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  1. The graphic today says it all…..doesn’t it?

    But, but…..those white people brought Jesus with them to save those savages from eternity in Hell. Well, that and to take over their land and keep everything for themselves – you betcha ….wink-wink



    Read this article and remember – this is for US taxpayer money spent on Afghanistan since 2001.

    Hmmm…..Which party had total control from the years 2001 to 2006?

    Can you say Republicans….I know you can – (tip of the hat to Mr. Rogers infamous wording when trying to teach young children)

    I don’t want to hear one damn word from any damn Republican about Democrats being big spenders – these same folks sat by and applauded when their Little Cowboy President spent our tax dollars like a drunken sailor.

  3. I still don’t understand who is profiting from the children arriving at our southern border, but I agree with Indy that’s a vital fact. Why are we so good at fighting the wrong enemies? Why don’t we fight those who profit from atrociousness against humanity?

  4. Who is innocent?

    Who are the murderers?

    Who bears the blame?

    People who want to live their lives, no matter where they live, will protect their homes and families. They will fight back, they will run or hide if they can. And, meantime, other people — the ones who profit from the killing — are safe in their boardrooms.

    • This is nothing new – remember the story George W. Bush and Gang told about Pat Tillman’s death?

      And for what? To use his made-up story to recruit even more young Americans to join the military and go be fresh meat for the Neocon’s war for dominance?

      • NEVER trust any person who can only say one thing when confronted with a crisis – Bomb-Bomb-Bomb

        And if the Americans are stupid enough to vote in a Republican in 2016 – then don’t act surprised when that man declares war on every foreign country the NeoCons and Evangelinuts do not like.

        Also – pay close attention to when that day comes because I will guarantee you that Warmongers will NEVER talk about how much federal spending is going sky high.

        There is nothing like the smell of several wars going on at once to these Republicans.

        Also -pay close attention that these warmongers will never actually volunteer to put their own lily-white butts on the front line of combat. That is reserved for ‘other people’ to sacrifice their loved ones.


    When is this going to stop happening?

    My DIL told me last night she heard where there is a new alarm system that will sound when a child is left in the car seat.

    Is it just me showing my age or have we been dumbed down so far that we now need to have an alarm system to alert people that their child is in the car seat when they exit the vehicle?

    Call me silly and naïve – but how freakin’ hard is it to always check the car seats BEFORE you get out of the car yourself?

    Even with that – I guess I am from the days where parents actually knew where their young kids were??

    DAMN… tragic and senseless to hear of so many kids dying from being left in some damn car..


      I found this article about Coach Paterno’s son telling the story of when he was solicited at the age of 13 by some pedophile – possibly a university professor.

      Please note in this article – the younger Paterno stated that his father was conservative, clueless about sex. The elder Paterno even wondered out loud at some coach’s meeting as to how two of his players could have sex with the same Penn State co-ed on the same night.

      Seriously? A grown man with a family of his own did not have a freakin’ clue as to how two of his players could have had sex with the same girl on the same night?

      Ever hear about gang rape – that lynch mob mentality mindset takes over and after all – boys will be boys….You betcha -….wink-wink

      But – if Coach Paterno was that clueless about sex – maybe we need to question why he was put in charge of so many young men filled to their eyeballs with raging hormones???

      But – back to the pedophile issue – if Coach Paterno was that clueless about sex – then is it any wonder he did not know – nor would he even understand the depth of depravity if he did know about Jerry Sanduskey?

      Why do such seemingly intelligent and successful people always paint themselves as they just did not know…..

      Kinda like my ex-friend – the devout Catholic – who actually told me with a straight face that the child molestation sex scandal and the Courts ruling against the Catholic Church so they had to pay out $3 billion (that is the last total amount I heard as of last month). was just a ‘little problem’.

      NO -….it is not just a little problem – it is a huge freakin’ problem..

      Just like all this domestic violence crap being swept under the rug – as long as you’re a professional and overpaid sports player.

    • Also note that this younger Paterno is suing Penn State for loss of his reputation after being fired..

      What is more disturbing is the fact that there was a university professor that was charged around the time this 13-yr-old Paterno said he was solicited. But the charges were dropped and this university professor moved on to another university campus – where he got caught again and is now in federal prison.

      So, please tell me again how the Catholic Church leaders knowingly chose to cover up for those child molesting priests and they do not have any regrets about moving these perverts around to different parishes when they would get caught or the secret was about to come out….

      Pope Francis has said he wants to clean house – I hope he does. If he does not, then he is just another flawed leader in a long line of flawed leaders in that group – IMHO

  6. giggles and grins