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    There is more to this story than what we are hearing – IMHO

    But, then again, condemnation of the people responsible for shooting down this plane should come – and come swiftly.

    But, let’s not think this is the first time a commercial airliner has been shot down. The United States has been the one that shot down an airliner and this was during Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

    So – before all this pious and pompous Reepublican elected officials start to beat their war drums even louder – let’s do some research into how many times some damn fool country has shot down a commercial airliner filled with innocent people – shall we?

  2. Please note – Reagan did his infamous speech piling on the hate for Russia when they shot down that Korean airliner in 1983.

    Also note – the United States shot down an Iranian airliner in 1988 (5 years later) and what did Reagan do? Did he apologize or condemn the USA for shooting down this airliner?

    Eight years later – the United States paid Iran a settlement of $61.8 million but offered no apology nor even took responsibility for this tragedy.

    Hmmmm…….and then these CONS express such shock that rest of the world might just view us as hypocrits and/or liars?

    • Worth noting too — Reagan spoke loudly in 1983 to a national audience. In 1988 he delivered a message through his press office, never uttered a single word himself. Could have been because his disease had left him incapable of making a public appearance, could have been because America had just done exactly what he condemned back in 1983. He wasn’t a saint, he was a man. His history isn’t what republicans have made up and this is only one more topic they’ve created their own reality out of what they want to remember — void of actual facts.


        Let’s also not forget – Reagan was up to his eyeballs in the Iran-Contra scandal which started in 1985.

        I realize Reagan had Alzheimers during his presidency – BUT that does nto excuse what was done by his hand-picked people – IMHO.

        I just wonder about those things that were done that we don’t know about???

        Hell – the things we do know are horrific and definitely UN-Christian – so, God help us all if were ever know the whole truth….

        Reagan was the perfect tool for these Republicans – he had the gift of the silver tongue. It’s just too bad the damn thing was forked…

      • Worth noting too – George H.W. Bush (Daddy Bush) pardoned all those involved in the Iran-Contra scandal when he became president.

        In fact, Oliver North’s records were expunged….

        Can you imagine if this had been Obama giving a free pass to any of his people for doing the exact same things?

        All Holy Hell would break out….

      • wicked

        And there’s the difference between black and white.



    I wonder how long will it be before some Far Right Winger will be saying this downed airliner was an act of God because several of the victims were people involved in the AIDS research and advocates for equality and justice for those afflicted with AIDS.

    After all – God hates homosexuals and AIDS was caused by ‘those people’.. (big eye roll)

    Oh, but wait, Russians shot this airliner down – so which talking point should be used? The ramping up of the We Hate Russians or that God brought down that plane because people were daring to help those afflicted with AIDS..

    These are the things that can twist up a Far Right Winger’s tight-white panties into such a bunch…



    I like Sen. Elizabeth Warren – but do you think she has the political skills to take on these CONservative Republicans and beat them at their own game?

    I do not doubt for a moment that Sen. Warren has the intelligence to be president – but we all know how corrupt our political system is – and how dog-eat-dog culture reigns in that political world.

    I see Sen. Warren much like I saw President Jimmy Carter – an honest person who simply told the truth and then the people turned on him.

    I also think Carter had no idea to what depths Republicans would stoop to smear him.

    I’m not saying Carter did everything right or that his policies were the best for our economy – but let’s face it, Carter did not create those problems in the first place. He was simply telling Americans we needed to get off the dependence of oil and to find alternative sources of energy.

    And on that issue – Jimmy Carter was 100% correct.

    Can you imagine how different America would be today if we had followed Carter’s advice and gotten off the dependence of oil?

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren seems to be the same type of person as Jimmy Carter. An honest person who will tell the American people what we need to do be a stronger nation and she doesn’t care where the chips may fall.

    • Obama is much like Jimmy Carter in that I sense Obama truly believes that Americans will do the right thing for their country – in spite of their political differences.

      That is where I Obama is dead wrong – IMHO. Haven’t we witnessed these Republicans enough times they don’t care about the consequences of their actions, inaction or hate-filled rhetoric These folks only care about WINNING… any costs…

      Some folks could not do what is best for the entire country even if God himself came down from the Heavens and told them to sit down and STFU

    • The only thing missing were the drive-thru abortion clinics.

      Seriously – if men were the ones that got pregnant, abortion clinics would be on every damn corner…