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by | July 17, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. These gun nuts are more than happy to make a profit any way they can – even knowing the buyer shows signs of mental illness.

    But don’t you DARE expect that gun shop owner to provide health insurance coverage to his employees that covers birth control. Then his religious liberty is being threatened.

    This is what our country has come down to: this point of stupidity.

    Like I told that poll taker from that GOP group yesterday – I do not like being associated with a bunch of S-T-U-P-I-D people. It is way past time to kick these Tea Party and Fundy Christian Republicans to the damn curb and tell them to STFU.

    I also told her that Reagan started this race to the bottom of the sewer when he let Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys into the inner sanctum of the GOP.

    I was on the phone with this woman for 35 minutes – I bet she had to take a break after talking with me….LOL

    • This woman said she was going to send me an envelope for my donation towards their cause – maybe I’ll give them the same amount that we used to give a bad waitress back in our day – one penny.

      Can you imagine their faces if I sent them a check for one penny? It would cost them more to process the damn check than one penny.

      But – the question remains – would these folks be so stupid they would not even realize it and go ahead and process my check for one penny?

      I might do that one penny check just to see what happens…


    Have we dumbed down this much?

    Hey – why am I not surprised a TSA agent did not know the District of Columbia is our nation’s capital – when a Republican poll taker seriously tried to convince me that Republicans need to take back the House in order to put our country ‘back on track’.

    Back on track to where – Dumbed Down America by Republican Elitists so they can continue to rape and steal the taxpayer’s government trough?

    • So true, daily I get calls from some moron that pees on my leg and expects me to either give money or support some candidate that I already know is also peeing on my leg! Out of thirty calls a day they make up twenty seven!


    Another death of another icon artist – This artist was back when music meant something more than just ‘how much money can we make off this’..

    I feel that is the saddest thing of all in our current society – nobody appreciates anything anymore. If it does not produce enough profit – then we tear it down and put up yet another corporatized cookie-cutter worship alter to the Almighty Dollar God….

    At what point does out society start going down that hill into oblivion with no chance of pulling it back up?

    My son and I talked about this last night and he feels something drastic will have to happen to our country before the people wake up to the truth.

    Then my son said – but it will take people having to lose their overpriced, super-sized designer coffee and their blinged out cell phones before they will even look up to see what is going on..

    The masses have been blindfolded for way too long – IMHO

  4. Good article. Facts, not hyperbole. Gun nuts wouldn’t have the ability to comprehend… because … freedom. [eye roll]

    (from the link): Just wondering, because if you take the number of guns per 100 people (the number for the United States is an astounding 97) and look at the number of gun deaths per 100,000, it looks remarkably like more guns equals more gun deaths.

    Still, I know this cannot be so, as guns are defensive weapons, and an armed society is a polite society, and freedom. So I’m sure there must be some point where adding more guns makes the rate of gun deaths go down, only… hmm. Even Switzerland, the most pointed at “everyone has to have a gun there and they don’t shoot each other” country known to Fox News, doesn’t look so shiny by the numbers. It actually has a rate of gun ownership less than half that in the United States, and for having the highest rate of gun ownership in Europe they are rewarded with (drum roll, please) the highest rate of gun deaths in Europe.

    How many guns does it take to be safe?

    • The question really is: how many guns does it take to satisfy this obsessive compulsion to make money off the misery of others?

      I’ve said this before – I truly believe Republican CONservatives are not capable of feeling empathy, compassion or even to feel embarrassment.’

      As long as the money is flowing into their pockets – they’re happy. And if you dare to confront these folks – they will tell their God to come down on you with hell fire and eternal damnation.

      These gun nuts truly believe they are God’s favorites. I won’t believe that until I see the damn memo straight from God’s own hands…

      In other words – the Twelfth of Never