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smaller deficit


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  1. You would think any sane adult person could tell the difference between talking a big game and actually accomplishing — or even trying to accomplish — what you said.

    You would think.

    History proves those who vote to elect republicans can’t tell the difference.

    • Republicans — making up their own reality and their own ‘facts.’ Then expecting those who are sane adults to believe them.

      • It really helps when Republicans have a 24/7 media outlet that uses gossip and innuendos as sources for their news.

        What’s the surprise here? I equate the Republicans to a bunch of old gossipy church women.

        What these self righteous, pious and hate-filled folks can do to a kernel of truth is brilliantly evil. And it never fails to amaze me how many other folks are so gullible when eating up that cotton candy.

        The old saying is proven true – a lie makes it halfway around the world before the truth gets its sneakers on

  2. This is one of the things I told that Republican poll taker the other day. I told her that when the Republican Party goes back to the days of Eisenhower to learn how to balance the budget and actually be fiscally responsible – give me a call. Until that point in time, do not waste my time in trying to convince me Republicans give a damn.

  3. Republicans suck at running the US economy but these folks sure know how to start a bunch of endless wars.

  4. If only the right-wing, hating, nutjobs could do this —

    And they call themselves pro-life. Yeah, right. [eye roll]

    • I am still waiting to hear of anyone in the media or these politicians ask the bigger question – who is profiting off these kids crossing the border? These kids are not even attempting to cross illegally – they are turning themselves in at the border stations.

      WHY….and somebody has to be helping these kids make that 1,000 mile journey just to get to the US border.

      If there are parents working in the US – then why are they not trying to get their kids in here legally?

      Or – are these parents all undocumented illegals and that brings up my initial question – who is profiting off these folks?

      Somewhere – somehow – there is a lot of money being made off these people.

      Why do we NEVER go after the root source of the problem?

      • The money is being made by the “coyotes”, or human smugglers. It is my understanding that many, if not most, of the children are sent here by parents to escape violence, poverty, etc. occurring at home. There may be family in the U.S., or there may not be. Hopefully someone else with knowledge can comment.

      • Are there any corporations behind these smugglers to get cheap labor?

        I know there are some of these kids that are 14 to 16 years old – but they could be forced to work in the farm fields and/or restaurants in the back room – hidden away from inquiring eyes..

      • Hell – third world countries have been found to allow child slave workers as young as 9 or 10 years old.

        Is this what is coming to America?


    Mobile health care – aka doctor’s call – is a new service. This video explains the concept of this health care service and it is stated that people pay a premium for this service.

    Is this a way of the future – or is it just helping those people that have the money to pay for this service the only ones that will benefit?

    I still remember the days when my family doctor took care of my immediate family and my extended family members, as well.

    This man took care of everyone from the day he brought us into the world and when grandpa died (the family doctor died a few years later).

    More than a family doctor – Dr. Lyman was a neighbor, a good friend and a good person. He never once pushed his religion or politics down our throats. He was in private practice – no corporation behind him telling him how to jump and how much to gouge his patients when it came to the billing.

    This video seems to state that their new mobile health care service is not to take the place of a family doctor – but what if that was possible?

    What if a bunch of family doctors just got their bellies full of dealing with all this insurance crappola and decided to go out on their own?

    What am I talking about….that will never happen…..because when it comes right down to it – in today’s world, the Almighty Dollar comes first..

    Maybe that’s the real problem – our values and priorities have changed since my childhood where the family doctor was actually able to be the doctor and not some insurance-billing-machine…

    • I think we have all made previous comments that the Affordable Care Act really did not reform health care – it only reformed the way insurance companies are paid.

      Health care is still needed and the last time I went to my doctor, the cost was $300 for a well-woman exam. $300 ????

      I was also told by their receptionist that my co-pay was waived since it was a well-woman exam. But when it came down to the billing time – Via Christi billed it as a regular exam and then demanded I pay that co-pay of $25 within 10 days or they would turn me over to collections.

      I asked them why their own employee told me the $25 co-pay was waived and even refused to take my $25 payment that day. All they said was – don’t know, but YOU owe us the $25 co-pay and we expect it to be paid within 10 days.

      I did appeal this decision – with the same damn billing people that billed it wrong in the first place – and shock of all shocks – they ruled that I was wrong and they were correct. And then again told me they expected my $25 to be paid within 10 days.

      And during all this time – I’m thinking – you are Via Christi Catholics and then you have audacity to scream about religious persecution when some corporation does not want to provide birth control pills for their employees.

      DAMN…….. get your priorities straight.

      • BTW – Wesley and Cypress Springs billing people do NOT treat you like this when you have any balanced owed.

        Both of these places will gladly set up payment arrangements. Cypress Springs even said that whatever amount I paid was okay with them – as long as something was paid every 30 days.

        If these two places can do this – then the damn Catholics can ‘get over’ their demand for full payment within 10 days.

        Now – to be fair – Via Christi did give me 6 months to pay a rather large balanced owed. But they were not happy to give me 6 months – they wanted it in 3 months.

        Hell – there are a lot of things I want but I don’t get them. What makes these Catholics so damn special?

    • Many of these concierge medical providers do not accept insurance. Draw your own conclusions.

      • There is a new concierge medical group building in Bel Aire. I noticed in the newspaper article that they do not accept insurance.

        These folks are building a short-term rehab unit plus an assisted living type place – IIRC

        I am interested to see if this new place is successful. I, for one, wish them all the best but if they are just going to drain off the top level of private pay patients – then what will that do to the already existing comparable health care facilities?

        I remember our first years in the Nursing home business. Before a new nursing home could be built, a Certificate of Need had to be granted from the state. There were several hoops to jump through in order to be awarded the Certificate of Need (C.O.N.).

        They did away with this requirement awhile back – which is why we see so many new long-term care and assisted living complexes being built.

        At what point will the saturation be pouring over??