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war profits


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    I wonder when this one will be getting her own diamond mines in Africa?

    After all, that is the way these things are done by the Big Boys…….

    All joking aside – I do hope this woman succeeds in her mission of destroying the Grand Old Party – once and for all.

    As we have discussed before – Republicans can only win the White House when they deny fellow Americans their right to vote by changing voter I.D. laws and/or changing the number of days of advance voting, etc.

    But when SP can drive a wedge in the GOP – that serves two purposes.

    Establishment Republican cannot hope to win without the rabid SP base
    The rabid SP base cannot win due to their Krazy Klown Kar reputation.

    • I’ve thought of her as a totally useless idiot. But she does represent a faction of the Republican Party as you point out — the rabid faction, or at least one of them. I can’t keep up, actually don’t try, with the parts and factions. I tend to stand back far away from that kind of crazy.

      • Sad to say – that kind of crazy sells to the rabid faction of the Republican Party. – And to the tune of $9.95 per month (even at $99.95 per year) – that can add up to mighty high dollars…


    Let’s not forget Mitt Romney’s GOP plan to increase military spending by $2 Trillion for 15 warships per year and other nonsense.

    Now – let’s go back to my post the other day about the military spending of the top ten countries.

    The United States was #1 at $617 billion – followed by #2 China at $171 billion.

    Can you imagine adding $2 trillion to the already $617 billion we spend annually on military?

    And this is coming from those Republicans who claim to be mad about too much federal spending?

  3. (from the link): “Never war, never war,” he said. “I am thinking, above all, of children who are deprived of the hope of a worthwhile life, a future. Dead children, wounded children, mutilated children, orphaned children, children whose toys are things left over from war, children who don’t know how to smile.” This was the moment when the tears came. “Please stop,” said Francis. “I ask you with all my heart, it’s time to stop. Stop, please!”

    But who will listen?

    What Would Jesus Do in Gaza? The Tears of Pope Francis Point the Way

    • The jury is still out on Pope Francis – in my mind.

      But I will say this – Pope Francis does appear to be a man of spirituality and faith – which is more than I can say for a few of his predecessors.

      But when Pope Francis talks about never war – I wonder how this man justifies how the Catholics ran roughshod over so many people and all in the name of their God?

      Isn’t that basically what the trouble is in all these war-torn places – organized religion and/or power grab using the organized religion as their weapons.

    As 6176 reminds me every time I demand to see the long-form birth certificate for corporations and to know which male sperm fertilized the female egg to produce those corporations…

    We do have a long history of corporations being treated as people.

    I just have one more question – if a Koch employee does not want his name associated with the Koch Brothers political stances – then what retribution does he have against his corporation using their name to throw their money around in the political puppet arena?

    Or what about investors not wanting the corporate money to be used for political purposes they do not support?

    Do corporations put their political contributions up to a vote or does the CEO just hand over the money for those ‘expected benefits’???

    • Quickly. As all (or damned near all) stock in Koch Industries, Inc., is owned by the two brothers, they can give the money to whomever they desire. As to your “one more question” s/he can quit, or grin and bear it. I’m acquainted with a number of Koch employees who do not agree with Charles and David who really don’t worry about your concern, because no one really gives a damn.

      I really don’t foresee too many publicly held corporations spending to the Koch level, but, to answer, it would be by vote of the Board of Directors, who are elected by the stockholders, a majority of whom can vote against current directors at the Annual Meeting of Stockholders to show dissatisfaction with political choices made by directors.

      • I knew that Koch Brothers were the only game in that town – and can do whatever they want to do…

        I know one person who works for Koch and they agree 100% with the brothers on everything.