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  1. It’s against our Constitution to base laws around religion. Republicans run on interjecting their religious beliefs into public policy — they tell us in advance they plan to violate the First Amendment! They use talking points about religion, family values, and taxes, but they’re nothing more than empty words. Republicans are just puppets for the 1%, they are tools for those who bought them. When they start in on their “biblical principles” I always think of the governments around the world based around a Theocracy. It should be the warning everyone needs to vote against these people!

  2. The link above spoke to organized religion being about control. It seems to me the oligarchic campaign to extend control over our government and society is using religion to get groups of people controlled in the name of whatever they believe in. They are easily maneuvered once they are controlled.

    This piece speaks to another part of the control —

    Born of corruption, why would anyone expect this SCOTUS majority to be anything but corrupt?

  3. I like this thought!

    • Asher Bob White

      I am completely in favor of this idea and action. Yes, let’s Keep The Kids and Deport the Racists.
      Wouldn’t the U.S. be so very much better a place, if race didn’t matter. Enough interracial bisexual activity could eventually fix that problem!

  4. Another REPUBLICAN male. They MUST be defeated! We can do it! When women vote, democrats are elected!

    Basic Rights Oregon:

    Candidate for Oregon Governor Dennis Richardson is best known to the
    LGBT community as the legislator who equated our Oregon Equality Act with a violent massacre. Now he’s made it clear that he has no respect for the privacy rights of women.

    Please join us in sending a message to him that Oregonians believe in the right of all people to make critical health care decisions within the privacy of a doctor-patient relationship.

    • HER actions? What about the male that actually caused the conception of that baby?

      We NEVER hear of any controlling of the man’s body – do we?

      • Poking fun at her? Sorry it was the first thing that came to mind which your question.

      • Maybe the one with the ‘poking stick needs to be held accountable for where he pokes that thing..

        Seriously, I’ve heard this all my life – boys will be boys..

        Isn’t it about time we all just grew up and took responsibility for our own actions?

        I had a co-worker whose niece is unmarried, had a loser boyfriend and ended up pregnant. My co-worker would say that the poor little baby did not have a daddy.

        Yes, there is a daddy – because it takes two people to make that baby.

        That is what I am talking about….

  5. (This is the response I got to a message I sent:

    Jul 20 at 2:41 PM

    I do not get distracted, I have been watching and paying attention to what is happening with the tea party and the neo-cons. They have been trying to ruin my party and this country. But as to your request for money? Is this not a fight for this country and our system of governess? That you should be doing regardless of whether someone sends you money or not!

    On Saturday, July 19, 2014 12:33 PM, Harry Reid wrote:

    Dear Rick,

    Speaker Boehner is about to bring a lawsuit against the President.

    It’s nothing but a huge distraction. If it’s a daytime show-trial they want, they should go talk to Judge Judy. Though Judge Judy would probably throw it out in half a second.

    This is the show the Tea Party wants, but it is not what the Speaker and the House should be focusing on. What about creating jobs? What about extending unemployment insurance for unemployed Americans? What about equal pay for all Americans?

    It’s up to us to fight for what matters — and I need you on my side. Help us keep fighting back against the Tea Party and their radical agenda with a contribution of $5.

    If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

    Express Donate: $5

    Express Donate: $10

    Express Donate: $25

    Or donate another amount.

    You can’t sue the President for disagreeing with you. Well, you can, but it’s a gigantic waste of time and money. And that’s exactly what Boehner is doing — wasting precious taxpayer money and time to accomplish…absolutely nothing.

    Republicans are hoping this lawsuit lights a fire under their base this election year. But Rick — we can’t get distracted by this nonsense.

    Ours is a network built for action. And we need to take action today. Contribute $5 or $10 toward our July goal today.

    Thank you for working to build a grassroots network dedicated to fighting these fights.

    Harry Reid

    Asking for a donation to do what he is there to do?

  6. What do you think? True?