Thursday, 7/24/14, Public Square

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  1. Legal question – if I ask a Bible Thumper to stop preaching in my face and they do not stop – have they violated my right to freedom of speech and/or my religious liberty?

    Just like that friend of mine that keeps forwarding those damn emails. I have asked her several time to stop and she keeps on sending them.

    When do my rights kick in and not have to put up with this insensitive behavior?

    But…this is something that I find Evangelinuts never seem to understand – they truly believe that they can do whatever they want because they have Jesus on their side.

    • I don’t know, and maybe 6176 will come along and answer. I think as long as it’s words only and especially if it’s via email your recourse is to direct her emails to your spam folder so you never have to see them. If she were in your home I think you’d have greater options. Those folks who show up at our door can either be ignored or if we open the door and then regret it we can close the door the instant we want.

      Recently I saw a group carrying Bibles and phamplets going door to door. I made sure my door was closed but didn’t turn down the television or close the window coverings. I didn’t hide, I simply decided not to answer the door. When they came to my door they actually looked in the window and saw me so kept pressing the doorbell a little longer. I don’t think someone who couldn’t take my obvious hint was anyone I wanted to interact with!

      I’m sure they ‘care’ about me and my soul… [eye roll]

      I would probably tell her that since she can’t respect you and your request of NOT having your email addy spread to her list (everyone should know by now how to send group emails w/o sharing the email addresses!) the best you could do was mark her as spam. I’d let her know that means if she ever sends an honest communication you won’t be seeing it because everything she sends is now going to spam.

    • Short answer – no. Reason: no state (governmental) action involved. Also, no statute involved, at least in Kansas.

      Send emails to spam, or (if allowed by your email client), mark for immediate deletion. On those in your face, unfortunately, it’s up to you to walk away.

    • The Lawyer of the group is better at this one, but I would say that an e-mail is a different subject then in your face speech. If I saying something you do not like you don’t have to open my e-mail. you simply would have a choice to avoid it. But in your face speech can you can do is walk away but then I can just follow you and continue.

      • Exactly, rd. Absent some other statute which might apply, that’s the crux of it on public property or private property where the p-i-a is present with the owner’s permission. Once on property you own or lease, you can tell them to leave and if they don’t file a complaint for trespassing.

      • I was told years ago that in order to file trespassing charges, I have to have told the trespasser in person or by letter that he/she is not welcome on my property.

        I assume that is still true?

      • Yes, they must be on notice.

  2. It’s exactly because too many people are easily swayed when Jesus is brought into the conversation that I can’t ever again vote for anyone who runs on the ‘family values,’ ‘strong religious beliefs’ lines while campaigning. To me those are code words for mixing politics and religion. I’ve never seen a single good thing come from mixing those two! It isn’t that it bothers me to have a deeply-religious elected official, but it’s easy to see who is honest, moral, trustworthy and it is NOT always those who tout their religion loudly.

    Actions speak more loudly than words.

    If a candidate is asked about religion I expect them to answer honestly, but I’ve never found any virtue in making it a cornerstone of their campaign. Each candidate that tout their faith as evidence that they’re honorable and trustworthy has turned out to be someone who won’t enact laws to protect our environment, won’t support real science in education, and interjects politics into women’s private health-care decisions. Although they’ll go to extremes to protect a clump of cells in a woman’s uterus they won’t do anything to feed a hungry child, make health-care affordable or assure worker’s of wages they can live on. They’ll protect the wealthiest and send the poor to die in foreign wars. None of what their actions show me has anything to do with being honorable or trustworthy.

    • Once again, fnord, I agree with you 100%.

      Just for information purposes – when I was in the Fundy Baptist church – it was mandatory that the youth group go ‘witnessing’. That entailed exactly what you talked about when you those folks kept ringing your doorbell and even looked in your window to see that you were home.

      We were told that Jesus commanded us to go out and spread his Word – so Jesus gave us permission to do anything and everything we could to help ‘save the lost souls’.

      To any rational and sane person – that sounds like a bunch of hogwash. But when you are deep into that theological thinking and everybody else is doing it – and then add on the unsaid threat that if you do not witness to lost souls, then YOUR eternal soul is in danger of being sent to Hell.

      It takes a rational and independent thinker to come to the conclusion that just because some Church preacher tells you to out to witness to others does not give you the right to disrespect others.

      But – then that is where the threat of losing your soul to Hell comes in – with that thought deep in your mind, you’re more willing to cross that line into disrespecting others and their right to their own freedom of religion.

      After all – their God is the not the one True God – like your version of Jesus.

      This is what made me want to get out of that Fundy Baptist mindset – these folks were rude, arrogant and all-around assholes – IMHO

      And this was back in the late 1970’s – these Evangelicals are worse now because Reagan gave them the keys to the inner sanctum of the GOP in 1980 and they have gotten only more rude, more arrogant and bigger assholes due to their increased political strength.

      • My grandpa never went to church except for funerals and weddings.

        BUT one thing my Grandpa did do was to treat others with dignity and respect. He was not a wealthy man but he shared what he had if someone else needed anything.

