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  1. Let’s substitute the drug commonly known as alcohol – would there even be a debate?

    But….let’s see…..the alcohol industry has a lot of well-paid lobbyists. Do you think this could be the reason we don’t hear much about how alcohol abuse in this country is on the rise?

    Especially among our younger generation. Look at the college campuses around this country and ask about binge drinking. I worked with a woman who proudly told me she would buy her teenage boys (still in high school) all the beer and liquor they wanted because her theory was – they’re going to drink so at least this way, I know what they are drinking.


    BTW – is medical marijuana any more dangerous than the narcotics these doctors prescribe?

    This country has a major problem with legal drug addiction – usually pain pills from people having surgery is how they get addicted.



    Citigroup to pay $7B (yes folks, that is billion with a B) for their part in that mortgage fiasco scam deal.

    Yeah, I said ‘scam’ – because if I remember correctly, not one person has been prosecuted or even charged for their part in this deal that taxpayers had to pay for….

    If we truly a nation of laws – then let’s start by prosecuting people for their crimes.

    Just as a note – remember Martha Stewart got sent to prison for her Wall Street dealings – why are these male Wall Street fat cats not treated with the same standards and prosecuted for their crimes? Especially when these male Wall Street fat cats hurt so many people. Martha Stewart – IIRC – did not hurt anyone but herself….

    Maybe the problem really boils down to one thing – there is a double standard in prosecuting crimes? If they are a bunch of rich and powerful men – then no charges are made.

    But if they are rich women – then they get prosecuted to the maximum in order to made an example of?

    Sounds a lot like the Scarlett Letter plot all over again – huh?

  3. I don’t know how we got to a place where people think they are superior to other people, that some people seem afraid some people deemed unworthy may be receiving something they don’t deserve. I really don’t know how we got here or how we make improvements.

    Is there anyone who is perfect?

    I don’t know how to embed this YouTube video, but I hope everyone takes the time to watch it. And to think about it.

    • I may have the proper link to embed the link above …

      • Thanks so much for sharing this video. My first thought was – I wonder how many people will get the true message and how many will still be so blind as to the fact that they are the ones to whom the message is meant?

        As for your question as to how we got here – I truly believe it is about power, control and money.

        If the elitists in our society can keep the majority of us fighting about things like different religions, different ethnic backgrounds, different economic levels and different political views and even different physical/mental capabilities – then the elitists can continue with their current raping and destroying our country through their manipulation of our elected leaders and these powerful churches.

        How many of these mega churches send the subtle messages that ‘the person over there’ is not welcomed into their church.

        IMHO – a lot of churches stopped being places of worship and have become nothing more than exclusive tax-free country clubs.

        Let’s not forget – Phyllis Schafly and her son had the audacity to translate the Bible into their version of the Conservative Bible. And now we learn that Duck Dynasty family is also coming out with their version of the Bible.

        This video focused on people with physical disabilities – but how many people are left out of our society due to their race, sex, religion and sexual orientation?

        When we witness 50,000 immigrant kids crossing the border coming from three countries of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatamela – let’s find out the root problem and do something positive.

        It might just mean that we take the side of the people and not some mega corporation like Monsanto who has been down in those countries making obscene profits with genetically altered seeds – and with the blessing of the US government.



    Here is a book of how one American furniture maker fought back against foreign competition.

    This sounds like an interesting book.



    With every passing day, I keep hearing how Hamas is firing rockets into Israel and how Israel is retaliating by even passing out pamphlets to those civilians in the way of their planned rockets-to-be launched. I heard Netanyahu say on television that Israel is warning the civilians because they want to lessen the amount of civilians being killed.


    And the US is giving foreign aid to the tune of $3 billion a year (if I remember correctly) to Israel?

    I agree that Israel has the right to defend themselves – but the way they go about this endeavor makes me scratch my head and wonder….maybe both sides of this too-damn-long war between these two groups of people are to blame??

    I still like my idea of forcing the two leaders – Netanyahu of Israel and the Hamas leader into a locked room and have a Death Match.

    Hopefully, they will both kill each other off and then when the door is unlocked, we can ask ‘who wants to be the next leader’?

    I wonder how many would volunteer knowing they will not come out alive??