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    • There is no need for birth control if the man’s ability to impregnate the woman is taken out of the equation – is there?

      But I remember my childhood when the old saying was – boys will be boys.

      Sad to say – that old saying is still alive and well today.

  1. Republicans MUST be voted out! Women have the numbers IF WE VOTE! We can’t have another judge (NOT a single one!) appointed by a republican!

    (from the link): Two years ago failed senatorial candidate Todd Akin claimed that if a woman is “legitimately raped” the biological process differentiates between conjugal sex and legitimate rape and shuts down the reproductive process. Now, Akin is on a national book tour defending his lunacy and promoting the idea of personhood. Personhood is the absurd contention that the instant a sperm cell punctures an ovum, the resulting single-celled zygote is a person with all the Constitutional rights enumerated in the 14th Amendment. Now, several Republican Senate candidates across the country have joined Akin in support of zygote personhood the Supreme Court gave legitimacy in Hobby Lobby and the crusade to criminalize contraception and abortion begins in earnest.

    Despite all known medical and biological science, when the conservative court agreed with Hobby Lobby’s owners that sex while using contraception is abortion and considered murder, Personhood gained judicial validity. In effect, the Catholic conservatives affirmed personhood and opened the door for religious Republicans to outlaw all birth control as murder; an assertion Republican Senate candidates Cory Gardner (Colorado), Thom Tillis (N.C), Tom Cotton (Ark), Terri Lynn Land (MI), Joni Ernst (IA), and Steve Daines (Mont) all support. All of the Republicans also support banning abortion without exception, and many support making abortion a felony and banning hospitals from offering emergency contraception to rape and incest victims.

    2014 Republican Candidates Are Cut From The Same Cloth As Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin

    • The need for erectile dysfunction pills should also be seen as God’s way of ‘shutting that whole thing down’ – IMHO

      But have we heard any Republicans pushing to ban the use of these erectile dysfunction pills?

    • Asher Bob White

      “Republicans must be voted out! Women have the numbers …” And I, and men like me, will join those millions of women! Such change would vastly improve the USA of today.

      • There are men who will stand with strong and independent women and I thankful for those men.

        I do believe if women were running our country, we would not see as many hungry and homeless people as we currently have in our midst.

        I still shake my head when I hear of the tens of millions of dollars spent on election campaigns but yet we have kids who are going hungry?

        But yet I have had Republicans tell me that they don’t care how much money politicians have to spend – they just want Obama and the Democrats to lose.

        I don’t understand that way of thinking ….and never will.



    Another Hollywood actor has died – James Garner. I did not know he was born in Oklahoma.


    This is an interesting article – is the right to union organize a civil right?

    This is yet another reason to vote out as many Republicans in 2014 and 2016 as possible.

    IMHO – if a corporation has the right to refuse to offer health insurance that covers birth control due to their religious beliefs – then why can’t people have the civil right to organize unions at their own workplace?

    Hey – corporations are now seen as a ‘person’ – and if they have rights, so should the workers.


    Israel and Hamas keeping firing rockets back and forth – and have for many years. Nothing is ever resolved. Can it be resolved?

    Seriously, I am tired of hearing about these two groups who act like spoiled bratty kids who refuse to get along.

    Maybe it’s time to build a damn wall and tell both sides to stay away from each other. If they don’t – then the rest of the world has the right to drop a few bombs on both sides until they are both gone – end of story.

    But – does the fact that the US gives $3 billion per year in foreign aid to Israel factor into how much moral authority we have in trying to resolve this fighting issue?

    Gun violence – is this America’s war on steroids?

    I don’t know what the answer is to our society’s problems. But one thing I have noticed in the last three decades, there are a lot of beautiful mega churches (all tax free sitting on prime real estate) but yet our society is filled with people who seem to not care – no respect, no common courtesy, no patience – and way too easy access to guns.

    What good does it do to have all these churches when our young children are being gunned down….and nobody has the political balls to confront the real problem of too-easy access?

    • BTW – I’ve also noticed in the last three decades – a lot of those mega churches are politically involved in social issues – but yet our country is bombarded weekly with stories like Chicago’s kids being killed in senseless gun violence.

      Maybe these churches need to stop patting themselves on their back for being pro-life when they protest at the clinic and get rid of their inside swimming pools, gyms and coffee café in their churches.

      Maybe it’s time our churches started being ‘real’ churches again – ministering to others and living the Christian life by example and not just pretty words.

      Just a thought…


    Where were you when Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon?

    I was sitting in the living room, surrounded by my immediate family and several extended family members. We were all watching the television so intensely that you could hear a pin drop in the room.

    Of course, back then, we only had three major networks and the Public Education channel.

    I wonder if we would see people gather around their television sets to watch the first man walk on Mars? Media is now available in hundreds of different channels and all different types of devices, not just the television set in our living room – filled with our families and/or friends.

    Have we lost something special that was so commonplace in my childhood? That ability to be amazed at what is possible?

    Have we lost the ability to be impressed by an event that radically changed the world around us?

    Or – in this day and age – if there is not a celebrity involved in some scandal – would some folks even look up to notice?

    We’ve lost our priorities somewhere along the line…IMHO

    • I was “on call” at the mortuary where I had just started to work while in college.

    • I was a young married and our television (an early hand-me-down piece) had quit working so we had driven home to my parents even tho it was fairly late, and just like you we all watched it together with great anticipation!

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    Dear Rick,

    Speaker Boehner is about to bring a lawsuit against the President.

    It’s nothing but a huge distraction. If it’s a daytime show-trial they want, they should go talk to Judge Judy. Though Judge Judy would probably throw it out in half a second.

    This is the show the Tea Party wants, but it is not what the Speaker and the House should be focusing on. What about creating jobs? What about extending unemployment insurance for unemployed Americans? What about equal pay for all Americans?

    It’s up to us to fight for what matters — and I need you on my side. Help us keep fighting back against the Tea Party and their radical agenda with a contribution of $5.
    If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:
    You can’t sue the President for disagreeing with you. Well, you can, but it’s a gigantic waste of time and money. And that’s exactly what Boehner is doing — wasting precious taxpayer money and time to accomplish…absolutely nothing.

    Republicans are hoping this lawsuit lights a fire under their base this election year. But Rick — we can’t get distracted by this nonsense.

    Ours is a network built for action. And we need to take action today. “”

    Thank you for working to build a grassroots network dedicated to fighting these fights.

    Harry Reid

    I do not get distracted, I have been watching and paying attention to what is happening with the tea party and the neo-cons. They have been trying to ruin my party and this country. But as to your request for money? Is this not a fight for this country and our system of governess? That you should be doing regardless of whether someone sends you money or not!

    • I do not live on a lake or a boat, but something about this smelled fishy to me!

      • According to spell checker they even misspell the GOP leader’s name!

      • That is what frustrates me – it seems that both sides are so busy fundraising off this constant bickering – that I truly wonder if these folks care more about fighting the injustice or just lining their own pockets.

        I am truly an independent – I don’t care much for either party.

        BUT – I would still prefer Obama in the White House than any of the numerous Republicans that have been paraded past me as that party’s answer to any problem..