        My Grandpa actually lived the Christian life that some of these Gucchi-suited, gold-jewelry-blnged-out preachers and televangelists can only screech about.

        I’ve said this many times before – if Heaven is going to be filled with all these Faux Christians – would that be Heaven? Not to my way of thinking.

        Can you imagine being next to Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell for eternity? Damn….talk about being in Hell.

      • LOL i they kept looking in my window they would soon be praying to God since the twelve gage would have been looking back!

      • Maybe seeing that 12 guage looking directly back at them will give them their ‘come to Jesus meeting’ they so richly deserve – LOL

        But these kind of folks just don’t get it – do they? They claim they are there to help people get saved and find Jesus – but yet they trample on people’s rights and privacy and then wonder why people just don’t like them..

  3. ‘CONSERVATIVES’ fighting to take health insurance coverage away from around 20million people — at a cost of how much? How much do these ‘conservatives’ plan to spend on this stupidity?

    Can they really want to roll us back to where we had no protections from junk insurance policies and they will not insure people with pre-existing conditions (which could be what ever the insurance companies tell you they are)? What sane person could really want to go back?

    Speaker Boehner’s ‪#‎GOPLawsuit‬ makes no sense. Republicans cost the economy $24 billion during the government shutdown, and spent over $79 million on votes to repeal or undermine the ACA. Now they want to waste more money to sue President Obama.

    • Barack Obama has one major flaw when it comes to dealing with Conservative Republicans – IMHO

      Obama believes that Americans all have the basic desire to see their country resolve problems and move forward by showing compassion and empathy for all its citizens.

      Sad to say – these CONservative Republicans have shown me time and time again that they truly do NOT care about anyone or anything – except their own partisan political pissing contests and lining their own pockets with money.

      • Obama keeps saying that he hopes one day to work with Republicans..

        That day is apparently the Twelfth of N-E-V-E-R

        Obama needs to go ahead and do whatever he can by executive orders and tell the GOP to sit down and STFU

      • I read a piece recently that detailed the advantages to republicans keeping everything in turmoil. I don’t know if I can find it again, but basically, the worse things are the better it is for republicans. And, we know they don’t give a shit about our country and her citizens. All that matters to them is winning elections.

      • Winning elections is all fine and dandy – but I wonder if anybody has noticed the Grand Old Party has lost the last two presidential elections???

        Should somebody make them a sign showing how S-T-U-P-I-D they are?

    • This I just can not understand, I get so much of this stuff in my e-mails on the subject of repealing “Obama care”.

      • I reply back with the line from I think it is “A Christmas Carol”, “Let the poor and the destitute die and rid the world of the excess population!” . Generally if they do reply it is to call me soul less and mean!

  4. Okay, I’ll take it! 🙂

    (from the link): Health insurance policyholders in Missouri will receive $14.6 million in rebates from health insurers under a provision of the Affordable Care Act known as the Medical Loss Ratio rule. Kansas policyholders will receive $3.6 million.

    The Medical Loss Ratio rule requires insurance companies to spend at least 80 percent of premium dollars on medical care and quality improvement, as opposed to administrative costs like salaries and marketing.

    Insurers that don’t meet that benchmark have to refund the difference to customers.

    A statement released by U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell said that 352,661 Missouri consumers will benefit from the rebates on 2013 premiums, meaning families will receive an average of $66 apiece.

    In Kansas, nearly 60,000 health insurance enrollees will benefit from the rebates, getting an average of $89 per family.

    Health Insurance Enrollees In Missouri, Kansas To Get More Than $18 Million In Rebates

    • Does this apply to only people signed up through Obamacare?

      Everytime I see a television ad for some health insurance company starring some celebrity or other overpaid mouthpiece….I just want to scream.

      • In my case – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas has met the requirements so no rebates will be sent to anybody.

        I will say – BCBS seems to handle our claims without too much trouble.

        The only thing I disagree with them on is the fact BCBS told me that Via Christi had the right to bill for that well-woman exam any way they wanted to and that BCBS did not have the right to tell them to change their coding.

        This was in regards to that $25 co-pay that Via Christi’s employee even told me was waived due to it being a well-woman exam.

        So – BCBS basically told me that my fight was with Via Christi and they could not help me…

        Yeah, sure, Via Christi Billing Department will let go of a $25 payment (big eye roll)

        I’ve seen Via Christi send people to collections for less than $5.00 balance owed.

        But yet the Via Christi slogan is ‘because your life matters’…..I call B.S. on that one!!!!

      • The link says: Consumers will get the refunds in one of several ways: a mailed refund check to policyholders by Aug. 1; a reimbursement to the policyholder’s premium account; or a direct reduction in future premiums. Employers handle the refunds to those who buy insurance through them.

  5. I believe this is a republican —

    • To be a ‘real’ CONservative Republican – one would have to strap down an AK-47 weapon somewhere on that truck and a big misspelled sign….

  6. Asher Bob White

    O.K.! That should hold ‘er. Temporarily.