reading this – just imagine if Romney had won the presidency in 2012. I suspect we would be neck-deep in 3 or 4 wars around the planet. and these war mongerers would still not be satisfied..

      • As to Benny, I’ve been aware of that for a long time. I presumed that if I knew it, everyone did.

      • I just assumed Netanyahu had always been in Israel – but it does not surprise me that he would be long-time friends with Romney in the business world.

        If the truth be told – this is probably why he did go back to Israel to get into politics – nothing like a bunch of money men trying to run the world..

  6. http://www.foxsports.com/southwest/story/rapper-fat-joe-wants-to-punch-mavs-owner-mark-cuban-072814

    I just happened to run across this on my surfing the Internet.

    Is this really what the 1% do with their money? WOW – no wonder our country is headed for trouble…

    BTW – have we all heard about Sterling losing his lawsuit and he has to sell his team the Clippers?

    Yeah – again we see what the 1% truly care about……

  7. Interesting. I don’t know and didn’t investigate the accuracy. In other words, I’m not like republicans who just automatically believe what they want to hear.

  8. This is a quick read and guaranteed to bring a satisfied smile to your face. I appreciated their suggested remedies. The third one is probably the one that made me smile even bigger. đŸ™‚

    The Washington Post Delivers A Knock-Out Punch To Sarah Palin

  9. fnord, an analysis of the condition of the body politic, which will make you wince while nodding your head sadly in agreement.

    • I came across a new t.v. channel on our satellite the other day. I watched as Charlie Daniels (the country singer) was talking about how the US Supreme Court decided years ago that the Bible is a textbook and can be taught in public schools all across America.

      He then gave a phone number to call for some group that has the goal of putting the Bible in every school’s curriculum.

      6176 – has the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Bible being a textbook and can be taught in all public schools?

      IIRC – the issue of prayer on school grounds was settled and people do have the right to form their prayer groups while school is in session.
      But to actually teach from the Bible – I did not think any such ruling has come down from the US Supreme Court saying that is okay..

      • The ruling I think he was referring to is the school prayer ruling, which was Abington v. Schempp. The Court clearly states that the Bible may be used in a comparative religions course or other secular course (literature, e.g.) which neither promotes or inhibits any religion (my paraphrase). To the extent this use is the one Mr. Daniels references, his statement was correct. To teach from the Bible? I don’t think so, unless the “teaching” was to advance a secular course, which both of us know Mr. Daniels did not have in mind. HTH.