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  1. This really truly isn’t The Onion. This republican female, a Congresswoman, said these words —

    GOP Congresswoman: Men Must Talk ‘Down To A Woman’s Level’ If They Want To Be Understood

    • This Republican woman might have been confused – maybe she meant they had to ‘dumb down to continue to reach their targeted audience’.

      • I think you’re much closer to understanding human beings than Rep. Ellmers! She, and republicans in general if you look at their policies, are out of touch!

    • In my experience women are different and unique from one another. We share some physical attributes and we share some ideas of how the world goes ’round with some other women and with some men while finding others of both sexes with differing ideas. It’s all interesting, most of us are as capable as most men and we surely find some women and some men not quite as capable as others. We’re human and we have strengths and weaknesses, interests, goals, histories and future plans that are diverse.

      Equality doesn’t men women will all make the same choice, just like all men won’t. Equality means we will be treated equal no matter what choices we make.

      I don’t know if republicans will ever be able to recognize that women are individual human beings, exactly the same way men are individual human beings. I do know that until they gain some understanding they will not get votes from intelligent people!

  2. The hedge fund manager pays a lower tax AND still bitches ……

    • Greed, Pure greed. The wealthiest of the wealthy have been given preferential treatment and now they seem to feel entitled. Few of them probably have any memory of what the majority of us experience in life. They don’t go through life with obstacles because they have the means to buy their way through what the rest of us must fight our way through.

      • I think too many politicians, at the national level at least, also have forgotten how most human beings live. Sadly, these out of touch politicians who don’t seem to factor in the human cost and the human condition are in charge of government decisions and have left out the citizens they are supposed to represent. Instead they pretend to look at the bottom line or they simply play stupid political games of NO, NO, NO instead of working to find solutions. The republicans whine, complain and obstruct but never even have a single alternative idea or any solutions.

  3. This Richard Crowson cartoon is making the rounds again. It was published last July in the Wichita Eagle. It’s a good reminder that to take back Kansas, what needs to get tossed is Governor Sam Brownback and all his cronies in the Kansas House and Senate.



    This is scary folks. Read the article and the KKK Imperial Wizard said this particular phone line gets 20,000 calls a day..

  5. fnord commented above:
    Greed, Pure greed. The wealthiest of the wealthy have been given preferential treatment and now they seem to feel entitled
    This also applies to these mega churches who are claiming they are being persecuted.

    Hell – take a drive going east out to Andover on 21st Street North. Count the number of huge mega churches. All tax free and are built on prime real estate.

    If this is persecution – sign me up!!!

  6. Live Now: Congressional Circle Jerk

    House Rules Committee currently examining the Speaker of the House’s idiotic lawsuit against the President, or in other words you can watch live as John Boehner pisses away millions in your tax dollars on his party’s bullshit political agenda. The only thing missing is Ken Starr.


    This is just one example of how our society has become corporatized – stupid and insulting customer service.

    I’m glad this customer was in an position that brought Comcast (one of many corporations with terrible and insulting customer service – IMHO) some much-needed publicity.

    But the big question remains – will Comcast even care???

  8. Sarcasm. At least she did it in a somewhat positive way. I could never have thought of a positive way to address this failed governor.

    My sincere thank you letter to Sam Brownback

    Are these people stuck on stupid? I heard a bunch of these old white male CONservative Republican Senators demonizing the Democrats for threatening religious freedom..

    When these old white guys start banning Viagra and other erectile dysfunction pills from insurance coverage – then I may just give them a minute to try to convince me they are not stupid after all.

    Like I’ve said before – if a guy cannot get it to work – maybe it’s God’s way of ‘shutting down that whole thing’…… so, why should my tax dollars and/or health insurance premiums help pay for these men to get their little blue happy pills?

    • Men’s bodies are theirs to control, women must continue the fight for the right to control our bodies and biological reproduction. Republican men would never consider allowing anyone else to have a say in their health care — why, that’s a private personal subject between them and their doctors! Outrageous to think it would be any more public than that! But then republican men prove every day that they think they’re superior to women. Got news for them. There are more of us then them and we vote. 🙂

      • When do my rights start when a Fundy Christian Tea Party Republican starts to Bible Thump me into their way of thinking?

        Seriously – in legal terms, when do my rights take precedence over another person?

        I think it Is when I directly and pointedly tell the person to back off…..but what can I do if that person does not back off? Can I sue for my rights being trampled on – or can I call it religious persecution?

  10. fnord – I just received a call from a PRIVATE NUMBER on my cell phone. It was someone from the group Republican Majority (?).

    This woman went asked me if I had time to tell her about my feelings about the Republican Party – I gave her ample warning from the beginning that I had a lot to say and it was not going to be good.

    She agreed to listen – and then when we got to the end, she asked me if I would be able to give $75 or more to their group so that Republicans can take back the House.

    I had to bust out laughing at that one…….. then I said, Republicans already have the House – don’t you mean the Senate?

    This woman actually had to stop and say….well, let’s see what is says here. That is when I said – I guess your script was written wrong or maybe this proves what I just said about the current Far Right Wingers running the Republican Party.
    I called these Far Right Wingers a bunch of buffoons that showed how stupid they are every time they open their mouths – or carry their misspelled words in those Tea Party protests.

    But…this woman still had the nerve to ask me since I would not commit to $75 , could I send $15 or more.

    That is when I said that her latest comment proved my other point – Republicans are only interested in M-O-N-E-Y….

    I wonder if that woman had even a clue as to what I was actually trying to say – or did she just count me as a maybe….

    She encouraged me to vote this November and take back the majority – and I told her that there is not a Republican that I would consider voting for because they are all N-U-T-S…

    Which is precisely the time I asked her if she was aware that 100 prominent Kansas Republicans endorsed the Democratic candidate for governor yesterday. I told her – this tells me a lot about the status of the current GOP- doesn’t it you?

    She replied – God Bless……

    I was not going to talk to her in the beginning….but I did ask her if she was ready to hear what I had to say and that I had a lot to say…..

    You see, I am not one of these women that needs to be talked down to…..

    • I would have loved to have heard you, although I can pretty easily figure out what you had to say. It’s too bad she was unable to even understand the simple fact that republicans already had the majority in the House. Yikes. How ill informed must they be? I’ll answer that question. They have to be really, truly, completed ill informed to vote republican!

  11. Another FACT republicans don’t know —

  12. OPEN LETTER TO JOHN BOEHNER (in response to op-ed “Obama is trampling the Constitution“)

    John, I consider you a friend of mine. We’ve known one another for well over 50 years. Our parents knew each other, were friends and neighbors in Reading. Our family businesses were directly across the street from each other for over 70 years. But John, what the hell are you doing?

    You’ve got nothing more pressing to do than sue a president who was elected twice by the majority of voting Americans?

    You say “the majority of Americans are frustrated.” I agree, but not with this president. They’re frustrated with the childishness of those purporting to serve all the American people.

    The majority of Republicans are frustrated. Sure, I get that. But everything shouldn’t come to a halt because you don’t control the White House. By the way, you better get used to that too. You won’t get that back by appealing to Old White Guys.

    John, whatever time you’ve got left in Washington, roll-up your sleeves and get Washington moving in the correct direction. Not this “we block everything you want” and “you block everything we want” mentality.

    Now, how about a round of golf at Sharon Woods on Sunday? On me. I’ll need 2 a side.

    Your pal, Mooch

    Jerry Mouch, Wyoming

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