Sunday, 7/27/14, Public Square

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    • Yesterday I received my second robo-call from Republican Todd Tiahrt.

      This time he was personally inviting me to a Meet and Greet somehow near the Prairie Wagon place in Benton on Saturday, July 26th at 1:30pm.

      Problem was – I received the call at 3:19pm on Saturday, July 26th.

      Maybe it is just me – or was this the Republicans displaying S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y at it’s best???

      • I am considering writing Mr. Todd Tiahrt and asking him if this is an example of how he would handle things if he got back into Congress.

        Obviously – the man paid for this robo calling operation (this was my second time being called with Todd Tiarht’s own recorded message).

        If Tiarht is paying for some vendor sending out robo calls inviting people 2 hours after an event started – then isn’t this just a big waste of time and money?

        Not to mention – how STUPID it makes you look…

    • My DIL lives in Augusta. The entire family was home yesterday and she found a flyer stuck in her front door from a Republican candidate for the Kansas State Senate.

      There was a yellow post-it note with an obvious preprinted – Sorry I missed ya and with a phone number.

      My DIL said everybody was in the house because it was so dang hot yesterday and they were sitting in the front room. They never heard anyone ring the doorbell or knock.

      My DIL said she would have been happy to talk to this guy about how she feels about our state politics. She would have welcomed the chance to meet with him and to tell him how she feels about the issues.

      But – since it was glaringly apparent that these flyers were designed to only be left in the doors and to not personally talk to anyone at the homes – then why phrase it ‘Sorry I missed ya’?

      They did not intend to meet with anyone – they simply wanted to pass out the flyers and go on their merry way. I suspect the candidate himself was not even the guy going around in the 100+ degree heat yesterday…what do you think?

      • BTW – this guy proudly claimed he was:

        100% Pro life
        100% Second Amendment
        100% against government intervention into businesses
        100% committed to working towards lower taxes

        I found that government intervention into business phrase interesting. Did you notice that he did NOT say he was against government intervention into personal lives???

  1. “They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.” — George Carlin

  2. Here in America too many people believe the old talking points. The republicans depend on this fact. They’re so selfish. Isn’t selfish the opposite of love? Just like fake christians, republicans talk about caring for the poor and anyone they’ve decided is different, but their actions prove their selfishness.

    We can’t even talk about Israel without being ridiculed as anti-Jew. We’re supposed to ‘tolerate’ atrocities in the name of whatever they believe in. Same with most religions.

    PrairiePond warned me. She was absolutely correct, as usual!

    • Remember my story about that surgeon’s office manager telling the entire staff in our meeting – this is a Christian office, if you don’t like it, there’s the door.

      I told this woman outright that she cannot say things like that – and from that moment on, she would ask me – in front of everyone – ‘why do you hate Jesus?’.

      I came up with the best reply – I don’t hate Jesus – I just don’t like you..

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if it were all this simple — just ask the questions and let the goodness of humanity answer them.

    My Awesome Experience Talking Politics with a 10-Year-Old Being Raised by Republicans

    • Asher Bob White

      This referenced site is “awesome”! Everyone should read it. It is the best practical explanation of ‘thinking progressive’ that I’ve seen. Maybe my fascination and appreciation is because I, too often, think on a ten-year-old’s level. Thanks.

      • Did you read the comments below this article? Majority was supportive but there was one comment about how it was wrong for this guy to talk to this 10-yr-old kid about homosexuality.

        After reading all through this – this was the ONLY thing that stuck in this commenter’s head?

        Adults are too hung up on their own issues – IMHO.

        I remember when our family made our first corporate move to Chanute Kansas. My two kids (5yrs and 3 yrs old) would talk to grandma (my mother) on the phone quite often. My two were telling Grandma about their new friends that lived down the block. They were so excited because these friends were the exact same age – and the same gender as my two – older girl and younger boy.

        My parents came out to visit in a few months and when my kids introduced them to their new friends down the block – my mom’s face had a look of WTF….

        After our friends down the block went home – my mom asked me why my kids or I never told her that their new friends were black.

        I looked at her and said – I never thought about it because it does not matter to my kids nor me.

        My mother was raised by a man that I’ve talked about before. My Grandpa was a caring, compassionate and giving person. I never saw any hate coming from that man.

        But I do know that my mother was raised during the time of a lot of segregation and my Grandma’s side of the family could be very racist. This was the side where my Great-Great-Grandma was a leader of the local KKK group. I saw a picture of this woman in full uniform and riding an old motorcycle. So – I assume she was one while Hell Cat …

        I was raised to be nice to everyone but in our part of town, there were only a few black people. And they were on the outskirts of town.

        So – to be racist – is it a learned behavior? Must be – because I don’t consider race to be a factor in my feelings toward a person.

        I just don’t like assholes – and they come in all colors…..


    Have you heard about this? Maybe this is what we need to bring up at this time in our divided partisan political bickering…..

    Remember when a Catholic, anti-government, ex-military angry white male was convicted and executed for the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995?

    From all the rantings of these CONservative Republicans today – one might think that only dark-skinned Muslims are terrorists that commit mass murder..


    This is interesting….workers actually protesting the firing of their CEO. But listen to what type of CEO these workers have had – and what their kind of future is in the cards now that their beloved CEO is no longer in power.

    Two corporate-types are being brought in from outside. One is a woman from a grocery chain. But exactly what would a guy from Radio Shack know about the grocery business?

    Just two corporate cookie-cutter types that put profits before people?

    as I read this article – I could not help but think about the Koch brothers. What if those two brothers that sued David and Charles awhile back would start another family feud?

    Maybe the family feud would take up so much that Charles and David would not have their hands all over our political system…..

    one could only hope..

  6. “No question, Obama should have reached out more to the people in Congress who said it was their mission to make him fail.” — Andy Borowitz

    • There was a woman political pundit on some talking head show last week going on and on about how Obama has not reached out to Congress and ‘wine and dine’ them.

      Why the Hell should the president have to wine and dine these asshats to just DO THEIR jobs???????

      This is precisely what I was talking about just the other day when I said that Obama has one major flaw – IMHO.

      Obama actually believes that people will ultimately do the right thing and to follow the rules and work together.

      This is where Obama is dead wrong. How many times has Obama reached out to Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, McCain and other Republicans just to get his teeth kicked in?

      Do you really think that these same Republicans would give Obama the time of day if their boy had won the White House in 2008 or 2012?

      Don’t hold your breath on that one….

    • BTW – As our new President and his wife were dancing at the 2008 Inauguration Ball – a bunch of sore loser Republicans were down the street in some fancy restaurant sitting around and plotting to bring down Obama.

      And then these same morons went on television and loudly proclaimed their #1 goal is to make Obama fail.

      Republicans are a queer bunch…….these folks are just sore losers….but they are sore losers with the power to drop bombs over anybody and everybody they see as a threat to them…

      This just makes me extremely dangerous and should be nowhere near any seat of power..