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  1. Or place their dog in it’s cage surrounded by rubbers…

    It is way past time to hold men accountable for where they point that thing..


    Are Americans getting the government we deserve when voters have turned off from the process?

    Or is it something else? Are Americans really not concerned about who is running the government as long as they are getting their designer coffee and blinged out cell phones?

    Voter turnout has been declining since the mid-1960’s – we did not have designer coffee and cell phones back then…

    What the hell has happened to our country?

    • Those people who seem otherwise intelligent and say things like, “if voting worked it would be illegal” are the most frustrating to me. I’ve tried reasoning and bringing up that the reliable vote of the craziest of the crazies needs to be outnumbered and crushed. Any ideas would be appreciated! Voting is our only hope and I cannot give that hope up just because too many are disillusioned. How do we get them to be responsible citizens and accept that right and responsibility?

      • I think you have hit that nail on its head – responsibility

        How many average Americans now take responsibility for anything?

        Seriously, we have seen our country be dumbed down to the point where even the basic facts about our country’s history and the way our government works is something a lot of folks were never taught.

        Which is why the Krazy Klown Kar of the GOP can use their media mouthpiece to distort, twist and in some cases just make up stuff and call it ‘facts’.

        If you want an example of how our own country’s history has been dumbed own – just look at what came out of Sarah Palin’s mouth and several other Republicans.

      • Of course, back in my childhood days – corporations also strived to be good American citizens.

        When has that happened in the last three decades?

        Corporations are seen as a person now with all the same rights as me – but yet I don’t get huge government subsidies and special tax breaks.


    Just another wealthy white male Republican running for a Senate seat. This guy spent $3 million of his own money in this primary race.

    The primary….!!!!

    And all this guy has to say is that he is going to prosecute the last six years of Obama?

    What is this guy for? What is this guy going to actually do for people who do not have $3 million of their own money to buy their Senate seat?

    And the sad fact is – this is not the first guy we have seen do this in our current-day political arena.

    Far too many people are simply buying their seat of power…..and to do what?

    Cause more gridlock and a Do Nothing Congress?

    Why would any foreign terrorists bother themselves with attacking America? We seem more than sufficient to destroy ourselves – from within.

    • BTW – this wealthy dude only won by 6,000 vote – and check out the low voter turnout…

      I posted an article above with graphs regarding the decline of voter turnout since 1966.

      Maybe we truly are deserving of the government we get when the vast majority of folks just don’t seem to give a damn…

  4. Asher Bob White

    Kids are great: a true blessing. I have five. Two marriages. That’s enough of both. I support contraceptives for women and am one happy, well cared-for man.

    • Wish there were a lot more self-assured and strong men like yourself in our society.

      Life would be so much more rewarding – not to have keep fighting the same old social issue battles year after year after year….

  5. The comments go onandon and come from ALL ACROSS THE GLOBE.

    This Guy Put His Hospital Bill Online. Now The Whole World is Talking About It.

  6. Yes, it can be fixed, quite easily.

    (from the link): I’m reasonably confident sanity will prevail in the courts, but if it doesn’t, congressional Republicans, ostensibly led by John Boehner, will be confronted with a dilemma for which they’re wholly unprepared. Indeed, they will have a choice between two scenarios: (1) doing nothing but celebrate as millions of lower- and middle-income families get hit with higher taxes, soaring premiums, and lost health care coverage; or (2) approving an easy, one-page fix that prevents lower- and middle-income families from getting hit with higher taxes, soaring premiums, and lost health care coverage.

    If this fight gets to this point, it’d be easy to imagine President Obama holding up a single piece of paper and saying, “I’m asking Congress to pass this one-page bill to prevent struggling families from being punished for no reason. The whole thing can be done in a half-hour. After that, we can go right back to fighting over health care again, but in the meantime, I’m asking lawmakers in both parties: don’t let these families suffer over an easy-to-fix drafting error.”

    At that point, Boehner would say … what exactly? “Screw ‘em, Republicans have decided we want red-state families to pay higher premiums”?

    The Speaker’s statement said yesterday the system “cannot be fixed.” But therein lies the point: a one-page fix is incredibly simple. Congress could do it today, remove uncertainty, and reassure millions of families nationwide.

    The Speaker, the ACA, and the ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ Adage

    • It will be a matter of political calculus at the time, fnord. If the GOP gets effective control of the Senate in 2014, retaining the majority in the House, I can visualize a scenario where no “fix” will be forthcoming. Hey, I hope I’m wrong, but I never doubt political ambition trumping all else. We can get all starry eyed about Democratic majorities nationally, but if these majorities are concentrated in a few states, it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things where control of both houses of Congress is better than winning the Presidency.

  7. I copied this from Facebook. It was written by someone I don’t know, named Richard Schatten. I appreciate what he wrote and I am very proud of what Liberalism stands for.

    Be proud of what Liberalism stands for!! We have survived a Great Depression and numerous recessions…because, of ‘who’ we are!!
    Who led us into the greatest depression in US History? and who’s led us in the highest unemployment rates? Conservatives!!. Who have publicly acknowledged by their words and/or actions, they don’t care about the Poor, about the Sick, about the Hungry, about the Elderly, or about the Youth? Conservatives, that’s who!!

    Now, who’s led this country out of a depression? and who’s led this country, out of our worst recessions? Who cares for the Sick, the Poor, the Hungry, the Elderly, the Young…and the Mothers? Liberals, that’s who!!
    Be proud of being a Liberal, and shout it out loud!! Because of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and other plans implemented…all of us, Liberals, Conservatives, Rich, or Poor…have enjoyed a much finer quality of life, than anyone else in the world!!
    Conservatives identify Liberalism, primarily through social entitlements…those entitlements associated with feeding the hungry, healing the sick, helping the poor, respecting and taking care of our elders, educating our next generations, etc. If it all sounds like acts of humility…helping those less fortunate, just as Jesus Christ led his life…then, you can feel good about yourself, because you’ve done what’s right!!

    When a Conservative confronts you, and attacks your Liberal beliefs…just ask him or her, what Christian act have ‘they’ done for humanity, today??